Fall Catch-up/Recap Post Week 5

Slight delay, but not as bad as the last one right?

Anyway, before we begin: I’ve arranged the titles in the order of release in the week. Unfortunately, Jojo takes a while to get subbed so that will be updated when it gets here. I also want to note some detail issues on the last post’s Btooom summary, I f*cked up but that should teach you to not trust everything a guy with a website says.

I also added Seitokai no Ichizon onto this list, of course all of it gets subbed when I finished the last post. One last thing, I added some series  at the bottom. One’s that aren’t really worth talking about either because of the series (and its contents) itself or just…being a bad week at the production office.

So let’s get to it. 

Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun: Yoshida tries to take Shizuku on a date, but when he reveals that he learned all the highschool study material during his absence in middle school, Shizuku gets mad and wants to go to a library to study even more. Yuzan shows up to talk to Shizuku to finally tell us what’s up with him and his brother. This scares away Yoshida enough to make Yuzan just take Shizuku on a small trip around town. Yuzan finally tells us (fine I’ll call him by first name) why Haru is so against him. Apparently the family had a falling out and Haru just ran away to stay with his uncle and leave his father and brother. With news of Haru going back to school because of Shizuku, the father regains hope for his prodigal son and wants him to return. OF course, Haru has Shizuku here and that’s the only reason he’s going. Yuzan realizes this and plans to leave Haru alone for now but has another motive. While small details are given, Haru shows up (only after he interacts with bespectacled girl voiced by the one and only Hanazawa-san) and takes Shizuku back.

What can I say, more clever/dumb humor with our lovable cast. We finally get to see some light shedded on Haru but we still don’t know too much about him. I’ve really got nothing to say if I have no complaints or some praises I haven’t used. No big Natsume scenes other than her being sick D: As always, MORE EPISODES

Chizuru ftw

Seitokai no Ichizon LV.2: Our lead, Sugisaki Ken tells us his stories preceding his time in the student council. A story about trying his best in grades in getting into the student council seat. He competes against his grade’s top scorer, Minase. It was an unexpected, almost inspiring tale of how his dedication led to his victory. All that is counter-acted by absolute idiocy they talk about in episode 2, and by idiocy I refer to me laughing at the sudden attempt at the artwork change. With all due seriousness, they don’t really set anything new. If episode 2 did anything, they brought back Sugisaki’s lolicon+police sketch back (I watched some parts of the first season).  Episode 3 didn’t accomplish much either, but I have more to say on my thoughts than talk about the actual episode events.

that goes for Minase and like 2-3 other girls

I wasn’t really able to watch the first season at all because…I don’t know.. But it isn’t too late to start watching this now. I honestly have a lot of respect to Sugisaki here. I’m basically in the exact same position as he was in his little backstory, minus the cute girls who help him out. I’m the sort who wants to be the best in academics while not being a complete no-life. Wow, I’m getting some academical inspirations from this season. In short, Sugisaki is an actually likable main lead for a supposed-harem. I still haven’t watched the first season so I have no idea what his reputation is outside of the student council room. What I’ve noticed is that the episode starts out in a comedic manner while it shifts into something very thoughtful at the end with Sugisaki. He’s extremely concerned about the integrity of the council (2 of them on the verge of graduating plus other factors)Underneath the hilarious comedy is a story damn awesome main character trying to atone his sins (from freaking middle school) and repay what each of the four girls taught him to strive for in his life. Underneath this (symbol of every man should be)  fun loving, perverted, awesome-ass main character, we have a guy who see’s the “Harem End” as an almost symbolic definition of keeping everyone happy, if not by love, than just by happiness. Now I regret not watching the first season. Plus I went off and read the summaries of the novels too: SUGISAKI, WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME!?

You have to admit, a lot of people WOULD hit that on the spot…

Btooom: Back from the last episode, Sakamoto is able to secure the food from the homicidal little boy (which I’m sure he’s going to regret sparing) and bring it back to our middle man Taira. We get a glimpse of the sad life Sakamoto had before too, but when a dead fat guy floats down the waterfall he goes to investigate and after a few moments of hunting, our two protagonists meet. Sakamoto finally meets Himiko, but that doesn’t mean she’s gonna join his crew as easily as old Taira did. Himiko is pretty damn serious about killing dudes and for a NEET, Sakamoto is pretty damn quick. He’s able to incapacitate her when he knocks her BIM case to where she electrocutes herself with her own stun gun. Sakamoto disarms her and unlike A LOT OF shounen heroes who wouldn’t dare think about girls in a sexual way, Sakamoto realizes how cute Himiko is. He attempts to do something but when he’s reminded of the half naked, fat, dead guy down at the waters he gets the idea of what happened and decides to controls his mojo(points for Sakamoto). Himiko wakes up and see’s Sakamoto carrying her. Her senses flare up and once again, she tries to kill him, the same way she did away with fatso. she readies a bomb, presses the button, and counts to 3 10. But being a pro however has its charms, as shown when Sakamoto disarms the damn thing. He carries back to the camp and they try to get her to calm down. When they get to talking about leaving the island, Himiko mentions that even if they do get back, nothing awaits them. Apparently, the unwanted people of society are sent here to die as shown when Himiko was told to disappear. But before anything else happens, freakin komodo dragons show up and our crew is in deep sh*t.

