Oda Nobuna no Yabou Review

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Review

In my opinion, one of the better harems out there.

Consider it Koihime musou only with actual drama and a dude mixed in with all the girls.

You know how I review things, character lists….and there’s a metric ass-ton of them down below

To be honest, I was thinking of using every single picture of Goemon in every episode to fill this post. Guess I’ll save those for later

It was a huge suprise when I saw the preview images because when I was first starting to pic hunt a few years back, I ran across the image of Nobuna but back then I had no idea who she was. So it was just a moment of both of awe and suprise when I encountered the anime. The anime itself was pretty decent and I’ll talk about why it was so.

The series focuses on the exploits of the extreme completionist of the popular game: Nobunaga’s Ambition. Sagara Yoshiharu adores said game and is basically a history nut. Somehow (and it is never explained why) he ends up in the exact same time period of the historical game he loves. His life is saved by Kinoshita Tokichiro who would later be known as Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of the great uniters of Japan and is the sucessor of Nobunaga’s conquest. However, the would-be Hideyoshi falls in battle while trying to save our main (Both of his names are annoying to spell). With his dying breath, Hideyoshi tells our main to suceed him and fulfill his dream: Win in life and get women (also the part of uniting Japan is mixed in there too). Our main gets immediately saved by yet another historical figure, Oda Nobunaga Nobuna, the genderbent counterpart to real history. Our main soon realizes, a bunch of the historical figures he’s known about are now pretty girls, and he’s given the task to unite Japan together with his sexy retinue of ladies.

Characters and small details on the people they’re supposed to be (I’m in the middle of American history, I’m not going to associate with even more history of anything at the moment). Bunch of characters, damn these historical shows

  • Yoshiharu: He came as a competent harem lead and I fairly enjoyed watching his exploits and how he desperately needed his Loli Brigade to survive. He’s potentially digging his own grave by changing the course of history as his knowledge of the events to occur are being skewed, and if that happens, he’s of no use. At least some things go right for him. Just like Hideyoshi, he’s given the nickname, Monkey (Saru)
  • Nobuna: Apparently they had full undergarment sets back in that time period. If she’s not in her armor, she’s usually walking around with a coat and bra showing. Nobuna is the obvious genderbent Nobunaga, the great unifier of Japan (or the Japanese George Washington). Not much I want to say about her, but she’s a pretty strong female lead and she’s the one who usually saves the day.
  • Katsuie: Katsuie doesn’t have her name changed and one of the big differences in actual history and this series is that Katsuie formally joins Nobunaga’s service after Nobukatsu’s execution. Katsuie is the one who does all the fighting and she’s strong enough to move her breastplate WITH her damn breasts. She was a simple character but I wished we saw more of her.
  • Nagahide: (Everyone’s name except Nobuna was left unchanged, just saying that before I write down everyone and say that their names weren’t changed). Anyways, Nagahide serves as advisor and senior retainer to Nobuna’s retinue both in real life and in the series, Nagahide serves as a loyal and accountable advisor. The anime gives her the mysterious and beautiful onee-san feel to her as we really don’t get too much focus on her character. She also has a habit of assigning points to people.
  • Toshiie: Better known as Inuchiyo in the series. Inuchiyo unlike the rest of the retainers is rather depicted as a loli but she’s given monstrous strength and has great skill with a spear. Toshiie in real history served as the infantry leader under Nobunaga who became a reknowned soldier and became acquainted with many influential figures in the time period. The anime depicts Yoshiharu and Inuchiyo a lot closer than the other 2 retainers. Even in real life, the monkey (Yoshiharu in this case) and dog (Inuchiyo) were good friends. We saw a LOT of Inuchiyo as she followed Yoshiharu around everywhere and wasn’t really serving on the front lines as much as the other two were. She’s in the middle of the Loli Brigade rankings
  • Tied with Momiji/Ranmaru for my favorite character of the summer season

