Music of the Week #62

School’s just so busy

I’ll just take this time to apologize for the absence of any sort of “non-review” material for the past few months. I do have a bunch of drafts open but classes are taking a lot of my time. Weekends will probably be more hectic as I have to start preparing for standardized tests as well. Weekly recaps will remain but I will try my best to work on the other posts in the mean time. I DO have something planned for Christmas though (other than pictures, but I don’t even feel like uploading). Anyways, I have like 2-3 gametalks that are way over due, will try to get some done.

On the music, Death Note’s first opening and ending were basically it for me, but who says we can’t dip into the OST?

Here’s the iconic song that plays during Light’s killing spree while using the Death Note, this is “Low of Solipsism”

I only remembered this song out of the awesome choir after the main chorus near the end.

Only now I realize Death Note’s style of music doesn’t really fit the cute pictures I have for music posts.

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