Fall Anime Week 10

Bleh, finals in a week.

Not much to talk about here people….other than that I might get me a labtop and abandon this crappy PC. That means I can run DotA2 on high settings! Well other benefits too but w/e


Tonari no Kaibutsu: Natsume wants to have a Christmas party with all her friends and goes on with sending invitations. Shizuku gets annoyed by the constant mail so she decides to go anyway. Haru seems to be out of it during the season (god knows why but I really wouldn’t care to find out, I can’t expect anything regular from this guy anymore)  and when the three walk into a fast food joint, they find Haru’s “friends” mucking about. The two dummies of course go for Natsume while Yamaken and the dude with the glasses don’t seem to interested. The guys find out about Natsume’s party and when they ask Yamaken, Haru answers for him. While Yamaken wasn’t too keen on raining over Natsume’s party, Haru’s answer invokes his annoyance and he decides to come along. Not before Haru yells out that Yamaken said he likes Shizuku of course. He’s able to remain cool and deny that statement and his idiot friends’ laughter convince everyone else out of that statement, but even he got nervous on the inside. So our new crew head toward the Haru’s Uncle’s place to have the party. Haru’s friends however had bad blood with him (well, it was a one-sided intimidation) and are scared to death with his presence. On the other side, Sasayan tells Oshima that she was also invited to this event, and he convinces her to come along. They don’t find a regular scene but hey, at least it isn’t a boring party. Natsume is pretty down for all the unplanned ruckus, even more so when Haru’s Uncle tries to help, she gets too embarassed. Party festivities aside, Oshima, Shizuku, and Yamaken mention taking classes over winter break, Haru gets suspicious and tries to ask if he can go take classes as well, being too smart apparently has its downfalls.

Anyway, everyone begins doing their own thing while Shizuku thanks Yamaken for helping her straightening out her feelings, and she tells him she’s ready to tell Haru. Yamaken tries to make her delay her answer to Haru but she doesn’t seem to take his drift. When Yamaken encounters Natsume on his way outside, she tells him that he has no chance with Shizuku as Haru is with her. Yamaken get’s violent while Oshima walks in. Yamaken asks Natsume where Oshima fits in because she confessed to Haru before, Natsume pretty  much shuts Oshima down as she mentions that she “knows her place”. Either way, Natsume tries to apologize while Yamaken steps outside. He is later greeted by Haru who tells him to back off and that he doesn’t need anyone else as long as he has Shizuku. Yamaken tries to use some clever wording but almost gets pushed off the ledge by the “tranced” Haru (this kids freaking unstable) Shizuku shows up and stops this. Haru leaves while Yamaken ponders on the thought if Haru would really attempt to seriously injure him. Shizuku and Haru basically have the “confession” scene but it gets negated immediately the next day when Haru yells at her because she wants to attend winter classes, Shizuku tells him off and Haru seems to be back in square 1.


Haru is quickly being replaced by Yamaken as my favorite character, while Natsume is being replaced with Oshima. Haru’s subconscious attempt to seriously injure Yamaken just dropped him down to the bottom, plus his socially retarded brain doesn’t jive with me either. Natsume falls for an older guy, tries to stop Yamaken, and insults Oshima, ranked doown. Party episode so not much development here, other than that it’s a complete fact that Yamaken does like our Shizuku. Other than that, it’s just entertaining as ever but the repitition ends in a few weeks, let’s see if we get anything done.

Chizuru Blushing

Seitokai no Ichizon: Sugisaki is unexpectedly late for another useless student council meeting. When he arrives, he introduces the “harem” to his stepsister Ringo. They jump on her and start fondling her out of her sheer cuteness while Sugisaki is pushed aside. He’s able to get them off his sister and continue their chatter. Apparently, Ringo’s parents had work near the place so she decided to visit her brother while in town. Sugisaki goes around introducing everybody to her, after the two go on about how much they love eachother (in a one sided way…). In Minatsu’s case, because of her edgy nature Ringo’s words get her off on the wrong foot. Offensive comments with a huge amount of kindness in them confuse Minatsu on how to behave and Sugisaki blames Ringo’s vulgarity on Asuka. So Minatsu doesn’t fare too well and her sister isn’t in for kind treatment either. Mafuyu finds that her character and Ringo’s is way to similiar. The speech tendency, the awkwardness, and the politeness is all there, but the big difference is that that Ringo isn’t a complete loser in life. Such a revelation is too big for Mafuyu to handle so she sits in a corner, offering Ringo her seat.

