Fall Anime Week 9

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Anyways, here ya go

Natsume Love

Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun: Haru shows to pick up Shizuku from her house to bring to the crew’s study sesssion. Shizuku however gets caught up with her family problems due to her father’s incompetence with business. Sasayan and Haru share some innuendos while Natsume just sits there, Shizuku shows up too. What happened was that instead of helping out in business, Shizuku is told by her father to just help her friends out with studying. On the way back home, Shizuku unexpectedly shares a tale of when she wanted goldfish but never really got them. Haru tries to remedy that feeling now by trying to catch some crabs off the stream. Either way, Shizuku goes on to check a library and finds Yamaken who was toiling to find a book for a few instances. Shizuku makes some remarks that sounds like she’s hitting on him but that’s not really the case as she only wants to thank him for the advice he gave her at the festival on confronting people. The two continue to talk and we switch scenes.

Now with Haru fishing for some crayfish and Shizuku mingling with someone else, Sasayan and Natsume are left alone once more. Natsume notices some girls she knew back in highschool, apparently her good looks caused her some trouble (akin to Sena from Haganai) with the female students. She tries to cover her face but isn’t really able to hide back tears when she is noticed. Haru’s uncle shows up out of nowhere and more or less scares off the girls. Anyways, after some life lessons by Yamaken (who teaches her to live life without the “all or nothing” attitude) Shizuku goes back to her friends who have gathered near the creek with Haru. Haru hasn’t really caught anything but he promises her to find her something better. Yamaken, who was riding a taxi, passes by and then pulls over to give Shizuku her pen back. Seeing Haru though, he approaches him after everyone leaves and tells him to give the pen back to her. Haru questions why he has something of Shizuku’s but Yamaken starts to walk off. Haru then straight up asks him if he’s in love with her, to which Yamaken replies if Haru has a problem with that.


DEM BANGS. Well we finally have competition on the other end, and who else but the male tsundere Yamaken to compete against Haru. He’s already got the smarts and isn’t socially retarded so I call it a big win (basically I’m rooting for Yamaken). Too bad this development happens when there are only 3 episodes left, it would have been fun to see this happen a little bit earlier. Natsume gets harassed again, and it seems that Haru’s uncle is her knight in shining armor, I am disappoint Sasayan, even I would have done something about those bitches. Good developments but a little late on it.


Btooom: Taira wakes up to see that someone has patched his arm and thanks the doctor for doing so. Our duo walks in on these two and Sakamoto gets cautious against the doctor. After sharing information on BIMS and generally getting to know eachother, the doctor introduces himself as Masahito Date. They agree to work together and that is soon put to the test when supplies are dropped. Himiko, Sakamoto, and Masahito leave to investigate. As they run to the location, radars are pinged off almost every second. Sakamoto identifies this as two are running towards the supplies, two have left it, and two are watching the situation. Sakamoto tries to intimidate them but another player is right next to him, running towards the parachuting goodies. The two jump off a cliff to get their hands on the case but both fail and drop down a hill. Sakamoto recognizes this player from before but he doesn’t have that much time to think as both prepare a BIM. From the sidelines, Himiko gets into a fight with the lady from last episode (who ended up killing another dude). On the other side, Masahito is able to get the trunk but the other player throws the gas BIM at him. The trunk falls to Sakamoto’s hands and our crew at the moment gets on the move. Himiko starts fighting the other girl but that doesn’t end up too well. She gets pinned down with some holds and all seems lost until a  BIM is thrown in their position. The girls make it out alive and Masahito comes to check on Himiko. Himiko doesn’t take his concern with too much kindness, the BIM he threw should have been able to kill them both.

