Music of the Week #53

More stuff to do!

Nakaimo and Oda Nobuna are getting their reviews written up while I’m also working on a First Impression/Episode thoughts on the 1st episodes that came out this week. Obvious series will be dropped but I will try to justify most of them. I have a test that I really need to study for so on to the music shall we?

Well, I guess I lied when I said One Piece music was going to end, I think I have around 6 more weeks of content (i.e, just 6 more songs) after I went back and remembered how awesome the OST for the earlier episodes where, I still remember those tunes today. Before we go on to the OST though, the new openings of One Piece will be shown. The 14th opening, One Day. A rather slow, solemn but a heartfelt song about Ace and Luffy. Enjoy