Summer Anime Week 10

Summer Anime Week 10

It’s a little late to drop shows, but Arcana Famgilia went downhill as they insisted on focusing on the tsundere and “lively” one. I’ve had it, I won’t cover it but I will complain about it during the end of the season.

Oda Nobuna wins for best episode this week, mostly for epic bromance and even more epic trap. Binbougami ga basically repeated another moral lesson for Ichiko, while SAO disappointed me again and Kono naka I just don’t give a f*ck about (it’s just there to look pretty)

Binbougami Ga:  Ichiko gets visited by yet another…god of sorts. This time, a walking piece of crap, who calls himself the Toliet God who comes to warn her of the same damn thing Momiji was saying the entire time, so Ichiko just puts him aside. Ichiko once again gets pulled into a fight with Momiji(over a small cat Ichiko adopted), and again, Momiji is able to drain her of some fortune. While this is happening, fire is set on the building and Momiji runs off with a vial of fortune. Ichiko finds that she cannot save her cat and then the Toliet God shows up again. More or less, Ichiko’s ability to  drain fortune affects virtually every living creature so now the cat has little to no fortune left. He decides to help the cat rather than Ichiko, but that inadvertantly becomes the same thing as Toliet God accidentally shares too much of his own fortune to heal the cat. Kitty cat turns into the small cat girl you see in the opening now, and she beckons to Ichiko to jump out a particular window to save themselves. Momiji just HAPPENED to be climbing up the building and Ichiko lands safely thanks to her expense. The vial of fortune breaks open and Ichiko is able to personally save the school building (and supply them with some new things). Extra segment when Momiji is able to successfully switch bodies with Ichiko, she runs off with ill intent, only to come back and complain how annoying her boobs are. A few more small stuff, not too worth going over, but nonetheless, funny.

More of a message episode like the previous ones. Ichiko fights Momiji, Momiji wins in terms of a physical fight but in the end, the fortune taken from Ichiko eventually gets used up by Ichiko’s “good side” showing up. Morally, Momiji wins each time and that is the case here as well. We get Ichiko’s problem solved when she is given a pendant that allows her to stop draining other fortune around her, but it was given by Ibuki who actually was used as an incognito courier for Momiji to deliver the item, subplot? Anyways, hilarious end segment where bodies get switched up. I know I’m a week late and this week’s episode was even more hilarious.

Nakaimo: The mystery that was the “other” factor that made this show actually tolerable is completely gone as they make the real sister just show up at our main’s door. Yuzurina our main’s imouto shows up and you can recognize her as the girl who showed up during Kunitachi’s introduction episode, I think it was 2 episodes ago. Anyways, main gets a call from his mother informing him that he needs to pick one girl to go with him to a formal party.  The light novel (or what the f*ck ever, whatever it is, it hasn’t ended quickly enough) is still going on and that means the anime cannot have a definitive ending with one girl. Our main and his harem discuss who he could bring to the party, and it becomes an all out one-up(wo)manship contest. Miyabi and Konoe once again take the show again and get farther with our main. Episode finishes off when Yuzurina and our main confirm their DNA consistency and he’s actually her brother, woop de (f*cking) do. Basically, thats were things leave off, preview of next episode legit shows all the girls at the party, waht?

This series is turning to Arcana Famiglia in terms of focusing on the more bland characters as compared to the more…interesting ones. I’m not saying any character in this series is interesting at all but I could always have a little more variety than those two that always show up. Just like how I watched Arcana Famiglia for Jolly, I watch this series solely for Ikusu, Kunitachi isn’t doing a lot at the moment.

Sword Art Online: Continuing off from last episode, Kirito has to fight the captain of the whatever guild to win Asuna’s rights to be with someone else. Kirito unveils his dual wielding to the public and the captain fights him off with his completely overpowered shield. Kirito gets his full combo going and eventually is able to stagger the shield out of his way. Before he can land a bit, some time lapse ability freezes him in place and he takes the first hit, thus losing and becoming a member of the guild. Kirito gets a recolored version of his jacket and finally tells Asuna why he was so reclusive up to this point. So the shocking story of how he was responsible for the death of at least one group of “friends” he had is finally told and Asuna only falls in love with him some more. Later, Kirito gets invited by one of the higher ranked members of the guild to go finish up some work. Asuna gets left behind and Kirito has no choice but to comply. So the party consists of Guild guy #1, Kirito, and Karadeel (yes, the creeper who got his ass beat); they confiscate eachother of their teleport items and head out. Halfway during mission #-Idon’tgiveaf*ck, the three stop to rest, everyone takes a swig of water…only to be poisoned. Big suprise, Karadeel is a grudge-bearing dick and he’s going to get his sweet revenge. He kills off the Iskander looking fellow and moves on to Kirito, but like every villain who has his moment before a movie/episode/whatever is far from ending, he’s gonna talk a lot and get his ass kicked one way or another. Kirito does have a moment of weakness here as he can’t really get out of the paralysis. Karadeel takes his sweet time in forcing his sword through Kirito’s leg and before the last block of hit points is lost, Karadeel gets blasted to a wall and Asuna rushes in. Asuna kicks Karadeel’s ass but she doesn’t have the guts to kill him, which ends up with her getting her disarmed. Kirito, still being the guy who does all the real saving around here walks in and gets his hand cut off, but takes it and kills Karadeel. Heartwarming scene, Kirito wants Asuna, vice versa. All the pent up hormones that have been stuck in every player for 2 years (cause for real, it’s been 2 freaking years) is about to be alleviated as Asuna actually is the one taking the initiative. Of course, Kirito’s passive “I’m weak against female protagonists” (technically deuteragonist) procs in and he stated he only wanted to be in the same room, cue the girl calling the the main the token “BAKAAAAAAA”. Episode closes off, they get married (more or less).

