Music of the Week #61

Finding pictures is a pain nowadays

Well like I said, the pictures are quite literally the only thing needed for the weekly recap. I’m in the middle of writing and essay and studying so I guess this is kinda delayed (or not, I can’t really tell when I’ll find the time to publish this). Anyways, nothing big going on and if anything small talk is gonna show up, it will be on the intro for the recap post

Going to this week’s music, we finish off Death Note with its first ending. It’s the song that basically summed up the Adult Swim anime lineup a few years back. It’s the song I really liked hearing because back then Death Note was pretty damn cool before I learned that the series continued off without L. Although it’s an amazing piece of work, the amount of hype back then was enormous. It was good but I think it kinda…swelled…either way, good series with good memories of it

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