Summer Anime Week 11

Summer Anime Week 11

It would be disrespectful if I dropped Sword Art Online so I might as well persevere until the week is over. I’ll spare details because honestly, the series are almost over, and half the crap I’m watching is actual crap.

of course the review quality is going down, the seasons almost over (don’t ask me how that makes any sense)!

Binbougami Ga: Before any “plot points” take place, Momou and Bobby have a nice little song to while declaring that this episode is a fanservice episode. Moving on, the many purchases of items by Momiji basically makes her broke and she’s trying to make a living off of servicing other Gods…in Ichiko’s house of course. So after defiling her bathtub with a God of Decay being present, Ichiko has no choice but to borrow bathing services. Ranmaru’s place is completely old-school so she decides to go to a public bath, with Ranmaru close behind. Tsuwabuki’s entire family shows up for bathing as well. Ichiko’s cat plus Momou’s transformation is basically no known to public (Tsuwabuki seems to see things for profi), anyways, Ranmaru becomes cute while Bobby and Momou plan to do something. Tsuwabuki, seeing himself as good example to his younger siblings refuses to do anything but relax. Momiji’s intrusion causes enough chaos to warrant some destruction, but before anything significant happens, Ichiko and Ranmaru find that Momiji is weak to hygiene. They decide to wash her up, only for her to shrink..and grow back once she hits water. Bobby after hearing all of this starts to climb up the wall, Momou already got beat by Tsuwabuki because he tried to peek in earlier. Bobby’s criticism of the girls lead to Ranmaru breaking through the wall. Getting seen by Tsuwabuk is enough to make her faint and the broken wall leaves Tsuwabuki and Ichiko. Being a pure man he is, he turns Ichiko around so the two won’t see eachother and he promptly leaves. Momiji later walks out with a significantly changed voice. Ichiko realizes that her cloths have been taken and that she’s going to have an awkward moment at school when she sees Tsuwabuki again.

Hilarious episode where most of the cast show up at one location. Ichiko gets a little nicer but still has that air around her that makes her antagonistic towards others but, she’s a bit better than how she started out. Momiji’s transformation at the end is pretty important as the series nears its finals episode. Ranmaru’s style of life is hilarious, taking a bath by boiling an oil drum. Once again, episodes a lot more funnier than reading what I have to say.

The worst thing is, I’m on their side

Oda Nobuna no Yabou: Nobuna arrives back in injuries while our main struggles to keep everyone alive. Even with badasses like Hanzou and Hanbei’s familiars, they’re still completely outnumbered. While hearing some lolicon talk by Goemon’s troops, Yoshitatsu shows up to avenge his fallen honor. One of the troops takes the blow for Sagara, and even though we never heard their names before this event, it’s still sad to see a bro die. Our main flees with the remaining troops. Once again, another one of his men die and Sagara (yeah, because of this episode, he gets called by his name) suffers the same problem with leaving people behind as Nobuna, but he realizes that their deaths will be in vain if he doesn’t make it out. The enemy forces are now calling out for Sagara’s blood and somewhere else, Mitsuhide, Inuchiyo and Motoyasu decide to go back and help him out. Sagara issues a retreat and he himself gets cornered by Yoshitatsu, only this time, he’s got a cannon pointed towards him. Yoshitatsu is able to lessen his “complete dick” scale by honoring Sagara’s wish to spare his men. Mitsuhide and the others arrive but Hanzou jumps in and gives Sagara a bomb, basically he pulls a Garo Ninja straight from Majora’s Mask. To die without a corpse my ass though, Sagara seemingly gets blown into bits as the girls watch in horror as his dismembered arm flops near them. Mitsuhide decides to join him in death as she CHARGES toward the DAMN CANNON. Back to our heroine’s place, the bullet that got Nobuna was somewhat deflected by the phone he gave her (I just knew it), now everyone can basically conclude that Sagara died with honor. The problem goes back to Nobuna in her comatose state and Danjo gives her a drug to wake her up and accept Sagara’s at the same TIME. The drug induces a dream that doesn’t end up so well, Nobuna wakes up and gets the message pretty nicely considering that her lover (cause he more or less is) died for her. So it’s empty-eyed vengeance time, and Nobuna feels bloodlusty enough to not even wear armor.

If I think Hanzou did what I think he did, he’s gonna be up for some bro-recognition

Even more feels than the last episode. You just know the makers won’t kill off any cute girls so they decide to kill off the guys. At least 2-3 of the guys who showed up from time to time meet their end by enemy fire. Yoshitatsu somehow is able to be employed by just about any warlord (either that, or I’m not paying enough attention). Hanzo decides that Sagara’s life is worth a bit more than to die in vain against the enemy, so keeping his honor intact, throws a bomb at his face. Oh Hanzo you scoundrel, but I know what probably happened, but that will come up in a few days won’t it. Emotional episode on that part, the girls I could care less about in an emotional sense, cause they’re basically out of harm’s way (except Mitsuhide, she charged toward a f*cking cannon).

Nakaimo: The formal party commences and the main unexpectedly finds that all five of the girls he knows are now invited to the party. Instead of worrying about this, he just decides to make the most of it. Other than petty fan service shots and characters doing non-specific things, the only thing that stands out of the party is Miyabi who is not seen for most of the party. Before that can be addressed properly, Ikusu leads main to overhear a conversation with the secretary our main kept in contact with. Apparently she’s in on this plan to overthrow main’s right to the company. While he ponders about this, he goes back to the party to find Miyabi, drunk out of her mind. Main tries to sober her up but that leads to compromising position with a confused little girl. Which of course, doesn’t lead to anything at all. Except for the fact that Miyabi has been talking to Sagara a lot and that she’s been quiet the whole day. Party ends, main gets yelled at by his mother and Yuzurina makes a creepy smile.

It seems that Yuzurina has something to do our main’s inheritance line but the preview doesn’t really suggest any further development on to that at all. An attempt to add a bit more drama to the series as it nears closure. Anyways, a meh episode to a meh series, can’t the main actually get with somebody already?  MOAR IKUSU DAMMIT, THE REVERSE TRAP IS MORE INTERESTING THAN THE WHOLE CAST COMBINED.

Sword Art Online: Kirito and Asuna live a happily married life as they move away from the front lines to bask in each other’s love. However, they end up finding an unconscious girl by the road. They bring her into the house and she seems to have completely forgotten her memories except her name, Yui who now sees the couple as her parents (well, that’s one to make kids). Other than more emotional talks between Kirito and Asuna, they take her out to noobsville and explore around, only to save a bunch of people from being harassed by militia who obviously have nothing better to do. After fending off the weak, Yui goes…screaming and the episode ends off there.

Something big is definitely gonna happen in the next episode right? 3/4 of this one was just Asuna and Kirito being adoptive parents to their new child, Yui, I don’t even want to say more upon the topic.

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