For Chizuru, a sexual remark right off the bat doesn’t help Sugisaki try to keep his little sister pure. Ringo however comes back to Chizuru by asking her, outright, if she likes his brother. Chizuru tries to calm herself down as Ringo shotguns through Chizuru’s “tsun” wall and Ringo says that she should be honest with a guy like her brother. Ringo effectively brings out the real Chizuru and she begins to confess. The rest of the cast stops her and we move on. The Prez proclaims herself God, and Ringo goes along with it. Creationism jokes aside, Ringo asks for a few blessings to her aspirations…dealing with the love for her brother. Sugisaki and Prez talk about putting Ringo’s feelings on a passive note and their time runs short. Ringo and Sugisaki leave the room for a bit and Magiru walks by overhearing some strange words being explained by Sugisaki. Sugisaki is able to bribe her out of revealing the misunderstanding once Ringo leaves but he gets discovered by the rest of the girls. As they grab him away, his phone drops out with Ringo’s picture still on the screen. More brutality on the next episode…I hope (well not really, I watched 7-8 anyway)


Ringo shows up to meet the main cast with hilarious results. The love the siblings share is nothing short of what is expected of the Sugisaki family. Either way, Minatsu got trolled, Mafuyu got kicked out, and Chizuru, my oh my we almost got a confession out of her. Chizuru’s part was the best, but it was shortlived as everyone else had to cockblock the harem master. The Prez’s interaction with Ringo was funny too. Creationism and wanting to marry her beloved brother just shows us how much of a guy Sugisaki is. Best part being near the end with Magiru who mentions the barbeque bribe. Hilarious episode, too bad the subbers have some real life issues to take care of.


Btooom: The developers watch in shock and awe as Oda seems to have been able to outsmart Sakamoto. However, Sakamoto was able to exploit Oda’s vision to his advantage by faking his steps. Or was it? Either way (lol, fuck me) Sakamoto is able to gain the foothold, at least for a bit because Oda had prepared a BIM for this situation. So Sakamoto is unable to retrieve the goods and the situation worsens when Kira (the kid) shows up to take his BIM’s back. Sakamoto returns empty-handed but Date had a spare case for food he wasn’t too willing to share it with. While he cooks the food, Sakamoto recalls his past and the guy named Oda. The two were friends in highschool, and Oda was the popular kid who was jus about good at everthing he did. For some reason, he trusted Sakamoto the most and the two were pretty close. When Sakamoto mentioned that he likes a girl, Oda urges him to go after her but Sakamoto isn’t so willing. Oda declares that the only difference between them is that he is willing to take action, unlike the passive Sakamoto. Time goes by and Sakamoto overhears Oda two timing girls and seeing the girl he liked crying makes Sakamoto asks what’s going on to Oda. Oda had taken the initiative and went ahead to sleep with the girl Sakamoto liked. Sakamoto then takes to initiative to beat the living crap out of Oda and the two have an obvious falling out. Seeing as though Oda was sent here, he must have pissed off someone else pretty badly.

Date examines Taira’s infected hand and tells us that they need some legit medical supply to help him. Himiko brings Sakamoto outside to suggest the place with Murasaki, because she doesn’t trust Date enough. Either way, the three of them all go to retrieve the medical supplies. The three split up, with the two guys going to find the supplies while Himiko secretly goes off to talk with Murasaki. Date finds the room and begins loading the meds. Sakamoto finds him and helps him carry the case. Date takes this chance to assure Sakamoto that their trust is a crucial factor to their survival. As the two walk off, Sakamoto pings for Himiko, whom he finds rushing toward the room. From the window, she yells Sakamoto to take off the case as it has been armed with a BIM inside. Date smiles from around the corner and punches the detonator.


Running smoothly with the manga, although I remember Oda and Sakamoto’s fight a bit more bloody than that. Anyway, Oda’s become a complete badass and I can’t for the manga to reveal more about him while the anime can hopefully follow through. I knew Sakamoto’s decision to let Kira live was a bad idea, but then again, he couldn’t use those BIMS anyway (unless he killed him in the first place of course). Date is just a complete dick isn’t he? Of course it’s somewhat understandable how mad he is because this is his 2nd time here. Clever of him to plant a bomb in the suitcase too. I know how all of this turns out but that doesn’t mean this isn’t fun to watch. Hmmm, I guess THAT’S gonna happen in the last episode…how tragic.

Joseph Joestar

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Around 40 years has passed since Jonathan’s heroic sacrifice to stop Dio’s plans. We meet up with the significantly aged Speedwagon meeting with Straits once more. Speedwagon mentions that in his years as the top oil baron around the world, he has come upon the strange ruins near Mexico. There, the crew finds a multitude of stone masks identical to the ones used by Dio. They also find a man within these stone ruins that shows life signatures. We head back to New York where we find this complete stud try to some cola. He pulls out his wallet and immediately gets mugged. The mugger, however gets caught in the alleyway by the police and gets beaten quite a bit. The stud from before shows up and says that the muggeris actually is his friend and he lent him the wallet. When the police menacingly approach him, studmuffin makes sure that he will not be defied. The mugger takes notice of the strange aura emitted from the stud’s fingertips when he disarms the cop. The mugger is told to follow him as the two make a run for it. When they finally get away, they introduce eachother. The mugger’s name being Smokey while our stud is none other than Joseph. Joseph Joestar. On the bottom half of the globe, we return to Speedwagon as he tells Straits that he called him down here to destroy the masks and the lifeform in the pillar. Straits tells Speedwagon to recall the time when the young Joseph was able to use ripple powers to save everyone on a plane hijacking. Straits betrays our awesome Speedwagon as he had secretly admired Dio’s youthful longevity and power and wished to be like him, such is fulfilled with the stone mask. Speedwagon is kicked aside and Straits activates the mask, his scheme of luring Jojo to him begins.

