Fall Anime Week 6

Look at that, I’m not as late as I usually am. Ain’t that the first in a damn long time.

Got around talking about OniAi and To Love ru. Quite honestly, no one should be expecting good write-ups for any of those, seeing how one is for pure fanservice and the other is going down on the scale. Seitokai was covered in last week’s so the episode is not covered here (obvious).

Here ya go everybody

Tonari no Kaibutsu kun: Shizuku continues to fight back her feelings of obvious love to Haru as she tries to aim for top grades (this time on a national scale). We also get to know our bespectacled friend, Oshima. She was sick on the first day of school (oh look at that) and thus when she arrived a week later, the classroom was already filled with social groups around her. So up til’ this time, she was an outcast. She constantly hears about the girl who Haru keeps tagging along with, which gets her pretty down. From what Oshima told Haru about her getting picked as the class rep just because of her glasses, Haru shows up to class with a pair, but doesn’t get nominated. Oshima eats lunch alone when Haru shows up out of nowhere and voices his displeasure how he wasn’t nominated, and then finds out Oshima has no friends. She learns that Shizuku is the one Haru likes. Going on, Haru decides to bring his social circle into helping Oshima make some friends. Of course, they have this “meeting” near Shizuku in her study time. She gets mad, and that gets Haru a bit bad as well. Oshima panics, seeing how her mere presence is making them like this. In gym, Oshima see’s how Shizuku is similar to her on the “alone” factor, and when the group shows up with “hang” out with her, she gets in the middle of a lover’s quarrel. Shizuku mentions how her chest hurts when she’s close to Haru, and Haru takes that the wrong way. Oshima yells at how he’s so damn oblivious and runs off. Haru doesn’t seem to be too mad about that and tells her to not overthink everything she does. Last half of the episode, is with our 2 idiots again, not being able to say that they love eachother (even though they did in the first few episodes).

I confess, the series is kind of getting…more shoujo-y. When I initially watched this, I was praising due to it not being a regular shoujo style series. Seems like this series is becoming a run of the mill shoujo series again. Anyways, we got to see Oshima and see what was the deal with her being a loner. If I can call myself a “Good guesser” I can tell that she’s gonna be part of the main social circle. First half was pretty good, but the second half was as bit…repetitive. It’s basically the same deal of how the two love eachother yet one has yet to realize/learned to prioritize while the other is just clueless. But hey, at least this series made me watch half the of the episode count, I normally wouldn’t touch series like this. Either way, I will see how it ends up.

Btooom: Komodo dragons scare off our crew as they try to relocate themselves to a safer area. Taria brings a fainted Himiko near the water while Sakamoto tries to get some BIMs on them. Realizing that BIMS taken from an enemy that hasn’t been killed does not work, he quickly tries to find another bag as Taria got bit by one of the lizards. Sakamoto throws a  cracker and they are able to get on the move. Taria keeps talking about how he fears the worst when Sakamoto keeps going off fighting their battles. But he see’s that Sakamoto is a guy worth trusting, and vice versa. That conviction is put to the test when the lizards near them and Taria runs off. Sakamoto is pretty much screwed carrying Himiko on his back, but when all seemed lost, Taria shows up, revealing his BIM’s are remote flyers. Turns out the two were cancelling eachother’s radars. Anyways, Sakamoto gets a feel of what Taria thinks whenever he leaves. The crew find a little stations (think Great Bay lab, what? you don’t get that reference?) and they quickly try to scramble up the ladder. The rusted ladder proves a great challenge as it continually makes the crew fall off. Taira holds the lizards off while Sakamoto gets an idea. He gets up the ladder without Himiko  (while Taira watches in horror) and throws a BIM that sets fire to the woods behind them. As their location is near the sea, the wind carries the fire even further away. The lizards are driven off and our group is given some peace. They tend to Taira’s wounds with some alcohol and Himiko’s loyalty is tested for now. As they bicker, a radar is given off and the group tries to stay still, however, Himiko says that she had moved and that someone will be heading toward their location.

An old man got an infectious bite and you made a guy cry.

Btooom’s emphasis on trust is something that really gets to anyone watching/reading the series. You really can’t blame people for doubting eachother or having second thoughts on others. Come on, you’re stuck on an island where you have to kill people for your own survival. That being said, the trust that consolidates between our skilled Sakomoto and nice guy Taira is a pretty crucial thing to see as trust obviously means a crapton in a series like this. I’m just repeating at this point. Himiko is pretty new to this kind of stuff and seeing how Sakamoto is gonna go save their asses, she’s gonna soften up sooner or later (cause a scowl on that pretty face is a waste). Something about Sakamoto’s voice….it somewhat fits him but I just can’t bear to hear him scream a lot.