Either way, we skip to Sakamoto who falls into a trap set out by that little prick Kira, who has also allied himself with someone else. A wall of fire cuts off Sakamoto’s escape but that other player from before jumps to the flame, takes the bag, and dives into the waters below. Sakamoto follows his path as well. Down at the beach, the guy who was with Kira tries to take the bag for himself but turns out the other player had remote detonation BIMS. Sakamoto surfaces and threatnens the dude with his own set of BIMS, but he has already seen the remote detonators. The other dude says he gives up and walks away with his hands showing. Sakamoto is doubtful but he approaches the cases. The crafy mofo however had carried the detonator with his mouth and blows Sakamoto to bits….or so it seems as when he turns around, Sakamoto is unscathed.


Since I already read the manga, nothing is too suprising anymore. That dosen’t deter from the overall experience of the action-packed episodes they keep making. So we finally got the presumed “long term rivals” for our main fighting duo here. This dude with the shades and the scumbag girl who fought Himiko haven’t died (unlike a lot of the people who go against Sakamoto) will probably show up a lot more once our arc with this dickish doctor is out of the way. Speaking of dickish doctors, if this series turns out with 12 episodes, I have a good guess on how it will end. Bring on more fights.


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: As Dio falls to his death, he seperates his head from his ripple filled body, disabling but saving himself. The Chinese man who became his first zombie from episode 3-4, Wang Chun, shows up to help him. The crew gather near the docks to wish happiness to the newly wed couple, Jojo and Erina. They planned their honeymoon in America and their voyage begins, but not before Speedwagon gets pushed on the road by a bunch of dudes holding a mysterious coffin. Jojo and Erina have their moments and during dinner, Jojo recognizes the chinese man and pursues him. As he follows Wang Chung into the basement, we find that he has preserved Dio’s head in a nice jar. Dio however is not in rage when he sees Jojo again. He instead is rather humble and is awed at Jojo’s strength and will. He states that their fate is interwoven, 2 sides on the same coin. Dio wishes to repay such awesomeness by taking his body and making it eternal, his way of showing his gratefulness and honor in Jojo’s name. Dio uses his eyebeams and aims straight for Jojo’s head but it gets him on the neck.

Jojo is incapacitated as he cannot access his ripple power without proper respiration. Erina walks in on this and the chaos is further amplified when a zombie murders a lady and leaves her child alone.  the ship turns out to be infested with zombies when chinaboy took a bit out of one person. Wang Chun wants to see Jojo suffer but Dio insists on giving him a quick death. Wang Chung charges but Jojo is able to put out one last ripple. Wang Chungs body flies and grabs on machinery while Dio’s head is seperated from his servant. With Chung on the machine, if he doesn’t let go (thanks to the ripple, he lost control over his body) the ship will explode. Erina rushes to Jojo’s weak body and they have their last moment together as Erina tells him that she wishes to die with him. However, Jojo wants her to live and raise the child of the mother that one of Dio’s zombies has killed as it reminded him of himelf and how his mother die protecting time. Erina awknowledges his words and rushes toward the child. Dio orders his zombies to dispose of Chung but the explosion begins, and Jojo uses his last ounce of strengthto protect  Erina from the debris. Using this chance, Dio “heads” in and attempts to replace Jojo’s head with his. Jojo takes a debris that stabbed his back and stabs Dio with it. Jojo then embraces the severed head of Dio and thinks to himself that he only feels some bizarre form of friendship and is rather convinced that their fate is indeed interwoven but the explosion will do them good rest. Dio tries to negotiate with Jojo, much akin to the Emperor and Anakin Skywalker on how he can save his loved one and still be alive. But he finds that it’s too late as his honored friend/enemy  has died. Erina escapes on Dio’s coffin (which doesn’t happen in the manga) while the ship burns down. The screen fades out and shows us a South American temple with eerie markings all over it…


