Western Animation: Futurama and Jurassic Bark

It was a bunch of month’s ago when I talked about the Boondocks, an American cartoon series that focuses on comedy but has its moment of deep intellectual themes presented by the main character, Huey. Huey represents the “smart” and “politcally” aware African American who plays the straight man and probably the only “logical” thinker in the entire show. On the flipside, Huey’s brother Riley is the exact opposite. He only follows trends set by mainstream african-american and has no “real thought” on the fate of the race. It’s an honestly true and hilarious look into the community (Of course, this is me just talking through the show, I have no say for any of this).

So enough about the Boondocks, maybe I’ll talk about another signifcant episode but on this day of November 17th I wish to address another American animation that caught my attention, that series is Futurama. 10 years ago on this day when one of the more “favored” episodes was released.

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