Binbougami Ga! Review

Binbougami Ga! Review

Every season has its comedy gold, and this is some pretty solid gold

So there was back at the beginning of the season, desperately finding something FUNNY to watch. Browsing around other sites, Binbougami Ga seemed to be a nice option. No interesting story to tell here, I just picked up the series and I was immensly entertained.

On a personal note, the final episode kinda hit me pretty well. One of my classmates was hit by a car a few days ago (he’s alright now) and although the entire class found him a bit on the annoying side, he’s still a part of our lives. I digress, let’s get to talkin

The story tells of the luckiest girl in the world, Sakura Ichiko, who’s life gets invaded by a God of Misfortune, Momiji whose objective is to equally distribute the unnatural amount fortune by forcibly taking said fortune from Ichiko. Ichiko’s fortune however completely overpowers Momiji’s misfortune and elongates her stay in the human world. Mixed into the combat between busty human and flat chested goddess we have perverted monks, masochistic dogs, a girl raised a boy, and more crazy things in an unexpected moral story.

Once again, I feel like I can get the most done by talking about the characters (plus this is way I’m used to doing things)

  • Ichiko: I was extremely suprised to find out Kana Hanazawa (god bless her and her angelic voice) voiced someone what wasn’t adorable to look at. It was somewhat out of her line of character but I think she nailed the “I’m better than you” voice role and character pretty nicely. Ichiko considers herself “perfect” both in athletic talent, schoolwork, and overall health (yeah, “that” too). In the inside though, she’s a rotten spoiled brat but that nature slowly changes for the better as he interacts with others. The series itself has a predictable way of showing how she gets in a fight, wins a fight against Momiji, but loses the “war” as her fortune distributes to where it is needed.
  • Momiji: Momiji serves as the antagonist/deuteragonist in the series as the one who tries to take Ichiko’s excess fortune for the ultimate benefit of others. She’s responsible for all the crazy crap that goes on in the show and she comes with her familiar, a weird-ass looking teddy bear. Momiji’s a pretty hilarious character, often switching from her regular nature to some awesome parody of another character. Momiji’s life gets into a mess when she gets turned into a human and the final few episodes revolve around her relationship as friend/enemy of Ichiko. She’s ultimately there to teach her a lesson and she’s suceeded in that area.
  • Ranmaru: She shows up in the halfway point of the series. Ranmaru is the classic gangster of the 80-90 Asian school period. Well, mostly Japan and Korea (Japan ruled over Korea for a damn long time and forced their culture on ours, but let’s not get into that). Back then, gangsters basically represented the school they were at and only fought against others, so none of the bullying that most media portray “asian gangsters” as. Like true delinquint fashion, she dresses like one with a blue jacket and a nice cap. As manly as she is, she makes a pretty cute “girly” girl as well. She happens to be Ichiko’s first true friend after their dramatic little friendship moment (awkward term there for me because I can’t call it bromance). The episode where she fights Ichiko (basically her introduction episode) was probably the funniest episode in my opinion.
  • Bobby and Momou: Bobby the perverted black monk and Momou the masochistic dog god. Both play a hilarious supporting role and usually tie in with physical comedy. Usually sexual harrassment in Bobby’s case and S&M style with Momou. The DBZ parodies with these guys are subtle but always welcome.
  • Tsuwabuki: Plays the straight man in the entire series (everyone except him is weird) and is a pretty nice guy. He works the entire day after school to feed his siblings and played another role in Ichiko’s change of character. Also serves as potential romance for Ranmaru and Ichiko.
  • Nadeshiko: I loved her little segments and how she made such a big deal for being on camera for around 2-3 seconds. She either teased a legit season 2 or is just trolling us. Either way, she becomes an actual character in the manga so maybe she will get her hance if a second season does occur.

I was mind blown when I heard that the opening song was sung by a GUY. Moving on from serious mindblowing stuff, Binbougami Ga was probably one of the more satisfying shows this season. Death Note, DBZ, Rosario Vampire, Medaka Box, One Piece, and plenty of other parodies are effortlessly portrayed by Momiji and her Doraemon-esque style of pulling out gadgets to aid in her quest to deal certain justice. This usually introduces other characters that help Momiji or characters like Bobby who can somewhat help Ichiko drive out Momiji.

The usual episode is mostly comedy but around 1/4 of the series’ episodes were focused on giving more insight onto Ichiko’s character. While she gives off the air that she doesn’t care for others, her delibrate usage of her drained fortune says otherwise. Whether it’s just an act of defiance against Momiji or doing what’s right (or just both), Ichiko still has some sense of doing what’s right, although it is hard for her to sometimes see that. Her attitude gets focused on when Ranmaru finds out why she acts the way she is and how her friend betrayed her when she was a child. So in a way, it’s justified seeing how badly her friendship became. Last point before I go rambling (too late), Ichiko predictably finds a rival in Momiji. An inseperable foe that grew on to her as an everyday trouble that she “wants” to deal with. Almost like how Batman and the Joker duke it all the time but never conspire to truly rid of each other off the world.

Wrapped up in the form of a nicely executed comedic tale of a girl and her combat against a god, Binbougami Ga has a nice moral story about a girl who learns to care about others. It’s funny, touching, and an exhilarating ride from start to finish. Yes, go watch it now. If you already have, go watch episode 7 again.

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  1. I really enjoyed the series. It was defintitely my highlight of this anime season. I liked the mixture of comedy and small drama moments. I’m really into these slaptsick comedy sketches^^.
    Although they said that this hint for a second season was fake I hope they will do it. I’m looking forward to it^^.

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