Summer Anime Week 9

Summer Anime Week 9

Once again, Binbougami ga was the only one that did something…right. Being a comedy, the series has less expectations than series with an actual plot line. Nakaimo doesn’t really count cause it’s a harem and it’s just there to look nice.

Summer has 3-4 weeks left. I ain’t sad, but I ain’t happy either.

Binbougami Ga: Momiji and Ichiko faces off once again, only this time they decide to settle it in the ring. They fight it out in a game of 2 vs 2 tennis with Ichiko partnering up with the quintessential pretty-boy tennis king while Momiji gets the token big dude. Needless to say: Parodies , Parodies everywhere. Baseball reference, epic One Piece, epic Ranmaru, you name it. Then crap gets out of hand when Ichiko decides to bring her sword into this and the two face off, destroying the entire tennis court. That…basically sums up the first part of the episode, I can’t sum up comedy too well so, yeah. The second part introduces another binbougami, Kuroyuri, and she has a thing for Yamabuki (the big God that sent Momiji) and Momiji seem to her from before. Kuroyuri wanting all the glory for herself tricks Momiji into working with her to steal Ichiko’s fortune once and for all. That gets sidetracked into a cooking competition to make up for the tie they had at the tennis match. Kuroyuri is forced to taste Ichiko’s cooking and then she returns home to tell Yamabuki that she leaves Momiji with Ichiko’s fate.

I fully understand that this is a bad write up, but this episode returned to the usual Momiji vs Ichiko syle. First through tennis, and then through cooking. Tennis match escalates enough so that the both Ichiko and Momiji’s partners pass out due to chaos. Ranmaru showed up throughout the episode, commenting how energetic her two friends are and fawning over Tsuwabuku who stayed asleep for the , apparently it’s normal for two friends to fight around like this. Then Kuroyuri shows up, and her get up is as weird as Momiji’s. Seems like every god of misfortune has one limb bandaged and has a partner like Momiji’s bear and Kuroyuri’s frog. Ichiko and Momiji have a cooking contest with Kuroyuri as a judge (she didn’t want any of this). Momiji cooks the wrong dish and Ichiko makes the usual “girl with bad cooking skills” dish. Looks like fortune can’t cure bad culinary abilities and it’s enough to drive Kuroyuri out of the human world. Why the hell am I still summarizing?

Nakaimo:  Ikusu and main discuss how to get some information out of Kunitachi. If it were them taking the initiative themselves, it would look suspicious so they invite Tendou to an amusement, and Kunitachi naturally gets asked by her to come along. Tendou gets mentally scarred by intensity of the rides while Kunitachi is unfazed, even though it’s her first time at an amusemenet park. Last ride is a zombie shooting ride (IN YOUR SWIMSUITS), with suggestive white blood out of the zombies. Ikusu and Tendou run off to get some icecream while the remaining pair go inside.  Power goes off, main and Kunitachi are stuck for a while. Amusement park trip ends at a souvenir shop when Tendou and main buys a familiar looking phonestrap. Our main recognizes where he saw the strap a lot later in his room, the strap originally belonging to Sagara and the phone she lost: CONFRONTATION TIIIME. Skipping through moments of characters staring at eachother/stuttering, Sagara’s phone was taken by Kunitachi when she found it near the trash. A rival from the main’s soon to be inherited company told Kunitachi to sabotage said company by means of exploiting the rumor that he has an illegitimate sister. So yes, it was Kunitachi who was on the speakers last episode, but as if nobody figured that out. Why she had to listen to the other guy was because she’s engaged to his son and had no choice. Being just like any other lead, main decides to magically revoke the complicated processes of arranged marriages by pretending to be her boyfriend (and in just that moment too). Like I mentioned, the marriage is off (dafuq) and the tsun-ish side of Kunitachi is replaced with a complete wife-like attitude. It makes little sense but I approve of Kunitachi cause come on, at least she was hard to get, compared to the other girls.

I feel sad that I wrote more about this than Binbougami but it had some things to cover. We conclude Kunitachi’s arc and it had more fanservice than ever, and she literally means what she says. Other than Ikusu, I kind of like Kunitachi, she reminds me of Kotegawa (in a good way). The only girl left is Tendou and the other girl who showed up last episode. Like always, more Ikusu and now more Kunitachi. I already got spoiled on who the little sister is so meh. CLICHE #1

