Music of the Week #58

Jojo delays and lazy Magi

Excuses aside, I actually just need to write up Magi and the post will be completed. So expect it tomorrow or later tonight as I have to study. I’ve noticed that my schedule will be pretty busy so I will hold off on non-weekly posts until Thanksgiving Break in the states. On non-site related stuff, another figure came in the mail and I’ll say which one it was at a later time. Lastly, someone help me, I keep watching Miku videos on Youtube/NND and I can’t turn away from the pretty thumbnails. I have like 15 of them on tabs…and for god’s sake somebody make a figure with Miku with a ponytail so I can waste more of my non-existant money.

So let’s get on to the music shall we?

Once again, we have a piece from the One Piece OST, and in my opinion is one of the most recognizable piece. This week’s song is Overtaken, with its heavy orchestrated piece that definitely sets the mood for some epic sh*t that’s about to go down.