Music of the Week #60

Delays on the weekly roundup post because of-

Light and Mikxela (the dude at the bottom of users) showed up at me house, screwed around, played games, talk about stupid shit for like nine hours straight and emptied our wallets because of pizza, it’s gonna be a tough Black Friday excursion for us. Anyway, me planning on finishing the weekly roundup post with them around was a silly idea

Anyways, music post is here, weekly roundup is next, gonna work on some gametalks/analysis/classics/wtfever for the rest of the night (along with some offhand studying and some games).

I actually want to talk about around two series that have some awesome music and because of that, I feel like I need to post seperately about them before I go about giving you guys some songs for free. So hmmm, what series other than those two could I share?

Ah of course, Death Note is a good choice. I can remember watching it on Adult Swim and later finishing the manga on my own. It’s not one of the series I wanted to talk about compared to the ones mentioned above. While I LOVED the struggle between Light and L, it was when L died that the series just kinda…stooped down from its high pedestal. I mean come on, Near and Mello weren’t as cool as the man himself. Plus it’s bloated fanbase going crazy about how good it is needs to lighten down. In my opinion, everything started falling when L died (just like when Itachi/Deidara died, but I never loved Naruto anyway)

The first opening of the series, probably better than the 2nd one (now that I think about it, 1st one is definitely better)