    Goemon: She’s the only “fictional” character in the series and is not a genderbent version of someone. Well, actually she’s the genderbent persona of two figures. Her last name Hachisuka refers to the family that served under Nobunaga and later went on to serve Hideyoshi. Her first name, Goemon refers to the famous “Robin Hood of Japan” Ishikawa Goemon who was boiled alive after the failed assassination attempt of Hideyoshi himself. The makers obviously couldn’t boil alive this gem of a loli. Goemon is so adorable and she single handedly outclasses a lot of the other girls in my opinion. I blame her for this show making me a more of a lolicon now. She has a speech impediment after she goes over around 30 words. She has a legion of lolicon followers who make up the working class of the town the cast lives in. The lolicon brigade however become the biggest bros as they sacrifice their lives to save their goddess’ master in the last fight of the series

  • Mitsuhide: Mitsuhide is pretty much the ugly duck in the cast who will eventually betray Nobunaga and incite a humongous fight over the sucession line and the right for proper vengeance. In this series though, the main tries his best to never let that happen. I initially didn’t like Mitsuhide as much but to any girl who charges headfirst against a guy with a freaking cannon to avenge someone, I have mad respect for her. You can’t deny she’s pretty cute, and she’s ambitious as well. Other than Nobuna, she’s a pretty strong competitor for our main’s attention.
  • Shigeharu: Hanbei in this case. Her role is similar to actual  history, he initally served the Saito clan but then led an uprising at Inaba. This led to Hideyoshi asking him to join his forces. Just like that, Hanbei joins the cast and she greatly admires our main. Plus she has some nice abilities with spiritual familiars and that made taking over castles a lot easier.

-Tea Break-

  • Side characters(Prepare for sentence breaks and random orders): Nene was actually a real person, and she was the wife of Hideyoshi (plus she was his favorite). Nene showed up a lot of times, and served as comedic  fanserivce of course. Imagawa was adorable, she’s my favorite non-loli in the series, WE NEED MORE OF HER DAMMIT (then again, she’s supposed to be dead). Motoyasu was also very cute as well, I can’t really see her become Tokugawa Ieyasu in the future though. Hanzou was a badass (too bad he voiced Shougo from Nakaimo..AND THEN I REALIZED HE VOICED MOTHERF*CKING KAMIYAMA), he’s one of the more important dudes who can actually fight. Bontenmaru or rather FREAKING Date Masamune showed up here too. She didn’t have too much of a role other than for comedic relief and more loli advertisement. I wonder how they’re gonna explain the missing eye….Nagamasa was a chick, I knew it all alooong. Nobukatsu is the youngest pimp I have seen, and he gets married AS a trap TO a trap. Danjo decided to join us after she got her ass beat. She had a semi yuri moment with Nagahide (I approve) I still don’t trust her too much…..too many more, Imma just finish it

I’m a big sucker for historical series in most aspects of what I enjoy watching/reading. It was…somewhat expected of me to watch something like this. Compared to many other series with genderbent characters like these, I’d say this stands out for actually portraying some form of war and some small political issues at that time. It’s not everyday when you see pretty girls kill a bunch of people on a battlefield, not many animes with genderbent characters do that. In terms of an actual series that tells an alternate retelling, it was pretty good.

While the music is somewhat “average” the art of the series definitely nailed it home for me to continue watching (other than the best loli ninja ever). It looks freakishly smooth and is able to remain “dynamic” and compared to what I watched this season, it’s the prettiest thing there. Extra points to awesome ninja teleport SFX. In terms of plot, I can’t really make any objections in this case: Historical retelling with genderbent figureheads, of course we can’t kill off the cute girls. Well, one DUDE was kept alive and that was pretty crucial in the series as well.

90 Points~

Out of the many series that focuses on genderbent warlords of the Sengoku era, this series stands out by providing enough fanservice to keep your attention and somewhat-faithful (I can’t stress the “somewhat” enough here) adaptation of the events that went on. Yes, some people did not die but hey, at least there’s actual fighting and actual attempts to legitimately kill some people in the series. To that respect it’s an above average series and I certainly wouldn’t mind a second season, we only have Uesugui, Takeda, and more lords to see genderbent right? Imagine if Yukimura shows up too…that means another 10 chicks (I swear to god, if anyone mentions Brave 10 I will gouge your eyes out with an olive knife). Lastly,as much as I praise this series I also want to curse it for making me a go past a certain limit of loli’s I adore. Hell now I just want to make a Top 5 Loli post just to talk even more about loli’s


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