Fall Anime Preview + First Impressions Part 2

Weekly roundup posts will catch up.

But yeah: LATE, so don’t remind me. I will make the recap post next week- hell I somewhat recapped almost everything here. If I didn’t expect in next week’s post.

I blame LoL and DotA 2


Jojo’s Bizzare Adeventure: First off, this needs to get out of the way . Anyways, the series is from a long line of manga and can be considered an updated remake that tells the tale of the Jonathan Joestar and his line fighting against the vampire, Dio Brando. Dio’s folks saves the lives of current head of the Joestar family, when they die, the Joestars invite him to live with them. Dio decides to be a complete dick and usurp the next in line Jonathan (Jojo) by depriving him of his friends, reputations, kills his damn dog (that’s just freaking low), and the respect of his family. Dio even steals Jojo’s potential girlfriend. Episode 2 deals with events after 7 years since those events. Dio and Jojo are about to graduate and are jacked as sh*t. They are able to get an understanding but both know inside, they don’t see eachother as friends. Jojo’s father becomes ill and when Jojo mucks around the library to research the family’s strange mask, he comes upon a letter and sees a vision of what Dio has been doing. Dio was planning to poison Jojo’s father but Jojo is able to intercept and for once, overpower him this time. A few days later, Jojo decides to go to London to find a cure/evidence for whatever Dio mixed up. He is assaulted by a gang, but doesn’t harm them too badly. The leader, Speedwagon, finds this act of kindess extremely gentlemanly and decides to help him find the dealer. Dio however is not amused, he expected Jojo to have been stabbed to death by now. Plus he’s picked up his old man’s drinking habit. Out of anger, he kills a few guys and decides to use the weirdass mask the Joestar’s had. He puts it on a victim and spills blood on it, when the mask breaks free, the man behind it becomes a vampire. Dio fights the monster but get’s his neck “impaled” by the vampire but the sun pops out and the vampire dies, however, Dio remains alive. Finally in episode 3, Jojo is able to completely decimate Dio’s plans, with the help of his new friend, Speedwagon and everything seems to be in order (hell, the police and the father heard it). Dio, in one last act of desperation, uses the stone mask to abandon his humanity. Lord Joestar dies in Jojo’s arms and Speedwagon exclaims that his will lives on in Jojo (this guy is a F*CKING BRO). Then Dio springs back and starts a huge fight, which ends up burning the mansion. Jojo brings the fight to the roof  and then brings Dio down into the flames below. However, Jojo uses his homecourt advantage by letting Dio fall onto the statue of Venus that was outside the living room, Dio gets implaed and Jojo is able to jump off a wall to safety. Jojo wins, but Dio hasn’t died

The art is definitely different from the rest of the series this season. Hot damn, this stirred a lot things from me. Dio was a total dick and Jojo just being able to “win” in the end made it feel very satisfying. I will say that the muscle proportions are highly overdone but it adds to the drama I guess. Speedwagon is such a bro, he’s taken aback by the awesomeness that radiates from Jojo that he decides to become his follower, just like what happened to the Count of Monte Cristo (What? am I the only on who gets that?). It was a pretty riveting 3 episodes and I can’t wait for what’s next. By the way, they even said MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA and WRRYYYYY. –WATCHING


