Music of the Week #54


The posts are coming

Yes. I’m pretty late as the second episodes of some weekly shows are popping up now. If anything, I’ve made some final judgements already so sit tight while I finalize the damn post. If I’m that late, I might as well include the 2nd episode on there was well. It’s pretty hectic over on my end, plus I’m freezing my fingers off here everytime I’m trying to type or play anything.

Anyways, the stuff’s almost  done and I’ll try to publish it by sunday.

So back to music

Like I said before, there’s a lot more One Piece on its way and after this song, it’s on the OST’s. Here’s probably the most emotional opening from One Piece, the 14th opening: Fight Together. Although the early days with Luffy, Ace, and Sabo were important. It was the retrospective with the Straw Hat crew that really got me.


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