Fall Anime Week 7

Delays and finding pictures were a b*tch. Maybe I should go back to screencapping.

Monday was filled with studying, Tuesday with just doing nothing, wednesday my friends show up, and now I’m sick with a cold. I feel like my throat is covered in sandpaper. Either way folks, I’m trying to get some other posts but until then

Here you go

Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun: Haru is bummed out again when Shizuku rejects his love. While dazing off and getting flashbacks to his late aunt, he meets the class rep again. They get into a conversation and they finally get to calling her Oshima (cause he keeps calling her class rep all the time). Haru remembers the words of his aunt, telling him to find the one who can put up with him and sooth his pain. Of course, Shizuku comes in mind to him and he goes on the entire episode trying to win her over. Shizuku of course, doesn’t really respond too positvely. Anyways, due to Oshima’s good work, plenty of stuff goes on about the festival, this leads to under the table plans to pocket some money but that plan gets in the way when the 3rd years want to get that done. Haru of course, agree with Shizuku (who wants 50% of the profit) and when a 3rd year pushes Shizuku aside, that leaves our 2nd years with a crappy location to work in. Then we have more connection to Oshima, Haru gives her one hell of a compliment. Shizuku goes of shopping with Natsume and Sasayan and meet with Haru’s “friends” beating up a few guys. Turns out the blondie ringleader ain’t as dumb as he looks as he has the 3rd highest score at the cram school Shizuku goes too. The other guys beg to go to their festival and Shizuku gives them her extra tickets, claiming Haru would have done the same thing. Later that night, Shizuku waits for Haru near the stairs and gives him something Natsume picked out. Shizuku tries to make clear that she won’t love him back but Haru is never the one to give up. He tries to kiss her but Natsume words from before hold him back. The action alone is enough to cause Shizuku to run away out of embarassment 

Repetition is starting to kick in, but it’s still “nice” to watch while the funny part drifts in and out. If anything, Shizuku really needs to make up her mind, she’s smart enough right? Anyways, I’m basically watching it for Natsume and Oshima now. I’ve said this in the other weekly roundups: The series started out strong as it was the dude who basically had the love for her while she had no intentions. Then it became the other way around, and it became an average shoujo series. My expectations kinda fell but hey, I think they’re gonna pull something of..I hope.

Seitokai no Ichizon LV.2: In order to get some rules out the Student Council’s way, Pres orders our crew to go off and take surveys from all the classes to hear out what needs to be done. Before they actually do some work however, they chatter on about why they even need to do such menial tasks. We hear out some of the rules the other members want changed and then their teacher, Magiru shows up. She quickly gets scrapped and is deemed useless for the task ahead of them but she’s assigned by her own students to help Mafuyu. So for the 1st years get assigned to Mafuyu and Magiru, the 2nd years with Sugisaki and Minatsu, and the 3rd years to Pres and Chizuru. The 1st years get scared off while only the guys get scared off in the 3rd year floor. The 2nd years’ survey gets delayed a bit when Minatsu finds someone to talk to on the way to classes. Sugisaki feels awkward (and a hint of jealousy) as he’s not really a sporty type and decides to go ahead and leave Minatsu to talk at her leisure. The tables flip when Minatsu walks into Sugisaki being really popular with the girls. Sugisaki doesn’t even NEED to try and flirt as one of them even asks him to be her boyfriend, and then Minatsu snaps and they continue their job. Minatsu is able to see how much Sugisaki has changed since their fateful (at least for Sugisaki) first meeting in summer. He’s definitely cheered up and more sociable. Sugisaki falls into thought about Minatsu as well, he wonders if he’s just the dude who works/does nothing in the student council with her. Either way, as the rest of the student council talk about potential (never to be achieved) changes for the school, Minatsu gets some intense pain in her chest. The pain is suddenly alleviated when Sugisaki mentions that he’s extremely concerned about her. The others find Magiru slacking off and letting the papers flail in the wind so they go decide to help, which leaves our returning duo alone in the room. Sugisaki’s insistent concern for Minatsu’s health makes her happy but awkward, and Sugisaki finds her being nervous as unnerving as she would usually be more “defensive” against him. Anyways, Minatsu tries to break the ice and asks Sugisaki what he was like before he came to their school.  He describes himself “less perverted” back then and then mentions Asuka, his childhood friend. Once again, Minatsu’s chest starts hurting but she seems to understand why, and leans back in comfort. Sugisaki just sees Minatsu talking to herself and touches her forehead with his hands, and with his own.  Sugisaki realizes what he just did and is expecting a slap, instead Minatsu gets just closer to him and smiles. Of course before anything happens, everyone else returns but thats when Minatsu kisses Sugisaki (you would expect it to be the other way around). Sugisaki was unfortunately too scared to accept what just happened. Anyway, the end off the episode with Sugisaki’s “rule” for the school: To live life to its fullest (I’m reading a book thats emphasizing this a lot recently, I’m honestly of hearing that).