Back in New York, Jojo almost gets hit by a car and starts picking a fight. Erina walks in on this and Jojo behaves well again. Smokey is told the quick lesson on Jojo’s family history (minus all the ripples and vampires). Smokey begins to understand why grandma Erina is so accepting of someone like him, hell, they’re at a fancy restaurant. The fatass from the back however begins yelling because Smokey is in the building. Erina doesn’t take nicely to this, and Jojo decides to manifest the old lady’s rage. Jojo begins to spit out some observations on his opponent, noting out the blood on the man’ shirt and the clean jacket leads him to see that his brass knuckles are in his back pants pocket. Jojo doesn’t beat the living crap out of him, but the associate of the man stands up and reveals himself as a business partner to Speedwagon, who was found critically injured near Mexico. Jojo punches the man for telling them such bad news without warning and comforts Erina who realizes that the cycle seems to be unraveling itself again. Later that night, Smokey and Jojo are in a diner and Jojo notices a strange man glaring him from outside. Jojo walks out to greet him. The dude turns out to be none other than the now youthful Straits who wishes to kill Jojo, until Jojo pulls out a Thompson Machine gun from his pocket (where did he get this monster?) and unloads it on Straits and on the poor diner behind him. Jojo, in teary rage that he will avenge Speedwagon.

Manly tears, right in the first episode.
Manly tears, right in the first episode.

Welcome to Part II of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Battle Tendency. Title certainly fits because Joseph seems to find a potential brawl anytime anywhere. But first: SPEEDWAGON…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. With that out of my system let’s continue. Erina remains a devout woman, she hasn’t remarried since Jonathan’s sacrifice. Poor Erina, now Joseph and Speedwagon are caught in the mix now. Seems like Smokey is our go to man to narrate all the stuff happening, especially near the end with Jojo pulling out a machine gun out of nowhere. We are to be graced with the new intro next week while we maintain the awesome ending theme from last time.


Magi: Continuing off from last episode, the black haired dude strolls up to the palace. Sinbad identifies him as Judal, the magi of the Kou Empire. Apparently he’s here to negotiate the terms where Balbadd gives their economic decision making to be done by the Kou Empire. Sinbad doesn’t take too kindly to that, and Alibaba doesn’t take it nicely either. Alibaba is pushed out of the way for more “important” matters to discuss. Alibaba returns to the slums and to his friends in a depressive mood. Aladdin reassures him that this is just the beginning to gaining peace. Alibaba and Sinbad announce the meetings results and then Judal shows up to mock everybody’s sh*t. Judal insults Alibaba first and then moves on to Aladdin who Sinbad mentions that he is a magi as well. The taunting goes on for another minute or two and then Aladdin finally gets fed up with Judal’s dickish motives. Judal gets on the offensive, weaving magic into his magoi allowing more complicated spells to be casted. He moves on to gather the city’s fog to hoist a humongous block of ice and starts raining down ice shards on the people below. Aladdin pulls out his secret ability and summons out Ugo who takes on the ice blocks. Ugo eventually gets tired out and gets stabbed by these large ice shards and becomes incapacitated for a bit. Aladdin is unable to do anything and Morgiana and Alibaba jump in. Morgiana saves Aladdin while Alibaba breaks through Judal’s shield and slashes him on the face. Judal gets pissed by Ugo, now out of Aladdin’s control starts beating the crap out of him. Ugo is pelted with Judal’s spells but goes out after smashing Judal between his palms.

Smile smile

Enter Judal, the biggest prick I’ve seen this season…actually no wait, he’s no where as dickish as Dio Brando. Wait a minute, what I mean to say is that Judal ranks higher on the pretentious dick level but has no honor or initiative. Dio on the other hand is the most honorable asshole, even saying that he envies his rival. Either way, both of them are assholes/dicks/pricks but enough of that. Definitely one of the more action orientated episodes. Watching Judal finally get the sh*t beaten out of him was a nice thing to see. Seeing his limp body falling to the ground just made me smile. Ugo will probably not show up for a while now. We have a new female character next episode! Voiced by Kana Hanazawa (!!!)

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  1. Shizuku and Oshima are my favorite characters in Tonari no Kaibutsu currently 😀 Gotta question Shizuku’s weird tastes, though not as bad as a certain heroine from Accel World.

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