Music of the Week #64

Posts to come

It’s strange, it seems as though Btooom is the only series I watched this season that will end ind 12 episodes. One of the series which I haven’t covered but have watched is getting reviewed first so expect that soon. Other than that, SAO (prepare for massive hate) is next with other series following. Small mini review of Phantom Blood of Jojo might be released…not sure because if any of you read my recent posts, you would know that I love it.

I depeleted a large majority of my music choices from a lot of the oldies so I guess it’s time to start the newer series openings. Remember, I said majority: the ones that are left are planned for certain dates. So where to start off the more recent series music?

Hell, let’s start with the series that re-kindled my interests in anime, Let’s go with Angel Beats!

The opening is just gorgeous, the visuals that accompany it are appropriate and the chorus also show what the featured episode holds. It was my favorite opening for quite some time and this was me back when I delved back into the anime industry or whatnot. This song holds a lot of memories..but too bad the series itself had everything EXCEPT character development (when it had so many characters). It’s sad to see a dream not fully realized but what can you do?

Either way, here’s the opening 😀 and the rock version

The vocals are better in the first one while the 2nd one has better instrumentals.

3 thoughts on “Music of the Week #64”

      1. It’s the first KEY show I’d ever seen and it was amazing. Sure, the other KEY shows prior are all superior but it matters not. Besides, there’s the reboot thingy coming up.

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