Btoom: Neet Ryoto Sakamoto is a gamer who somehow becomes trapped in the virtual game he once played known as Btooom. To be completely frank, I can’t write about action sequences very well, especially if the setting is extremely low lit and filled with explosions. Anyways, Sakamoto painfully realizes that he’s in the game he loved so much, only to be assaulted by another player. Sakamoto is unable to engage him head on, and gets chased down. He’s eventually able to outsmart his pursuer with a bomb of his own. He find shelter and dreams about the time when he was outside game (when he STILL was a loser). When he wakes up, he heads toward a water source, only to find a pretty girl by the rocks. In episode 2, the girl gets her part of the story elaborated. Himiko here, first met our IRL loser hero in the game when he was actually not a horny highschooler and just wanted to enjoy the game. In her personal life, she and her friends (who were infatuated with their highschool teachter) go to meet their teacher and his friends. Turns out, their teacher isn’t really planning to “teach” them (I’m terrible for making a pun at this moment) and just planned to rape them. Himiko was the only one who made it out untouched and the incident caused the teacher and his gang to go to prison and her friends to shun her away. When she arrives in the game, she gets picked up by 3 guys who just want to live. When they find a stash of food, the tough guy starts killing, starting off with the teacher. Fat boy and Himiko try to make a run for it, and are successful from dying by tough guy. Fat boy however takes her hand and she responds to by hitting him and running off. Fatty tracks her down and attempts to rape her, but she’d rather die than give herself to this fat loser (mad respect). The bomb she throws nails that fat f*ck real good and she goes to find water to cleanse herself. Episode 3 explains how everyone got to the island. For some retarded ass reason, the company makers of Btooom want to enslave random people and make them kill eachother. A fat dude behind the screen explains the rules. If they want to leave, they need to gather 7 chips, these chips are embedded on to the left hand of each player. Kill them, and get one chip. Sakamoto isn’t the one who remembers this though, this dude named Taira helps em out and they decide to team up.

Another series that revolves around virtual reality gameplay, however this thing is pretty dark as it is actual people fighting other people. Not like in Accel World with avatars and memory deletion and SAO with avatars and deaths. Btooom has full on real people fighting eachother with bombs. So yeah, consider me hooked as the characters went through a lot of crap and I see a lot of other stuff to come. –Watching


Ali x Morgiana is better than Kirito x Asuna, come at me haters

Magi: Completely oblivious to everyone’s wellbeing, little boy Aladdin meets our struggling, working class main man, Alibaba. Alibaba wishes to counqer dungeons, mysterious spires filled with dangers but rewards those who brave them with untold riches. Whilst walking through the marketplace, they meet a slave girl and Aladdin breaks her chains with his gold flute. The slaver owner shows up to see the problem and brings his guards with him. However, muscular arms project out of the flute and quell them. The two run away, and Aladdin explains that was the work of his Djinn friend, Ugo. Ali realizes that with Aladdin, they can clear a dungeon and he’ll get rich. So after getting to know eachother at a nice bar (boy, the little kid reallllllly likes boobies) they set out on a caravan to covertly run off and find a dungeon for themselves. Halfway through, a large plant monster attacks the caravan and the slave girl who showed up earlier gets dragged in with a child. Ali saves her and gets trapped inside the plant instead. Aladdin pulls out his Djinn friend (who’s head is stuck in the flute) and also reveals that his turban is a flying carpet as well. After saving eachother, the two decide to legitimately work together, because Ali tried to just use our little boob lover here. The next episode details their escapades within the dungeon and encounter the sharif, with his 2 slaves, a burly dude and the slave girl, Morgiana from before. To make a long story short, Alibaba happens to be a lot more skilled than the sharif with a blade and defeats him, only to have Morgiana show up and help. To condense this even more, the duo clear the dungeon and try to escape. The big slave keeps hold of his master and says that both deserve to die, and that Morgiana can redeem the atrocities. Ali becomes rich, but then Aladdin ends up somewhere completely different and gets involved in with more problems

The change of atmosphere is very refreshing, that happens to be the main appeal to me. Aladdin’s voice is just, waaayy to too feminine so that’s one fault I have with this. The first three to four episodes focused on the dungeon while in the last few parts, Aladdin gets sent somewhere else. I didn’t really follow that but I will patiently wait til the main trio is reunited again. Like I said above, Ali x Morgiana ftw- Watching


Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun: Mizutani Shizuku, a studious but rather antisocial girl is trying to buy herself a new book. Her teacher comes along and says if she does an errand for her, she’ll buy the book for her. The task is to take a bunch of class handouts to this dude named Yoshida, who made some bloody mondays during the first day of school, and he hasn’t shown up since. Shizuku travels to the arcade and finds Yoshida, an eccentric sort of guy who jumps out the window and “kidnaps” her and asks her if she’s from school. Basically, he’s pretty antagonistic about school and is socially retarded. When both of them overhearYoshida’s “friends” admit that they use him for money, she stands up for him and then he cries at how someone did something like that for him. He then straight up confesses to her and promises to show up to school as long as she goes. His annoying antics get in the way of Shizuku’s studies and when she refuses to go with him to “hang out”, he corrects her on a problem she got wrong. Shizuku just realizes and explains to us why she’s so hardworking. She was supposed to give a speech as during the beginning of the school year as she had the highest grades, but the one who beat her, never showed up. The smartass who didn’t show up turns out to be Haru, but he dosen’t really realize how mad that makes Shizuku. Shizuku gets “kidnapped” by the guys who Yoshida beat up, but they don’t really seem to want to do anything with her, Yoshida breaks into the room and iadvertantly hits Shizuku. Of course, they have a falling out. Days later, Shizuku ranks no.1 on her midterms but sees that she isn’t as happy as she was supposed to be. She goes back and tells him that when he confessed to her, she really felt happy. Thus begins their school life, with the two socially retarded GENIUSES. Oh by the way, he kisses her at the end. And to be frankly honest, not much else happen in the following episodes, other than more emotional development for our idiots and two new characters that join the main cast. We also meet Yuzan, Yoshida’s older brother.

You know, I don’t usually watch shoujo anime, but when the guy is more reactive to the romance, it’s usually a shounen series right? Well, this just broke the mold as it just portrayed a confession and a damn kiss in the first episode. For once, I can stand to watch a shoujo anime. Character’s are pretty archtype breaking from the regular shoujo series and it’s something I can relate to (I study hard but not hard enough). I’m hooked so- Watching


K (Anime): Obvious conflict between uniformed order guys vs gangster delinquints. One kid with his cat get’s himself involved with the two when he is unexpectedly made target by the gangsters and is subsequently saved by the uniform bros. However, although he is saved, he is also sought after by the uniformed dudes for some reason.

Opening up with pretty boys and engrish isn’t exactly my cup of coffee. I actually needed subs for the engrish they were using and hot damn this series needs to get the color palette on the line, quite literally, everything is….not quite or a soft color. It’s all merged into a confusing eye piece that I can’t concentrate on. It’s definitely new but hard on me. But the bright visuals isn’t the thing that’s bugging me. It’s the amount of prettyboys, both on the easily identifiable good and bad side. Plus our main character isn’t really a brave guy either. The first episode didn’t really establish a lot of things and the next few episodes didn’t do a lot either, it’s just some exposition coupled with a few fanservice scenes. With whom are they advertising the male orientated views? Well the cat that is always around becames a busty, pink haired cat girl who also despises clothing. As much as I like cat girls, with pink hair, and hatred for clothing, the series didn’t win me over and is reminds me a lot of Guilty Crown. Albeit, at least Shu could do some damage.- Dropped, I have too much pride to say I would watch it for the cat girl but I have a feeling it ain’t worth it

So in short, the series I will be updating will be

  • Shinsekai Yori
  • To Love Ru Darkness (there’s not really too much to cover)
  • OniAi
  • Hayate S3 (just whenver Hina/Maria/Chiharu have extended screentimes)
  • Jojo
  • Kaibutsu
  • Magi
  • Btooom

5 thoughts on “Fall Anime Preview + First Impressions Part 2”

  1. hey i’m a big fan of anime, expecially the romantic/actiony type. i havent found a new anime show that i enjoy quite a while, could you reccomend any?

    1. Tonari no Kaibutsu is a pretty good romance anime with some instances of action, in terms of that the main dude can pretty much break a lot of things and get in some fights. Or rather are you looking for an action orientated series with romaance in the background?

  2. K has lots of pretty boys, but I think the same can be said for the other side (bishoujo?), I dunno, haven’t watch it yet ;p

    What do you think of Little Busters so far? Are you watching it?

    1. Well if that’s the case, I shouldn’t be watching it in the first place, but I gave it a shot. K just didn’t establish anything too attention grabbing in the first 3 episodes, other than the fanservice cat.
      Little Busters is just…meh for me. Since I haven’t played the game first, I really don’t have too many complaints or praises to give out. I can sense a lot of friendship in the mix but quite honestly, Tonari no Kaibutsu is doing enough of that for me.
      IF you do recommend though, I’ll trudge through the episodes I haven’t watched

      1. Well I played the visual novel but the anime of LB doesn’t seem quite promising, but I’ll let you know after I properly watched it though.

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