I have mad respect for Sakamoto who awknowledges that he’s a guy who needs some tail but also a gentleman who knows his boundaries. Himiko is a pretty strong girl too and in this season, I happen to respect that a lot more. There’s this HUUUGE issue of trust that forms the basis of this series, and the best way of survival. Because I just caught up with the manga, I can’t wait for some more action. If anything, I think I know where they’re going to end the series off with. Either that, or they plan to make this 26 episodes. If they plan on changing it to an anime-original ending, I hope they just end it at 12. Meh, I’m just babbling here.

If they aired it on TV, I can post it

Magi: After grandmom got shot last episode, it’s war time amongst the bad empire group and the countrysiders. Of course, I would word it a lot more appropriately, but I’m trying to get this over with. Anyways, the Kouga Clan’s grandma decides to ally themselves with Hakuen. They ally with eachother only to fight another group of invaders (man, these tribal dudes had it tough). Before that, Granny leaves the world. Hakuen takes the lead and shows us whats possible with Djinn equipment or a Household Vessel. Although her powers are wind-based, it seems that she cannot fully use it offensively because she needs to direct the enemy arrows away from her troops. Her magoi runs out and she’s about to be executed, only to have Aladdin show up and free the djinn inside Hakuen’s fan. Paimon is released and is given a “catch-up” story by Ugo. With the power of a djinn, the fighting is settled and Aladdin has finished his work around this area. He says his goodbyes to the Kouga tribe and gains the grandmother’s staff as a keepsake. Aladdin departs for Balbadd, Alibaba’s hometown.

Since I just caught up with the manga from this point, I can expect a LOT of good things from this series. Judging how it passed over 150 translated chapters, I really hope they have this series continue past 12-26 episodes. This episode/arc isn’t TOO crucial but the grandma, her staff, and Hakuen became pretty significant in the later parts of the story. The next episode or two (but I’m pretty sure they can cover that part in one) features Morgianna in her small solo arc, all before the first “big” arc in Balbadd with Alibaba. Now that part of the story is pretty awesome and if anything, I wouldn’t be too angry if they ended the anime series with the end of the Balbadd arc. What can I say, I’m eagerly awaiting more episodes.

Heey Babyy

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Our trio of manliness begins their hunt for Dio in a small town by the countryside waters. When a boy robs the three of a suitcase, they catch up to him, only to find they’ve been lured into a trap by Dio. Zeppeli is the first into the fight, trying to soften up Dio for Jojo to kill. Dio however has become annoyingly stronger than the last time they fought and easily counters Zeppeli’s ripple energy by freezing his blood. Same thing happens to Jojo when the latter tries to save Zeppeli. Seeing as how he has incapacitated the two of them, Dio summons two champions of the old world to fight in his stead, Knights Bruford and Tarkus. The series itself gives you a quick recount of theri story with Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I of England. Tarkus decides to fight against Zeppeli and Speedwagon (who, like a MAN, tries to thaw out Zeppeli’s arm with his own body) while Jojo faces off Bruford. Bruford corners Jojo to beneath the lake and Jojo remembers that the town was an ex-coal mine. He’s able to locate a pocket of air beneath and rocks and summons a ripple to defeat Bruford. The continously epic flow of the episode being halted by the to be continued message

This series just keeps getting more and more awesome. We get a quick change of pace and then slow down the fighting scenes. I can forgive talking/monlogues during fighting because this serie just does it so well. Other than me praising it, it seems to me that Dio is just so damn overpowered. Plus he’s like….the king of trollish assholes. That line….How much blood have you drained answered by How many pieces of bread have you eaten in your life (answered back by Jojo as he yells DIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)…god he’s such a dick. Speedwagon got even more bro-points this episode too. Finally, I just love how they end the episode with the most awesome cliffhangar (well not really, we can only expect ass-kicking ripples next episode)

-Not Worth Talking About-

OniAi, Hayate no Gotoku S3 and To Love Ru Darkness. The first one is just becoming dumbed down, Hayate S3 is just a failure in general but I still want to keep faith for my favorite characters and TLRD is just for Kotegawa.

Shinsekai Yori will be talked about later. My small thoughts being: It’s a big, mixed bag of emotions on this one.

2 thoughts on “Fall Catch-up/Recap Post Week 5”

  1. I was surprised to see the full backstory of Tarkus and Bruford put into the anime. It did a good job explaining how anyone other than Dio could have followed up Vampire Jack The Ripper, but for me it felt a little too long and didn’t really feel as high quality as the rest of the episode.

    1. I’m pretty sure that the other episodes were basically “rushed” in a sense that they covered a lot ground in 3 episodes.
      Yeah, I was about to re-teach myself the story, and as soon as I typed their names in the search bar, the narrator just told me the story
      Nice to see you again Yerocha, means a lot to see that people still check here

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