Summer Anime Week 8

Summer Anime Week 8

Ebiten got dropped, but as if you cared.

So basically, nothing changed because I usually had nothing to say about a comedy series that only made me laugh like once or twice.

Got 2 gametalks in progress, 1 needs pictures and one needs….everything.

Binbougami Ga: Ranmaru becomes “regular” in the school and gets invited to go out karaoking with some classmates. Momiji tags along and Ranmaru invites Ichiko to join in. She flaunts that she has better things to do and when Ranmaru can’t ignore her troubled face after she said that line, Momiji and Ran go to her house to check. Ichiko honestly has nothing better to do so they try to get her to socialize. Ichiko kicks both of them out and Ran is given a binbougami gadget, but breaks it. Momiji tells Ran that she is a binbougami but she doesn’t seem too fazed by it. The 3 girls who are always showing up in a lot of episodes finally decide to get revenge on Ichiko. Because Ran keeps waiting for her at the gate, Ichiko gets “helped” out by one of the three girls and is led out back, only to get put to sleep and dragged to the old school building. Before anyone can do anything to Ichiko, Ran shows up and scares away the guys while lecturing the girls. Ichiko gets out during the scuffle with the first few guys but she turns back as she remembers that the old school building is undergoing demolition. The three girls are saved thanks to Ran’s Kuwabara/TK (whichever generation you’re from) hold up the falling ceiling technique. Ichiko once again faces a “find yourself” dilemma as she tries to rationally think. We then have a flashback to Ichiko’s happy childhood, when she gets involved in a small love triangle with herself, the target male, and her best friend. Ichiko still having superior fortune gains the boy’s affection even when the two friends promised to never get ahead of each other. Ichiko gets a little gift from the boy which makes her friend extremely jealous and pulls a few tricks to get the boy to like her and completely ruin Ichiko’s character. With the flashback gone, Momiji and Ichiko have a little scuffle which ends up with Momiji draining some fortune out of her. Momiji gives off some nice advice and Ichiko goes in the building to save Ran and break the damn building themselves. Ichiko after more “I don’t care about others” line gets her heart intentionally read by Ran and Heartfelt character moment gets invoked as Ran promises to never betray her, and from someone like her, I’d believe that too.

The episode was less funnier than the previous one but counting lines on tatami mats got me. It took a while but Ichiko finally makes a true-legit friend. I’m guessing they decided to replace the comedy with the scene at the end, and overall, it was a pretty good tradeoff. Tsuwabaki might prove to be a problem later on, if Ichiko gets more honest with her feeilings, cause Ran already likes him and Ichiko might have something for him too. Ichiko’s past kinda does justify her attitude but damn, her friend was evil. What other hilarity shall ensue next week? I’m always eager to watch this.

Smoke weeeeeed everyy daaaaaay

Nakaimo: Sagara confirms the rumors of going back to America, but only if her cafe doesn’t get enough profit. Seeing as though our main still needs help to find his goddamn sister, he decides to help in every way possible. So after tireless requests and work done by most of the characters, the cafe’s profit goes up and some customers become regulars. Sagara makes an advance on the main but he gets semi-intentional cock blocked by Ikusu. The two later deduce through the events that happened and to put this suprisingly convoluted yet completely unecessary plot to “protect” our main’s sister because she’s illegitimate and introducing her to the family will be rather toxic to both her and the family business, but our main denies that will happen once he becomes the true sucessor. Being the mystery harem show this is, the identity isn’t revealed yet until our main can prove that he’s worthy of being a better person. Another episode came out and got subbed this week so I’ll be rushing through that as well. With Sagara’s “arc” done, we return to regular school life. Our main tries to get a DNA test done so we can rid his doubts on Konoe and Miyabi. While doing so, Kunitachi (blondie) shows up to inform that an important group of people are going to inspect the school and she expects good behaviour on everyone. While the Board of Inspectors are doing their work, our main’s little sister speaks through the intercoms and gains some bad rep on the school’s student body and the school board. Anyways, Ikusu and our main go about this once again, and realize that Kunitachi was nowhere to be seen during the incident, so the suspicion is placed on her. Because of publicity, our main gets recruited to the disicplinary committee to uphold some good behavior around the school. Kunitachi notices that the main gets a lot of attention from the girls and it worries her that the form of flirting doesn’t fit the school, so she decides to personally show how couples SHOULD act (Man, I saw this a mile away)

Not sure if gay or unattentive…

Kunitachi being quintessential Kotegawa Yui from To Love ru, she goes around correcting people all around the school. Like every girl our main got closer too, we have the obligatory think deeply while taking a bath scene once more, good god, do these people every think outside baths? Why think in there? Maybe I can answer my own question with this somewhat related picture. Oh the f*cks I don’t give about this series, with Kuniatchi being picked, I guess we have a few more episodes with her and then move on to Tendou and have around 2 obligatory-dramatic episodes on revealing who the little sister is. GIVE ME MORE REVERSE TRAP DAMMIT (althought she did get a fair amount of screentime during these two eps.)

