hippiefreak’s Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Wishlist and a few more stuff

It is customary for me to make a list of demands things I want during the….well I haven’t done this enough to actually call it a tradition but it ain’t too late to start now. With the holiday season coming up, I might as well share some wallet-bleeding items that I covet for the holiday season. I’ve even put on some stuff that I have and stuff that I DON’T want but I’ll go out of my way to explain why.

But first, posts to come

  1. Obvious weekly recaps and music posts
  2. 1 Classic planned, 1 Analysis on a doujin series, and 1 Appreciative post on one of the Big 3
  3. 1 Western Animation Appreciation post, haven’t had those in a while. This one is planned for the 17th of November, try to guess what it is.
  4. 1 Gametalk that’s just asking to be completed, and multiple Gametalk Projects in the works


  1. Assassin’s Creed III, was something that I was SUPPOSED to get because I pre-ordered the thing a few months back. The lack of money in my current funds didn’t really allow for that. However, what I thought to have been an unbearable time without AC3 was actually something lucky in my favor. Why? Because I checked around some sites around the internet labeling AC3 one of the worst additions in the series. I was pretty dumbed out by that fact and glad that I didn’t spend 60 bucks on it. While I won’t go into details of what I heard, I’ll just say that the story was mediocre and instead of an “assassin achieving his goals through the midst of the Revolutionary War” it was a quote on quote “Love letter to the Founding Fathers”. While I don’t want to disrespect good ol’ GW, I think I saved myself some money by not getting this. AS much as the game is defined by the gameplay, I would prefer some nice storytelling in between it at least.
  2. Fate Extra CCC: Boy, this thing’s been on my list for a while. Too bad the damn thing comes out in like February in Japan and god knows how long it will take to get it translated…IF it gets translated…Seems to me that I have to order it from somewhere else now that Gamestop doesn’t sell PSP games anymore.
  3. Pokemon BW2: Is already in my belt, just I haven’t had a chance to finish it. Plus, I’m being stingy to myself because I want an all Gen V team, and I’m having trouble against Dragon types. I’ll find a way sooner or later. It’s a damn good game, the amount of features it has and the visuals still remain fun to look at.
  4. DotA2: The thing finally sent me my beta invite and I got into playing it the day I got it. While it’s a big transition from DotA 1 in terms of how everything looks, sounds, and even feels sort of different. I literally had a hard time figuring out how to buy things and finding them in the shop, to be honest, I had more fun hunting for said items through the individual shopkeeps back in the first one. Another thing is the heroes don’t stand out like they used to. I’m too fond of colored lights around my hero and poking enemies is a lot more annoying that I thought it would. Now these aren’t a problem but I just have 3 main complaints. First off, games take way too goddamn long to find. The reason why I’m sticking to League of Legends for now is because it takes a few seconds to get a game going, while this takes like 5 minutes. Second, my computer apparently can’t handle the graphics so my heroes look like disgusting (but nostalgic) polygons. I’m not a huge graphics freak, but I’m damn sure my computer ain’t THAT bad. Last but not least, f*cking LEAVERS. It was a problem back then, and it’s still a problem now. Although hard carrying a team isn’t as hard to do as in LoL but the leaver problem is just retardedly annoying. I love the game, but boy do I sure hate some of the players (especially noobs who came from LoL to try DotA 2 and end up failing incredibley hard).
  5. Dark Souls: The DLC content was actually released a MONTH back when I thought it was going to be released this month. Bummed out about that already here and now I’m just waiting til I can get my hands on my card to buy it. I have 2 accounts/characters, one being the focused build and one being the jack of all trades character. I took my time with the former while the latter I beat the game around 3 times. I already saw a bunch of videos on the content itself and I just can’t wait to experience the new bosses myself. The lore revealed in the game is something that deserves its own post and I’ll probably do exactly that. What I don’t look forward to seeing is killing everybody for their loot and then beating the game just so I can restore my self-imposed “absolute good playthrough” with everyone I like alive.

Anyone who stayed with this site for around a few months knows that I went ape shit when I found about some figures way back. I’ve bought 2 figures since my last post..well since ACEN but let’s just say my wallet is pretty much dead. While I went off and listed a crapton of figures back then, I only have 2 that I actively yearn for while I have around 4 in consideration.


Hatsune Miku Racer 2011 (GSC): Being that Miku has never had an anime/manga or any official plot/fixed personality, it’s really hard to have any sort of dislike toward her. Anyways, most of her figures emphasize the “cute” side of Miku while around…one other Miku figure accentuates something other than her innate “cute” face. This one just happens to be the second Miku figure that doesn’t really want to make her look cute, instead make her look more mature and “beautiful”. The 2011 Version for now is the best “racing” one so far. 2010 doesn’t fit my taste and the 2012 isn’t even released yet. I’ll probably order this after Christmas once my funds are replenished. I just looooove the outfit.

Asakura Ryoko (FREEing): I’ll say it right now: I’m not a big fan of Haruhi. I didn’t find it as too amazing and my “small contempt” for it grew as its popularity just skyrocketed beyond proportions, of course the fandom is somewhat dead but back then I remember everyone talking about Haruhi and it’s enormous amounts of videos featuring its ending song. Anyway, as much as I didn’t like it, I won’t disagree that the girls looked nice. With a character like Haruhi around, fanservice around the poster girl and rape victim (Mikuru) garnered a bunch of attention while other stuff (non-fanservice) brought in others. Obviously, the former got me but I didn’t like the series personally. Enough of that, I already bought a figure of Haruhi herself in a nice bunny costume and now I’ve turned my attention to Asakura Ryoko, famous for trying to kill our main character. She’s in (like the Haruhi figure I bought) in a bunny suit and hottdamn is this one a pricey one. I’ll probably put this on the bottom priority and wait until I find one for a reasonable price. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, freaking stockings man……can’t get enough of em.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that she’s part of an entire lineup of Haruhi characters in bunny outfits. I thank the heavens because all of them except this one looks a bit….derpish. Also, the figure lineup is based off an artwork and I’ll just say I would have bought Mikuru too (the shame on myself) if they kept to the artowork. I might update again later with said artwork (even the Sabers’ are based off artwork)

The four that I have in consideration are part of a “set”. What set? Well what famous heroine has around 3-4 different versions of herself with a noticeable costume change? None other than the fan-favorite Saber from the Fate series. The situation with Saber happens to be the case with Haruhi, only inverted in a sense that I love the series but I don’t like Saber as much. My favorite charater is Kirei while my favorite Servant in general is a tie between Iskanbro or Gil. Rider from FSN takes my vote for favorite female but that’s not the point. Saber is still an attractive character, and I somewhat have a personal vendetta against making King Arthur into a petite girl. It’s just her stoic personality and utter dependence for the Grail to right her wrongs that makes her “weak” in resolve, but let’s not get into why I think that, it’s late and night and I can’t properly convey my thoughts. Anyways, swimsuit figures for Saber from Stay Night and Zero, Lily from Unlimited Codes, Alter from Hollow Ataraxia, and Extra from…Extra. In order I really like the classic one, Lily, Extra ,and then Alter. I don’t know…knowing myself, I think I’ll be compelled to buy all four (god forbid) if I just get one.

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