Music of the Week #57 + Happy Halloween

I’m caught up and it’s Halloween!

Well other than that, not much else to say

I got caught up on all my stuff and I just to pump out weekly posts. My Miku figure came in the mail today so I’m going to go fawn over that for the next few hours.

Classic post and a  few gametalks are being worked on again so expect those in between some weekly updates.

Now back to your original programming

This week’s song is brought you again by the One Piece soundtrack, a near forgotten pieces of work that always play in your head but you can never really made you bother to ACTUALLY look it up. I’ll save you the trouble and just put it up on here just like I have done for the past 2 weeks.

So this week’s song is called Can’t Escape Fight. It starts out with the lively and upbeat tune that we usually hear at the end of an episode or just in some casual scene. Then it shifts gears to a jazzy fighting tune with epic horns and a kicking bass. If anything, whenever I hear this tune, I always see Sanji in the air readying a kick. Don’t know why but this is usually played in a casual fight (usually, smaller fights) Enjoy