Music of the Week #57 + Happy Halloween

I’m caught up and it’s Halloween!

Well other than that, not much else to say

I got caught up on all my stuff and I just to pump out weekly posts. My Miku figure came in the mail today so I’m going to go fawn over that for the next few hours.

Classic post and a  few gametalks are being worked on again so expect those in between some weekly updates.

Now back to your original programming

This week’s song is brought you again by the One Piece soundtrack, a near forgotten pieces of work that always play in your head but you can never really made you bother to ACTUALLY look it up. I’ll save you the trouble and just put it up on here just like I have done for the past 2 weeks.

So this week’s song is called Can’t Escape Fight. It starts out with the lively and upbeat tune that we usually hear at the end of an episode or just in some casual scene. Then it shifts gears to a jazzy fighting tune with epic horns and a kicking bass. If anything, whenever I hear this tune, I always see Sanji in the air readying a kick. Don’t know why but this is usually played in a casual fight (usually, smaller fights) Enjoy

Fall Anime Preview + First Impressions Part 2

Weekly roundup posts will catch up.

But yeah: LATE, so don’t remind me. I will make the recap post next week- hell I somewhat recapped almost everything here. If I didn’t expect in next week’s post.

I blame LoL and DotA 2

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Music of the Week #56

Gaaah screw my delaaays

I’m two days and a week late for the music post and weekly roundup. My apologies for that. I had some things to study for and if I’m lucky, I will be able to get that post saturday/sunday.

Anyway, nothing too much going on. It’s just me catching up to things I’ve been too busy to tackle. So being patient will help…somewhat. If anything, Pokemon Black Ver.2, figure gawking, LoL, and schoolwork taking my time. Not to mention my napping. Anyways, I’ll try to work more on these on the weekends.

This week’s One Piece OST is “Difficult”. The beginning of the song starts out with an ominous tone, pretty sure it was used (well, it was used A LOT) when Mihawk showed up at Baratie. That’s the one I remember most, but that’s not the part I’m sharing the song. The song gets the jazzy tone and that’s the real part I wanted to share. The theme with its stylish tone plays during meetings, like when Lafitte shows up the first time to nominate Blackbeard as one of the Shichibukai. So, with that, ejoy

Music of the Week #55

Schoolwork is busying my schedule like always but I will try to finish some stuff in the weekend. Not too many things else to address, fall is settling in and that’s that. Been playing Pokemon Black 2 in my spare time but nothing else out of what I usually do.

Anyways, music time. We crossing into One Piece’s OST now.

OST: To the Grand Line. Probably one of the most iconic and recognizable tracks used in One Piece. A mysterious beginning that leads to a big start up. It’s one of the tracks that I kept hearing throughout the series and it stuck with me. Truth be told, I was going to stop with One Piece songs at opening 12 but after rewatching a few old episodes, I was reminded how AMAZING the OST for this series. So much that I have a small analysis post planned for One Piece.

Fall Anime Preview + First Impressions Part 1

Instead of one huge post and delaying said post while waiting for other premieres, I decided to just get the Fall Preview/First Episode/Impressions right now. So I’m going to just charge in blind and say whether I am going to watch it or not.

Honestly, no “Must Watch” series for me this far.

Part 2 will be written seperately with the series I haven’t had a chance to watch yet.

Opinions made with respective 2nd episodes watched

Real sorry about the delay, tons and tons of work to catch up on. Episode 3’s and the other half of the series to be posted seperately

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Oda Nobuna no Yabou Review

In my opinion, one of the better harems out there.

Consider it Koihime musou only with actual drama and a dude mixed in with all the girls.

You know how I review things, character lists….and there’s a metric ass-ton of them down below

To be honest, I was thinking of using every single picture of Goemon in every episode to fill this post. Guess I’ll save those for later

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Music of the Week #54

The posts are coming

Yes. I’m pretty late as the second episodes of some weekly shows are popping up now. If anything, I’ve made some final judgements already so sit tight while I finalize the damn post. If I’m that late, I might as well include the 2nd episode on there was well. It’s pretty hectic over on my end, plus I’m freezing my fingers off here everytime I’m trying to type or play anything.

Anyways, the stuff’s almost  done and I’ll try to publish it by sunday.

So back to music

Like I said before, there’s a lot more One Piece on its way and after this song, it’s on the OST’s. Here’s probably the most emotional opening from One Piece, the 14th opening: Fight Together. Although the early days with Luffy, Ace, and Sabo were important. It was the retrospective with the Straw Hat crew that really got me.