Fall Anime Preview + First Impressions Part 1

Instead of one huge post and delaying said post while waiting for other premieres, I decided to just get the Fall Preview/First Episode/Impressions right now. So I’m going to just charge in blind and say whether I am going to watch it or not.

Honestly, no “Must Watch” series for me this far.

Part 2 will be written seperately with the series I haven’t had a chance to watch yet.

Opinions made with respective 2nd episodes watched

Real sorry about the delay, tons and tons of work to catch up on. Episode 3’s and the other half of the series to be posted seperately


Chunnibyou demo Koi ga Shitai:  So it’s a moeblob who insists that she has an interesting life. What did I expect from that kind of title? To those who didn’t look it up, chunnibyou is a person who in their younger years (middleschoolers) who genuinly believe that they are special in some fantastical way. Our main female lead here of course believes that she is one while our male lead was one during middle school. Now in his higschool years, he has to deal with his friend (the female chunnibyou) and he gets into dating this girl due to her “contract”

As adorable as it looks, moeblobs aren’t really my thing, and chunnibyous are definitely the type of people I like being around. So why torture myself with blandness when Nakaimo already gave me a seasonful? Maybe I’ll go around imageboards to look em up from time to time. Not the first time I hated the character but really adored the looks. –Dropped

Shinsekai yori: The future of the world regresses into small groups of people living in small communities due to an X-Men esque style world war that decimated the world. Saki and her friends are part of these small pockets of civilizations and the story revolves around them and their psychic abilities while highlighting some of the cultural points of humanity’s future. Rituals, psychics, mysterious omens, sacred rites, bloody messes, you name it. I can sense this getting a lot darker.

Because it’s in the stages of setting up and because the summaries really interest me (plus the art is nice) I’ll give this series a few more watches before I make any final decisions. – Patiently waiting to be impressed

To Love Ru Darkness: There’ isn’t much to say about To Love Ru here people, so much that I don’t really need to explain what it’s about but I will anyway:  It’s essentialy season three of the series that features a homosexual man in front of at least a harem of 15 girls who wants him. Too bad he’s gay for his best friend.

It’s guilty free fanservice. I ain’t watching it for any sort of complicated character development or anything else, when you watch To Love Ru, you watch it for the girlies, and this series just happen to exemplify that sort of show that doesn’t need to pull some gimmicks to enforce that. There’s a cliche fanservice moment happening every few minutes. I really wish Rito ends up with one, he doesn’t deserve every girl.  One more thing KOTEGAWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Yeah I’m watching this, it’s this season’s “watch for girls” show. –Watching with zero f*cks

Oniai: Twins Himenokouji Akito and Akiko are reunited after 6 years of seperation after the death of their parents. Akiko is very adamant and proud of the fact that she is a brocon and doesn’t hesitate to pick up casual, everyday lines from her beloved brother as perverted pick up lines. As the pilot episode, it only sets up the potential harem at hand. 3 other individuals live in the dorm the twins do, Ana the blondie, Arashi the red head with the eyepatch, and Ginbee the silver haired.

It’s not everyday when I see a harem without me hating anyone out of said harem. Ana is monotonous, Arashi is sexy stuff, and Akito is just…an imouto worth having inbred children with. Ginbee is nice but the rest of the girls just appeal to me significantly more. The main dude seems competant enough and because of Akiko’s atitude, it’s already revealed that she’s a brocon anyway so no more cliche tsundere acts. By the way, the art is just so appealing. You can tell how much I approve by actually calling her “Imouto” instead of little sister (1 for approval, 2 just because it’s a lot less tedious to write little sister). For the very sole fact that I’m actually rooting for the main girl/imouto, I’ll stick with this series. –Watching


Little Busters: An influential member of a group of kids comes back to relive the good ol days. Our main character Riki was a complete crybaby after his parents died but found himself 4 close friends who were known as the Little Busters. Now the kids are in highschool and realize that they won’t be together after they graduate so they decide to make the most of their time. As they are playing baseball, they realize that they don’t have enough members, so they want to recruit more members to their social group.

It’s the anime adaptation from one of Key’s beloved Visual novel that later got turned into a full-fledged eroge. It’s apparently a coming of age and romance story that screams the words “Carpe Diem” when they mention they want to keep their lives like this forever. Anyways, it didn’t catch reel me in so well and people doing random stuff isn’t completely my thing unless it isn’t funny, and I didn’t laugh. I’ll wait. – Waiting with high expectations (there was a lot of love for this series, let’s see if an anime can do anything about that)


Hayate no Gotoku S3: It’s Hayate no Gotoku, you expect some sort of plot unless it’s an actual arc related story?

Instead of continuing off from where season 2 left off and plowing through Athena/Ruka/Bankruptcy arc, they decided to rather use a new art style and do segments of un-used manga material as their “Season 3”. Ruka does show up as the new poster-girl and intro-ending singer. Nagi is annoying as ever, Maria is nice as usual, Chiharu remains my one and only. I’ll treat this as another To Love Ru, just watching it for characters.

Watching but bordering drop zone


Busou Shinki: Miniature AI girls who help out their master who attends highschool. This dude has around 3 of them and he just moved back to Japan. They help unload the luggage while their master goes to classes…and then generic scenes, more of them.

Imagine Sekirei without all the unecessary amounts of fat in the upper torso area and give said Sekirei like beings some mechanical augments. Now all of that is put into a 15cm body….Yeah. Actually, a better comparison can be made (however keep in mind the Sekirei thing, they fight for you and call you master) It’s Infinite Stratos (right down to the white color scheme and blue energy sword) only with 15cm girls and no Ichika which in my opinion isn’t a bad tradeoff. Problem is, the dude is kind of flat on the appearance, but then again it’s always about the girls these days. It’s pretty DAMN generic and weird to see 15cm girls devoutly (lovingly) serve their master who himself is around 30x their height and is very distorted in appearance. Generic but I wonder how generic it can get, it’s certainly…new in a sense that the girls are tiny but meh. I could be a honest-IDAF kind of guy and say I would just watch it for teh lulz, maybe this series will be the one torturing me this season. –Watching but it’s near the borderline

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