Chunnibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Series Review

An unexpected one, I’ll give it that

Chuunibyou 1

Suprise Suprise, this was one of the series I dropped waaay back when the season started and I stated that the character of the chunnibyou itself irritates the crap out of me personally so I didn’t want to watch it. Mostly this personal vendetta I had was because I hate people who overreact in general and also because I, myself was never a chunnibyou. Many people praised it because it was basically their delusional (with all due respect not to insult anybody) youth in animated form. Even if it didn’t reflect my childhood, the later episodes where it dealt with Rikka’s transformation was worth seeing. So let’s get to it

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Fall Anime Week 11-12 (Partly)

Minimalist mode on, prepare for a rush and for a double feature with even more minimalism.

Tonari, Btooom, and Seitokai will be doubled up for a rush to get the series reviews underway. Remeber that I usually skip out reviewing the last episode and save that for the series review.

So to finally clarify, Tonari’s episode 11+12 will be covered here, Btoom’s episode 11, Seitokai’s 7+8, and our regular Magi and Jojo



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Music of the Week #65

So many posts, so many delays, so much sh*t.

Not much to say here folks, I’m just gathering pictures for the 11-12 megapost while prepping up the holiday posts along with some other series reviews. Fall’s Week 12 is pretty short so it will be a out a bit sooner. God, I am just so behind on this stuff. My brother is just taking up a lot of time, well, I’m the one taking up his time too as we just end up watching Jojo and the upcoming game. Whatever, let’s get to the music so I can continue writing EVERYTHING ELSE.

This week’s song is Angel Beats’ Ending song, Brave Song (summed up by our co-founder, Siegetank as the: worst song title ever). I REALLY like this song, but like the opening, too bad the series never developed a bit more.  Like the opening, both of the sequences feature our main characters (even those who were never explored deeply) and the episode’s op/ed is based on what happened in the episode. Either way, it would mean so much if the series was actually “complete”.

Here ya go folks.

Small Update on the Series Reviews to Come

Hey guys, just a quick post.

[UPDATE]: Recap 12 will be bundled with 12 for further convenience. Specifically, Tonari’s ep 12 and Btoom’s ep 12 will be bundled as the other serie with more than 13 episodes will continue on with the actual week 12 recap

With my brother back in town, I can’t really find the time to post (since he’s basically with me the entire time). Just so happens that the end of the season is upon as well. Strangely, a lot of the series that I’m watching are not really going to be ending with a mere 12 episodes. I’m currently trying to find time to post 2 series reviews that are overdue (well, I’m in the appropirate time zone if I get some out) and a few others that need to get done.

Here’s the list of upcoming reviews and other things 😀

  • Btooom’s review will be worked on as soon as I wrap up Week 11’s Recap post
  • Chunnibyou was actually sat through by me and that will be getting a review
  • Sword Art Online will get one. No Comment
  • Seitokai will be included in Week 11 and 12, its episode 9 was the finale so series review after I get those two out.
  • Tonari will be included in Week Recap 11 and 12 while getting a series review after episode 13 is released
  • Jojo will go on forever, but I might do a small recap on Part 1…but probably not
  • Magi will continue for god knows how long, they have enough manga material for a 26 episode one
  • OniAi will get one but nothing for TLDR and HNG because those have had animes before.

Short but hey, I still care about this place.

Happy Holidays everyone

Music of the Week #64

Posts to come

It’s strange, it seems as though Btooom is the only series I watched this season that will end ind 12 episodes. One of the series which I haven’t covered but have watched is getting reviewed first so expect that soon. Other than that, SAO (prepare for massive hate) is next with other series following. Small mini review of Phantom Blood of Jojo might be released…not sure because if any of you read my recent posts, you would know that I love it.

I depeleted a large majority of my music choices from a lot of the oldies so I guess it’s time to start the newer series openings. Remember, I said majority: the ones that are left are planned for certain dates. So where to start off the more recent series music?

Hell, let’s start with the series that re-kindled my interests in anime, Let’s go with Angel Beats!

The opening is just gorgeous, the visuals that accompany it are appropriate and the chorus also show what the featured episode holds. It was my favorite opening for quite some time and this was me back when I delved back into the anime industry or whatnot. This song holds a lot of memories..but too bad the series itself had everything EXCEPT character development (when it had so many characters). It’s sad to see a dream not fully realized but what can you do?

Either way, here’s the opening 😀 and the rock version

The vocals are better in the first one while the 2nd one has better instrumentals.

Music of the Week #63

Delay, with the end of the semester and all. I won’t waste your time telling you about that.

Break is coming up soon which means potential for none review posts to show up. Speaking of those, a few series are due to end starting by next week so expect seperate series reviews for them. My brother comes back for two weeks next week too so I’ll try to get some posts done discreetly. I got something planned, I’ll tell you that (even though I have a lot to get done anyway). Nothing too much going in terms of games as well, League and DotA2 is entertaining enough while DMC3’s very hard mode is kicking my ass. I probably will play more League when my brother comes home as well.

Well Death Note songs are over and I’m thinkg of stepping into more recent examples of song. But only after we get through this, a song which I thought I had used but apparently not.

This is the rocking intro to Air Gear, the anime series never took off as well as the manga but the song stayed with me for a damn long time. Now that I hear it again, I can’t get it out of my head. It’s series and songs like this that want to make you go outside and play some sports….and then you realize you have some work to get done or it’s too damn cold out, and then you come back in and listen to this:

This is Air Gear’s opening, Chain. The ending is decent but it’s the opening I’m going for. The video shows both but other versions of the opening are creditless and it’s kind of weird without the credits on the street signs and lamps in the opening