Minatsu just won a f*ckton of points for that scene near the end, and hurray for me describing a romantic scene. That definitely took up way too much space but hey, that was an awesome moment. The 3 episodes (episode 0 doesn’t count) filled with nothing culimates into this and now I can’t wait for some other moments like this. I went ahead and watched the first season and I can honestly say I regret not waching it before. I also went off and checked out how the light novels turned out and judging from the episode preview we get to meet one of the girls Sugisaki was accused of “two-timing”, his step-sister Ringo. Can’t wait to see moar.

Btooom: Sakamoto relives the past when he remembers that he married a girl named Himiko ingame from before. Picking up from last time, Sakamoto decides to confront the person responsible for the radar that pinged all 3 of our crew. Sakamoto walks through the jungle and activates his radar, only to find a hulking brute with a knife brandished behind him. If you remember correctly, this is the dude who Himiko met along with the teacher and fatass in episode 2. Sakamoto tries to reason with him but that doesn’t work out too well. The dude with the knife (Miyamoto) also has a partner, Natsume (the lawyer dude who was first with the crazy kid). Sakamoto is pinned down but escapes after electrocuting Natsume with the stun gun. Sakamoto returns to the base and Himiko starts panicking and tries to leave, only to have Miyamoto creep up behind them. Being a former mercenary (and Sakamoto using the word “us” a bit before) Miyamoto was able to track them down with ease. Sakamoto gets kicked off a ledge, Taira gets his fingers cut off, and Himiko gets taken hostage. Sakamoto survives the fall and tells Taria that he’s going to get the girl back much to Taira’s chagrin(after seeing Himiko’s cosplay and name in her cellphone). Apparently, Miyamoto doesn’t really care for Himiko’s looks, he would much rather enjoy cutting her up than doing other things to her. The radar pulse from Sakamoto signals the two and they prepare for a fight. Natsume (who’s apparently addicted to meds) prepares the first corridor with his timer BIM and Miyamoto readies his knife. Explosions goes off and Miyamoto lunges, only to find Natsume on the other end. While that’s going on, Sakamoto is able to free Himiko (after he almost dies to a trap) but apparently, she wasn’t the Himiko he married (or at least, she might be lying). Natsume confronts Sakamoto but is quickly dispatched by the cracker BIM Miyamoto armed the trap upstairs with. Miyamoto captures Himiko and offers Sakamoto a chance to fight unarmed one on one. Sakmoto knowing that he won’t stand a chance goes for the knife Miyamoto discarded. He gets pinned and all seems lost, until Himiko jumps in and and free’s Sakamot. Himiko had attached the gas BIM on Miyamoto and the two run for dear life. As they get to a dead end, they try to escape through the hole in the ceiling but Miyamoto happens to be alive. Sakamoto throws a timer BIM and it happens to be Natsume’s timer BIM that was set to 3 seconds on Miyamoto’s orders. Himko and Sakamoto surivives and the Game devs show these results to a large number of viewers.

It should be pretty obvious that Himiko is the one Sakamoto met online, guess our main still a bit dull for now. I wouldn’t blame him too hard because there’s plenty of Himiko’s in the world and come on, what’s the chance of that one girl coming to the island? Anyways, a few things got censored off but it’s understandable in this case because Taira got his fingers cut off. Sakamoto is a pretty smart guy, utilizing game strategies in real life has never been more applicable than what has been shown in this series. Plus that Miyamoto dude is pretty freaking tough, he can stand up against poisonous chemicals and only needed a bomb to his face to finish im off. Since I already read the manga, I know what’s going to happen next and I think I have a good ideda where they might end this series off with. Here’s hoping that we don’t get anime exclusive stuff..

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Zeppeli charges into the fight but not before giving us a flashback where he learns of his fate from his master, Tompeti. Tompeti warns Zeppeli that he can turn back and not accept his fated death, but Zeppeli decides to live with the burden of knowledge. Zeppeli charges against Tarkus and he seems to have the upper hand, but Tarkus is a lot faster than he looks. He is able to chain Zeppeli while still maintaining control over Jojo’s collar. With a tremendous amount of pressure Tarkus puts on the chains, it f*cking cuts Zeppeli in HALF (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO). Seeing how is destiny has fulfilled itself, Zeppeli takes his last strength to transfer his ripple abilities to Jojo. Jojo regains consciousness and breaks the chains. He proceeds to disintegrate Tarkus in one blow. Speedwagon and Jojo rush to Zeppeli’s side and Zeppeli gives them his last words and commends Jojo for his efforts. Carrying the legacy of two great men on his shoulders, Jojo departs with his comrades to confront Dio. Speaking of Dio, he shows us his inner troll when he is asked by the local housewife to spare her child in exchange for her life. Dio accepts the offer and turns the lady to a vampire, and then she proceeds to kill her son. On the way back, Jojo gets attacked by another shady character, only to have the dude tell him he’s not actually a vampire. He introduces himself as Dire and another dude named Straights shows up. They both introduce to yet another guy named Tompeti, their master. They decided to come here when Zeppeli wrote to them on the whereabouts of the stone mask. The group teams up and head to Dio’s castle.