It was nice to see Kirito get beat (twice in the same episode!) and see him get kicked down a notch. The fighting was short-lived, and we just see Kirito despair at the last half. Seriously, why don’t they just make this Love Art Online already? Not much of this really has to do with an RPG anymore, hell you could repackage all the events happening here back into real life (instead of swords, you get gangsters with knifes) and make Kirito and Asuna love eachother there. Although I do enjoy a good love story, my expectations dwindle with each passing week. Hell, Nobuna is a better show than this now, I don’t even have a character that I watch for specifically. When will the “main” plot pick up?

Not pictured: I never noticed the slide slit she had on her cloths

Oda Nobuna no Yabou: Nobunaga’s mission is to attack the area of Echizen (ruled by Asai) to drive off advancing forces. However, Nobuna makes it clear that her target is Wakasa. History is once again driven somewhat off course, and our main is left to defend Kyo while Mitsuhide goes off to Wakasa. Before she leaves, she officially joins the harem by gifting our main with a charm and telling him to “not die”. Skip scenes to Asai, we find Nagamasa and Nobusumi share a shocking revelation to one another, BOTH OF THEM ARE REVERSE TRAPS, So the “wife” is the dude while the husband (Nagamasa) is a chick, oho, who didn’t see this coming? But, the two seem to genuinly appreicate one another as Nobusumi actually sympathizes with Nagamasa’s past of being raised as a guy. Adorable, Nobusumi just met the chick and he’s got her with him. Skip scenes once again, Nobuna reveals her intentions of attacking Echizen instead of Wakasa and our main with Hanbei realizes that unless they bring news that the Asai will betray them, everyone’s gonna be screwed. Indeed so, Nagamasa gets her nicely disguised male ass out of command and the remaining commanders conspire to rebel. Nobusumi is able to run away and share this info with our main who just happaned to show up en route to Nobuna. With everyone gathered at the base, Nobuna faces the fact that one of them must hold off the enemy while everyone else retreats. Our main decides to finally do some actual fighting and die a hero. Nobuna of course rejects the idea completely but she has to realize that he’s the only one who can pull this off, (protagonist armor too strong) he also gives her his phone (plot deviiice). Mitsuhide and Motoyasu talk to him one last time before they retreat as well, Motoyasu (Ieyasu) will serve an important purpose later on. So here we go, everyone makes a run for it while our main fends off the attacking troops. Thanks to a technique called a Firing Line. Goemon leaves to get Saitou to Oumi to try and scare off the incoming forces, she leaves her Lolicon Squadron to help her “master”. In the end, it’s the unity of “Bro’s” to get this job done, whether it be the common footsoldier, a complete badass like Hattori Hanzo, or workers that worship a stuttering ninja, they seem rather eager to lay their lives down, bromance ftw. So while the dudes are holding everyone off, Katsuie leaves to deal with another rebellion, Danjo to persuade some allies, and Nagahide tells Nobuna to run off and survive. That doesn’t end so well when she gets shot….and cliffhangar. (Next week preview shows Hanzo being a traitor? NOOO, WE’RE BROS MAN)

Wow, bunch of shit happening in this episode, stuff actually got really serious here. We go from cute scene with Mitsuhide (hhnng, she’s so cute now. By the way, was that side slit on her cloths always there?), touching scene with reverse traps awknowledging eachother (Nobusumi is #1 shota ever), Loli Brigade, and some action going down. Self sacrifice by our main hold off enemy lines, Nobuna seriously has to repay his actions once he gets back, Nagahide y u no give out points anymore? Is the situation too serious? Back on topic, our main gets chatted up by Motoyasu and Mitsuhide, I enjoyed the scene as those two characters in real life would become extremely important figures after Oda’s death. Mitsuhide for actually causing Oda’s death and Motoyasu (Ieyasu) who will try to avenge Oda. Then bromance motivates the soldiers as Goemon’s worshippers, Hanzou, and the soldiers rally to fight to the death. Episode was pretty epic, prolly the strongest thing I watched this week. That phone is gonna be a plot device…I just know it.

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