Music of the Week #52


Wallet depletion at 20%

Fall sickness, schoolwork, general laziness, figure hunting, and soon Pokemon will be dominating my free time. Not that I wasn’t occupied in the first place. Anyways, series reviews will be up like cannon fire as I have around 3-5 series to gun down. Now that I look at it, I only liked 2 summer series in total, kind of sad but oh well. Fall season is heading up and I’m pretty psyched for the lineup, lots of potential this fall. Preview + First episode weekly roundup will go up whenever a majority of the series are out. If I’m really feeling up to it, I just might make seperate posts for Previews and First Episode thoughts.

One Piece’s 12th opening is this week’s song, which is my favorite and it covers the most action packed arc I ever read in my manga reading life, parts of Impel Down Arc and the full MarineFord-Whitebeard War arc. Here ya go everbody

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