Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy 2nd Birthday to us!

Oh wait, according to the first anniversary, I’m a day late.

Screw it, let’s celebrate anyway.

I can still remember that day, I decided to talk about anime with 3 other friends. They were on board for the first few months but then it all went silent. Light was able to come back but he rarely shows up here. So I’ve had friends come and go and this day marks my two-year journey into the anime blogging world, and you know what? I regret naming this like this. Maybe something aroundLazy@SS Anime would been a lot nicer, I digress. I’ve gotten into this one way too far to change it.

Met plenty of people, read a lot of good pieces, and I thank anyone who stopped by and read what I had to say. It means a lot that someone out there either enjoyed my horribley unorganized writing, makes me feel even better if they laugh. Who doesn’t like to make people laugh?

Thanks everybody, and as my writing gets better, I hope you stay with us (rather, ME, cause I work on this thing alone)

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