Music of the Week #50


Bleh, late

My computer’s internet went completely haywire yesterday, couldn’t work on posts, essays, and this post so yeah, that’s my excuse. Anyways, last week’s roundup is almost done and I also just need a few more pics to get a gametalk done. So not much else here other than it’s been 50 weeks since I’ve started this little weekly thing to liven up the post count every week if I didn’t do anything out of schedule (I had a schedule?). To those of you who actually remember me starting this music of the week thing with Cowboy Bebop’s Tank, I thank you for stopping by and staying with this….whatever (I’m too modest to call it a website and too prideful to call it just a “blog”)

Well, I guess this song is sort of special in a way, the very fact it gets recognition means that I, personally liked it. Anyways, One Piece’s 10th opening features a revamped verison of its first opening, We Are. If you don’t remember what I said about it,  I basically mentioned that I was more used to the korean version but I thoroughly liked the original version as well. If I’m remembering my facts correctly, I’m pretty sure a korean dude sang this version of this new opening, ain’t that just a coincidence.

Anyways, here ya go folks,

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