I admit, I didn’t get it at first

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Bruford continues his fight with Jojo, and is able to restran Jojo’s movement with his funky ass hair. However, the restraint was just a ploy to get Bruford close enough to the send forth the ripples through Bruford’s blade. Once stunned, Jojo unleashes a barrage of punches to finish Bruford off. The bloodlust within Bruford however drives him to keep fighting, but he mutters the word “pain” and with that, Jojo ceases to fight and Bruford readies to slice him. Bruford’s sword does not hit Jojo though, instead Jojo and Zeppeli realizes that Bruford’s painless-zombie body has rejuvenated with his noble spirit once more. Bruford see’s the radiating gentleman-ness of Jojo’s trust of others and finds peace once again. He entrusts him with his sword blessed by the Queen herself centuries ago and returns to dust. While Jojo mourns for the man who called him “brother from 3 centuries ago” Tarkus appears behind him. Using ripple, Jojo and the crew are able to land on an old knight training ground. That is before Zeppeli explans where he learned ripple. He tells us that after is fateful voyage, he stopped by at an Indian port and traveled to the mountains after meeting this “doctor”. In the temple, he learns of the rippe power but also is given that his fate with end with death. Back to the present,  Jojo gets stuck inside against Tarkus and the door seems to be unable to open with ripple alone. The little child who hears Speedwagon cry out that he is forced t o stay back in watch, remembers when he was bullied and when his sister would help him. He finds enough bravery to enter through a small slip in the walls. Tarkus while fighting Jojo finds the boy and is able to hit him just once, before the boy opens the door. Zeppeli and Speedwagon walk in, ready to help Jojo. Zeppeli however, says that this may be his time after all. The crew makes ready before we’re cut off with the to be continued message appears.

Speedwagon: Best Side character ever made

Jojo just keeps getting more action packed and hilarious. Zeppeli’s fate will be fulfilled in a week and I can’t wait to see what kind of a fight he’ll put up. Bruford is a total bro as he even calls Jojo is bro after losing a fight and seeing how Jojo knew his condition. Giving him the heirloom blade just sealed the deal of awesomeness, and Jojo almost cries manly tears as he laments Bruford’s soul. Then dickish Tarkus comes along to ruin the moment. What I didn’t get is the training ground that’s like…part of the cliff they were on. Whatever, I can’t wait for the next episode.

Now we just need Alibaba

Magi: With Aladdin’s small arc over with, we move on to Morgiana and her interactions with a caravan she started helping out. It’s been around half a year since Morgianna joined them in Qishan and she gives thanks to her companions for taking her in. Morgiana constantly has nightmares about her childhood and lingering memories of her slave life. As her group walks through a bazaar, they encounter slavers and Morgiana is obviously very ticked off. The spark is lit when she hears that a group of thieves are trespassing her caravan’s route to Balbadd (where a ship will take her to her homeland). She decides to go in solo and being a nice girl she is, asks them to leave. When the guards start pulling out swords, she just goes off on an ass-whooping frenzy and demands to know where their leader is. Turns out the slavers were part of the same ring as the thieves and the slaver boss poisons Morgiana with his pet bird. Morgiana becomes locked up again and shares a cell with a significantly younger girl. The girl asks what will happen to them and Morgiana inadvertantly tells her what will happen as she [Morgiana] recollects what happened in the past when she was first sold as a slave. Of course, that doesn’t really work so well so Morgiana assures her that she won’t let that happen (with a girl who can kick as hard as eight men, I wouldn’t doubt it). The next morning, Morgiana calls for help as the child gets sick, the cure provided by the slavers being fed to the wolves. The spark ignites once more, Morgiana is able to leap to the wolves and breaks the braces that held together her legs and beats the living crap out of the wolves, and when the slavers release tigers from Morgiana’s country, she ends up doing the same thing. With the slaver’s defeated both morally and physically, Morgiana frees the rest of the slaves, and among them is Aladdin. Our crew also reunites with the caravan girls who had been trying to track them down. With the road to Balbadd clear, Morgiana and Aladdin decide to go to Balbadd together. Aladdin also starts calling Morgiana, Mor so that’s what I will be calling her now.

Other than a few manga discrepancies, an acceptable episode. In the manga, they release smoke when Morgiana tries to free the other slaves and that problem gets solved later. Also, the little girl who’s about to get fed to the wolves gets a bit chewed up before Morgiana leaps in to save the day. I’m pretty sure the slavers let lose more animals as well too. Anyways, next episode features the “good guy boss” Sinbad and his crew who introduces themselves to our duo. We’ll probably reach the Balbadd arc either in that episode or the following week. I’ll say it again, I can’t wait until the Balbadd Arc starts.

The Threesome can finally work now

To Love Ru Darkness: Since I have little to no respect for Rito, I’ll just skip the the more interesting part. Interesting, of course, if you haven’t already read the manga (I read like 11 chapters and just stopped). This part focuses on Run, the gender-swapping idol from another planet. Like every other girl, Run likes our useless main character for the sole reason of “he’s nice to me”. Seeing some development one day, our cute but rather trollish Momo takes a few other girls to watch how the main and Run’s relationship goes. The moment reaches it’s highest when Run starts heating up and the girls get out of the brush to accuse him of lechery, that’s of course, only Nana and Kotegawa (who shows up on her own). Run exclaims in an almost painful, yet sexy way and a beam of light covers her. We find now that Run and Ren have now seperated due to their kind’s special feature.


OniAi: The editor wishes to truly find out whether or not the main is a siscon or not, so she decides to check upon his abode. Instead, she finds the exact reverse and the main isn’t a siscon at all and the sister is the one with the brocon. The also finds out that the house is inhabited by an interesting group of people. We get to see some of Akiko’s “friends” before she moved in with the main and if anything, she’s the same as she has been from then and now. A rather “interesting” new character comes along at the end as the new boss of the house. She turns out to be a 10-12 year old girl who happens to be a genius….and our main’s fiance.

Hayate of course, wasn’t worth talking about.

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