Music of the Week #56

Gaaah screw my delaaays

I’m two days and a week late for the music post and weekly roundup. My apologies for that. I had some things to study for and if I’m lucky, I will be able to get that post saturday/sunday.

Anyway, nothing too much going on. It’s just me catching up to things I’ve been too busy to tackle. So being patient will help…somewhat. If anything, Pokemon Black Ver.2, figure gawking, LoL, and schoolwork taking my time. Not to mention my napping. Anyways, I’ll try to work more on these on the weekends.

This week’s One Piece OST is “Difficult”. The beginning of the song starts out with an ominous tone, pretty sure it was used (well, it was used A LOT) when Mihawk showed up at Baratie. That’s the one I remember most, but that’s not the part I’m sharing the song. The song gets the jazzy tone and that’s the real part I wanted to share. The theme with its stylish tone plays during meetings, like when Lafitte shows up the first time to nominate Blackbeard as one of the Shichibukai. So, with that, ejoy