Zeppeli passes away and Jojo enacts his vengeance with a single blow against Tarkus that makes melts him away. Episode reminiscent of episode three when Jojo’s dad dies. This time its old man Zeppeli passing on his will and telling Jojo that he’s a beast and has to go kill Dio. Even Speedwagon mentions that the old man lives within Jojo. We get to see Speedwagon take up Zeppeli’s hat. I have to wonder if we’re ever going to see that weaponized hat of his again.  Then we get new characters that show up to team up to kill Dio with. Speaking of Dio, his dickish ways never seem to end. Next episode is titled Jojo vs Dio so LET’S GET TO IT.


Magi: On the road to Balbadd, Mor and Aladdin encounter an extremely friendly man with no cloths on. Aladdin spares him some small clothing and the man introduces himself as Sin. Sin was robbed while he was sleeping a few moments before he met the duo and now he wishes to accompany them to Balbadd. He proves himself as no stranger as he happens to know a lot of Balbadd’s locations and status as a large city. When they approach the inns, Sin is detained at the entrance but two of his men spot him and help him out. Sin buys our duo their rooms and we get some background on Balbadd. Maritime activity in general has been shut down for a while as the Balbadd’s royal government is having their hands filled with a local gang of ruffians called the Fog Troupe who attack in times of heavy fog and steal riches to give to the poor. Aladdin mentions the name Alibaba but the name seems to attract some infamous rep as a ruffian in town leading the Fog Troupe is called “Wonderman Alibaba”. This means that Morgiana cannot secure a ship to her home country and Sin’s (who is revealed to be THE Sinbad) economic plan seems to go down the drain. Sinbad decides to solve this problem himself, and the Balbadd ruler mentions that a certain someone had to return at this time. Sinbad invites our duo to lunch where he introduces his subordinates, Jafar (the level headed dude) and Masrur (the Fanalis, one of Morgiana’s people). While discussing plans to deal with the Fog Troupe, Aladdins shows off Ugo to Masrur and Sinbad learns that Aladdin is a magi. To keep it short, Sinbad wishes to enlist their help in dealing with the Fog Troupe. Seeing how their goals are fulfilled with the absence of said troupe, they agree to work together (and then Morgiana has another pouting scene).

The crew split between two noble houses, Masrur with Sinbad on one with Aladdin, Morgiana, and Jafar. Sinbad and Masrur encounter some homeless folk who threatnen to kill them but Sinbad talks them out of killing others for food. On the other side, a red fog rolls in on our three heroes. The red fog seems to be giving the other guards hallucinations. From the rooftops, our trio find the Fog Troupe’s 2 subcommanders, Zaynab and Hassan. Zaynab’s blade giving off the hallucinogen fog while Hassan’s blade just cracked through a wall. Jafar stops a few of the ruffians from assaulting the mansion with his rope darts. But as cool as his entrance pose was, he gets upstaged by the 2nd in command of the Fog Troupe, Kassim with his black fog that adds weight to a victim’s body. Next to our dreadlocked-badass we have our leader of the Fog Troupe, a yet unnamed but hidden faced badass. Morgiana tries to kick one of them in the face but even the weights added to her brings her down. With Aladdin and Ugo being the last line of defense, Kassim decides to confront it. Then he’s stopped by his “friend” and the leader unveils his covered face to be the one and only Alibaba.

Yessss, my favorite arc of the entire series up to this point is here. Balbadd’s Arc is THE arc of Magi where we get to see some emotional stuff going on. We’re also introduced to Sinbad and his crew. Sinbad himself is pretty much a boss, Jafar looks like freaking Sanzo from Saiyuki (which gives him 10000000 points) and Masrur is our grown-up male Morgiana (complete with awkward silences). As strong as Sinbad is, Alibaba remains my favorite character and this arc will show you guys why (plus, Alibaba has room for improvement while Sinbad is just overpowered as is). Jafar’s scene when he jumped down gets “upstaged” by another awesome character, Kassim. Other than that, I went ahead and looked around MAL for a bit and I found that Alibaba is voiced by Issei/Shu/Haruyuki and by-far, Alibaba reigns supreme among them. We have an incoming female characer too, and she’s voiced by none other than Kana Hanazawa (FFFKLADABEAW, you should have seen my face when I saw her name next to mentioned character). Next episode GO GO GO

-Not Worth Mentioning-

Hayate, OniAi, TLRD: Of course, not much to say here folks.

Sorry about the delay folks, here’s a complimentary picture of Morgiana pouting.

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