Music of the Week #61

Finding pictures is a pain nowadays

Well like I said, the pictures are quite literally the only thing needed for the weekly recap. I’m in the middle of writing and essay and studying so I guess this is kinda delayed (or not, I can’t really tell when I’ll find the time to publish this). Anyways, nothing big going on and if anything small talk is gonna show up, it will be on the intro for the recap post

Going to this week’s music, we finish off Death Note with its first ending. It’s the song that basically summed up the Adult Swim anime lineup a few years back. It’s the song I really liked hearing because back then Death Note was pretty damn cool before I learned that the series continued off without L. Although it’s an amazing piece of work, the amount of hype back then was enormous. It was good but I think it kinda…swelled…either way, good series with good memories of it

Fall Anime Week 7

Delays and finding pictures were a b*tch. Maybe I should go back to screencapping.

Monday was filled with studying, Tuesday with just doing nothing, wednesday my friends show up, and now I’m sick with a cold. I feel like my throat is covered in sandpaper. Either way folks, I’m trying to get some other posts but until then

Here you go

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Music of the Week #60

Delays on the weekly roundup post because of-

Light and Mikxela (the dude at the bottom of users) showed up at me house, screwed around, played games, talk about stupid shit for like nine hours straight and emptied our wallets because of pizza, it’s gonna be a tough Black Friday excursion for us. Anyway, me planning on finishing the weekly roundup post with them around was a silly idea

Anyways, music post is here, weekly roundup is next, gonna work on some gametalks/analysis/classics/wtfever for the rest of the night (along with some offhand studying and some games).

I actually want to talk about around two series that have some awesome music and because of that, I feel like I need to post seperately about them before I go about giving you guys some songs for free. So hmmm, what series other than those two could I share?

Ah of course, Death Note is a good choice. I can remember watching it on Adult Swim and later finishing the manga on my own. It’s not one of the series I wanted to talk about compared to the ones mentioned above. While I LOVED the struggle between Light and L, it was when L died that the series just kinda…stooped down from its high pedestal. I mean come on, Near and Mello weren’t as cool as the man himself. Plus it’s bloated fanbase going crazy about how good it is needs to lighten down. In my opinion, everything started falling when L died (just like when Itachi/Deidara died, but I never loved Naruto anyway)

The first opening of the series, probably better than the 2nd one (now that I think about it, 1st one is definitely better)

Western Animation: Futurama and Jurassic Bark

It was a bunch of month’s ago when I talked about the Boondocks, an American cartoon series that focuses on comedy but has its moment of deep intellectual themes presented by the main character, Huey. Huey represents the “smart” and “politcally” aware African American who plays the straight man and probably the only “logical” thinker in the entire show. On the flipside, Huey’s brother Riley is the exact opposite. He only follows trends set by mainstream african-american and has no “real thought” on the fate of the race. It’s an honestly true and hilarious look into the community (Of course, this is me just talking through the show, I have no say for any of this).

So enough about the Boondocks, maybe I’ll talk about another signifcant episode but on this day of November 17th I wish to address another American animation that caught my attention, that series is Futurama. 10 years ago on this day when one of the more “favored” episodes was released.

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hippiefreak’s Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Wishlist and a few more stuff

It is customary for me to make a list of demands things I want during the….well I haven’t done this enough to actually call it a tradition but it ain’t too late to start now. With the holiday season coming up, I might as well share some wallet-bleeding items that I covet for the holiday season. I’ve even put on some stuff that I have and stuff that I DON’T want but I’ll go out of my way to explain why.

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Music of the Week #59

There’s not much to say, but I will explain why

I actually have some non-review posts that will go up tomorrow and on Saturday. The post that comes up tomorrow will have a nice list on what I plan to post so yeah, a little preview always helps. So I’ll let tomorrow’s post be a bit longer.

This week’s music is the last One Piece OST song that I thoroughly remember. It took me a while to find it too.

The track for this week is Gold and Oden, one of the more “emotional songs” that One Piece brought to the table. I can clearly remember a lot of One Piece’s tearjerker moments with this sound, you can consider it a favorite.

Enjoy everybody, we start fresh next week with a new batch of music.

Fall Anime Week 6

Look at that, I’m not as late as I usually am. Ain’t that the first in a damn long time.

Got around talking about OniAi and To Love ru. Quite honestly, no one should be expecting good write-ups for any of those, seeing how one is for pure fanservice and the other is going down on the scale. Seitokai was covered in last week’s so the episode is not covered here (obvious).

Here ya go everybody

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