Sword Art Online: Following through last week’s episode, Kirito and Asuna open the boss door to see how it looks like and then gets their asses out of there. They haul their asses out of the area and rests for while; Asuna shows how much of a good wife she can be by making food. Kirito reponds back by showing how much he indirectly wants her to be his “the one” when he retracts the idea about Asuna selling her food (he wouldn’t get a lot of it for free). Klein and his party shows up and they immediately fawn over Asuna, which makes Kirito instinctively punch Klein in the gut because no one lays their hands on his lady. While the party mingles, a large army of players march near them, the commander of the group demands some map information on the level. While everyone else act hostile towards the demanding commander, Kirito decides to comply and shares the coveted data. The army heads off deeper into the dungeon while our group decides to farm some monsters. Sometime later, the group hear screams, Kirito and Asuna know exactly what kind of trouble the commander has gotten in to. Everyone rushes toward the boss room and finds an unsuprising scene consisting of not fully healed players taking on a boss (because they’re knights, I assume that they’re tanks, where the hell’s the healer?). Kids being kids, the crew cannot stand by and watch people die, so before the boss executes one of the knights (most of them are downed) Asuna actually does something and gains aggro by stabbing the boss a few times. Asuna of course can’t solo a boss so Kirito jumps in, and Klein’s group follows. Kirito knows that they cannot beat the boss, but he decides to reluctantly showcase his newest ability, Dual Wielding. Kirito pulls off a Limit Break and goes Omnislashing the boss while nearly depleting his health. As the boss fades away, Kirito passes out. Sometime later, we get most of Kirito’s crew (item shop keeper, blacksmith) discussing his overnight celebrity status, but Kirito now gets called Knights of Blood because Asuna wants to leave (more or less elope with Kirito) the guild. So the commander and Kirito decide to hav a duel over the girl.

It’s cool but the sword’s color doesn’t match

Other than the pure moot they had in the beginning, Kirito finally goes into action once more. Kirito’s limit break although late to do any real effect on my brain, was still impressive to see. However, due to months and months of Dark Souls and its DLC release in a few months, the very idea of “Dual Wielding” and no shield play makes me feel uneasy. PVP is a different story but PVE always needs a shield. What  I also noticed was that Asuna didn’t do crap this episode, other than prove that she’s a female that needs rescuing. The next episode once again features another cliche trope of fighting for the girl, whoop de doo. CLICHE #2

Oda Nobuna no Yabou: Imagawa goes off singing and praising herself as she becomes the new shogun while our crew wonders what to do in another crisis our main cannot comprehend due to his meddling of the past. He has around 2-3 people who are supposed to be dead, and a certain someone who in the actual timeline of history, betrays everyone’s favorite blonde leader of our crew. At least some of the more key moments of key history might still be the same, and our main has to make sure that his blondie stays alive. When news of 2 enemies who aren’t supposed to be together are  forming an alliance reach our ears,everyone gears up for an inevitable fight. Of course before that happens, our mains gets in an argument with (is it not obvious?)…anyways, our main goes off on his own and gets his ass kidnapped. So instead of the usual, damsel in distress, we get the potential hero in distress here. While the main contemplates his somewhat epic life with his own army of loli’s,sh*t hits the fan on both fronts as the main army has gone out, and Mitsuhide’s defenses get attacked by Danjo. She shows how much of an S she is while Mitsuhide has to cope with a far larger lady with a bigger weapon, plus the fire doesn’t help her concentrate. On the other side, our main gets turned to bait to lure Nobuna, but he uses his phone to distract kidnapper-sniper and guns at that time (wait they had snipers back then?) take an eternity to reload. You can guess what happens. Switching again, concentration is completely lost by Mitsuhide when Danjo gets impatient and uses the “spell” she used a few episodes ago. Before any lethal blows are made, almost everyone comes back to save the day, Danjo seeing how completely unfair the narrative side is, surrenders.

To be honest, this was actually a good episode with the only problem being that everything was resolved quicker than it should have. Everyone showing up out of nowhere, enemies just giving up, reinforcements out of nowhere. Animes with historical “settings” and especially those with cute female characters (usually genderbent) rarely happen to follow history’s dominion over their lives. I mean, who could go kill off a cute girl? Anyways, thats the only complaint I have, stuff gets resolved way too quickly. I also picked up Danjo’s spear style, Hozoin-ryu awesome shit. Mitsuhide finally gets her somewhat redemption fulfilled, hopefully she doesn’t go haywire. To close this off, YOSHIMOTO! CLICHE #3!

Arcana Famiglia: (Short review cause things went downhill as soon as Nova and Liberta showed up) Felicita loses even more personality than I ever thought possible for a character. Last episode, she uses her abilities to save her dad at the cost of her memories. Everyone goes about weeping how they lost her and Jolly trollishly walks in saying that this was his idea. So everyone gets mad at him but of course, they knew it was either Felicita or Mondo. With some stupid melodrama aside, Jolly decides for the good for the good of the family to finally use his powers to get Felicita’s memories back. Somehow Nova and Liberta storm into the delicate process of getting memories back and is able to get Felicita back. Happy happy

That was probably the shortest one I’ve wrote, since…ever. I honestly hate when Liberta and Nova show up, they’re just soooo bland. I’d prefer Luca over those two. I mean, they just resemble so many many cliches, and they are focused on soooo much. I just want Jolly to win whatever they hell they were going to do just so he can troll the shit out of everyone there. I would love to mention the games and their style of introducing/doing what-the-f*ck ever but I’ll save that til this thing is over.

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