Oh sweet Jesus, the tears won’t stop. Althought it was completely expected, the scene’s music was just tremendously powerful. Jojo, your heroic sacrifice for us and your loved ones will not be forgotten. Even after the sh*t that Dio put him through, Jojo has the power(and the balls) to embrace his “friend” who just attempted to chop his head off and take off with his body (plus endanger the ship and everyone onboard). Then again, even Dio admits to having a crapton of respect towards the guy who made him only a severed head in a jar, I think he really felt something when he realized Jojo had died. You have to admit that for a severed head, Dio is still a threat. With that, such ends the fate of these two men. They lived and died together and that is enough for Jojo to be at peace while god knows what Dio is thinking while the flames consume the ship. GOOD NIGHT, SWEET PRINCE. (it was either that or Tale of Two Cities’ “far far better rest”). Phantom Blood has ended and now Battle Tendency is here with the grandson of Jonathan, Joseph. (Just in case the opening and ending don’t get used for Part 2, quick shoutouts to them)

Aladdin's Face

Magi: Alibaba concludes his explanation of his Fog Troupe fiasco. After the palace was ransacked, Alibaba left the country to seek some time alone. When he came back from his dungeon conquest half a year ago, he found the slums gone. There he met Kassim again and is given the truth that not everything was alright in slums. Mariam, Kassim’s sister died the year after Alibaba left for the palace. Kassim tells that his Fog Troupe exists to go against the nobles and the country’s government. Alibaba and Kassim get into an arguement, but Kassim finds a use for Alibaba’s return. If a prince were to lead the gang, the country’s higher ups would HAVE to listen to them. With that, Alibaba was inducted into the troupe as its leader. Alibaba however has some qualms about this, especially when Aladdin asks him if what happens if their plan to gain some ground against the king is rejected. Alibaba of course, being humongously-emotionally inflicted with burden cannot find an answer, but his friend reassures him of that “everything will be alright in the end”. Seconds after those heartfelt words, Kassim’s crew busts in through the wall. The troupe had already begun the raid on the rich hotel guests and we meet resistance by our overpowered trio (the other ones). Kassim escapes and regroups with Alibaba to the roof and even then they are quickly intercepted by Sinbad’s crew. The large chunk of the troupe are dispatched by Masrur and Jafar while Kassim engages Sinbad with little to effect on the latter. Kassim is pinned down and Sinbad challenges Alibaba to a one man duel. Sinbad also doesn’t waste time in telling our conflicted hero that he’s not the same as his men as he is from royalty. Alibaba doesn’t take that too nicely and fires up (pun was…eh, I guess it was intended) his dagger. Like Kassim, Alibaba doesn’t fare too well and then the moment of judgement comes.

Instead of being turned in to the feds, Sinbad was rather moved by the passion of the troupe and wishes to join their cause. Much to the almost “wife-like” reaction from Jafar, Sinbad asks for Alibaba’s approval. Kassim quickly tells Alibaba not to fall for the higher class bait but Jafar promptly shuts him up like a cold blooded killer (honestly though, he looks like Sanzo and that’s the only reason I didn’t react negatively to this). Sinbad stops the small fight and Alibaba see’s that he really can’t say no to the offer. Sinbad is able to get Alibaba audience with his half brother on the seat of the throne for an appeal to the crowd. Expectedly, that never goes well (hell, has these public appeals ever worked?) and Alibaba is denied the rights of both his birthright to speak on equal authority and as a rebel. The crowd outside with Aladdin and Morgiana wonders what’s happening inside.  Out of nowhere, black colored magic/rukh (those butterfly looking things that are usually seen yellow) form a man with black hair and an indifferent facial expression. He slowly walks to the palace while our episode ends.

Fog Troupe

Sinbad is just a complete softy when it comes to helping the struggling class. After defeating the Fog Troupe with his overpowered team, he goes on about wanting to join them. That scene with Kassim and Jafar…..I don’t know, like I said I only like Jafar for his likeness to Scorpion Sanzo from Saiyuki and I just like Kassim’s character a lot. It’s way too early in the anime (especially) as we haven’t touched on Jafar’s past and even Sinbad’s past yet. Anyways, with the arrival of another mysterious member (i’m trying my best NOT to spoil anyone) and with me knowing how stuff goes down, next week is bound to be more action packed than this week’s episode.

-Of course not-

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