Summer Anime Week 12

Summer Anime Week 12

Honestly, this is the phase in these 12-13 episode anime to try and rush out a dramatic end. Ironically, I’m just talking about Nakaimo because I’m actually looking foward to Binbougami Ga’s finale, SAO prolly will go for another 12 episodes, and Nobuna delivered an acceptable ending. So yeah…

Nakaimo and Binbougami ga will recieve a seperate series review this week while I decide to keep SAO in my weekly roundups for next season.

Binbougami Ga: Momiji turns out to be an insanely cute girl after the mishap at the bath house. Apparently, cleaning a God of Misfortune renders the god and their familiar to lose their powers and their bad intent. So, Momiji becomes moe to the max and Teddy becomes a regular teddy. She’s so awesome that the guys at school start having second thoughts on just worshipping Ichiko alone. Eventually that becomes a huge argument in the class. Other than complete uproar thats going on, Momiji shows off how girly Ranmaru can look, which attracts a lot of attention to her as well. Back at home, Ichiko tries to get to the bottom of this. Eventually coming to the conclusion that Momiji is trying to get at her when she least expects it. Bobby and Momou arrive and with Ichiko and Ranmaru, they try to revert Momiji to her regular self. Bobby fails, Ranmaru fails before she tries, Momou gets anti-tortured, and Ichiko after seeing all teh fail kicks her out of the house (but immediate regret kicks in). Out in rain, the two have a heartfelt make up talk. Things look better for Ichiko’s life, but she has a sense that something is definitely missing. While  Teddy was playing with the little cat, a soccer ball launches him into a passing garbage truck, the regular version emerges and Momou shows up and decides to turn Momiji back. Ichiko walks into Momou and Teddy with Momiji and a crapton of trash, Momiji says goodbye to Ichiko and tells her to put up with her other self.

Hot damn, I knew Momiji could be cute but this is too much…Judging by the preview, it seems that Ichiko takes Momiji and runs for dear life with Ranmaru helping her. Awesome episode, hilarious Death Note parody, and epic Momiji. I kinda saw the conflict and make up event for Ichiko and Momiji but that doesn’t make it any less nice. Even Bobby can’t defile the nicer Momiji, thats how cute she is.  The finale seems pretty awesome so I can’t wait for it. I’m going to miss this series.

Sword Art Online: So after saving the nun from the last episode, the happily wed couple and their adopted amnesiac child stay there for a duration. A knight from The Army Guild shows up. She explains that the guild leader got his behind stuck inside an underground prison after the Army Guild’s size swelled and those not fit to rule got to rule. The knight asks Kirito and Asuna to help her free her friend. Yui refuses to leave without her parents so she follows along. Kirito wipes out an indigenous species of toad that lives down in the tunnel and they finally reach the door. Like any proper RPG, there’s a boss guarding the door. For once, Kirito and Asuna get both their asses beaten. Yui however walks out of the safe zone and tells them that she has regained her memories. Effortlessly, she kills the monster and leads them to another room. Yui begins to explain that she is a an AI that was created to help players with mental counseling, however she was unable to physically interact with anybody. She for some reason saw Asuna and Kirito as the people she wanted to meet the most. Now that she has interacted with them, she has broken the rules and is now a foreign object preparing for deletion. Asuna and Kirito bawl their eyes out as they try to save their “daughter”. Once she does, Kirito hacks in the mainframe and is able to extract out a tear shaped crystal which description reads “Yui’s Heart”.



More still frame action shots and short battle sequences. Kirito and Asuna basically got one shotted only to get help from their Immortal Object of a daughter. Action was…lacking but hey, what did I expect after episodes 1 + 2.

Nakaimo: Miyabi keeps skipping school just to gain or main’s attention. Ikusu tires herself out with constant work, mostly because no one else in the cast tries to figure this crap out themselves. Other than that, Miyabi is able to wrangle a date with main but not much really progresses for them…That’s literally all that’s happened, oh wait, Yuzurina tells us that Konoe was at the funeral in the first episode as well.

My only reason for not dropping this show

Once again, IDAF about this show or the shit I write about it. What I’m still wondering is that, this series is a light novel series and it’s still running. Now I’m damn sure that they revealed the real sister (cause come on, from the last episode, Yuzurina turned out to be nothing but an evil-plotting bitch [quite literally]) sooner or later and are just continuing for just more fanservice shots. Either that or they just don’t reveal her at all. But what do I care.

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