Sword Art Online: Some semblance of plot returns but that is lost when Kirito finds a rare ingredient for cooking and wants to find someone who can cook it. Asuna and her escort shows up to see if he was alive. Kirito tells Asuna of the rare find and even she gets excited. Apparently, Asuna is that much of the “average pretty girl who likes the protag, can cook like a boss, etc” and she proudly states she maxed out her cooking skills. In exchange for the rare item being cooked, Asuna gets a portion of the meal. So more moot about partnership and the two decide to go hunting together the next day. The following morning, Kirito waits for Asuna to show up. She falls out of a portal and lands on him, and then you know what happens next. But the escort, Karadeel shows up again and doesn’t want Asuna to hang around the likes of Kirito and they have a duel. Spoiler: Kirito wins and of course, the dude doesn’t give up and rearms himself, only to be disarmed by Asuna to tells him off. The duo then go clear a dungeon but find a boss door, they said they wouldn’t go in but the ep preview definitely shows them going in….reaaaal smart

They mentioned the two years thing, I’m DAMN sure it doesn’t take that long to get to 100 levels, but this is virtual simulator, and people literally lose their lives (both in terms of living and their social statuses) in this game. Also, if anyone read chapter 16.5 in the volume 1 of the light novel, the two years thing made me laugh a bit there, anyways: Looking at my write up now, I feel kinda disappointed that I wrote more on a comedy series and a harem series more than this. So I’m guessing the “plot” will get picked up next week and the things that this episode featured will be left out. Hell, Accel World has more action and drama going on than this, and I thought this would have been better than Accel World. This was honestly one series I had expectations for and so far, it isn’t off to a good start. Meh

Oda Nobuna no Yabou: More screwing around while there’s a war to fight. Nobuna, Inuchiyo, Goemon, Mitsuhide, and main stay behind the front lines to deal with political things while Katsuie, Nagahide, and Hanbei deal with the fighting. The thing going on is that to make Imagawa the newest shogun, the seat of power must be purchased. That eventually ends up with Mitsuhide and main in a takoyaki making contest, with your host, Nobuna. Of course, before we start, Mitsuhide’s past is shown to us. Somewhat depressive, it kinda makes me feel for her, and knowing what happens in the real timeline with the real Mitsuhide, shits gonna go down…eventually. Anyways its our main and Goemon vs Mitsuhide and Inuchiyo, Mitsuhide starts of with the upper hand but our main, using trivial knowledge of cooking from the future, wins by frying the food and using mayonaise (Hijikata approves). However, victory is awarded to Mitsuhide which only ends up with her getting some bad rep from everybody. The episode got us an inch closer to some arc-plot and background on Mitsuhide.

A takoyaki making contest, what a perfect way to put our minds at ease while 3 of our friends are risking life and limb out there fighting our fights for us, but it’s political and seeing how this episode ended, some big things are happening next episode. Well seeing how there’s 4 episodes left, the series will probably end with this arc. Going back to the episode….no comments here, just a filler episode. Meh

Bandit Keith would be ashamed, but Jolly ain’t American so it’s k

Arcana Famiglia: Instead of doing stupid shit with anyone that isn’t Dante or Jolly, we get some background stuff and more “plot” points. So apparently Felicitia has 2 tarot card abilities. One being her Lover’s ability to read the hearts of others and the Wheel of Fortune to negate the rather nasty effects of other abilities at the risk of losing one’s memory. This information provided by Jolly (with Dante crying in the background) makes Felicita actually do something on her own for once.  Mondo’s tarot ability ZAAA WARUDOOOO The World is a special tarot card that maintains the abilities that have not yet made any contracts. This takes great toll on the the bearer of The World, and it was Jolly’s job to find a way to ease Mondo’s pain by means of creating homunculi and establishing contracts. Before artificial humans, Jolly tested it on people and that ended up with our trio of Pace, Luca, and Debito. After being told that Felicita’s power can help Mondo, she goes off to Mondo to use it, but Jolly leaves on part out of the description, mostly the part about the user having the chance to lose his/her memories.

I noticed that I enjoy episodes where Liberta and Nova are NOT present in. Maybe the void in any sort of plot this season makes me appreciate the small amounts of plot that come up every now and then. Anyways, just background stuff were covered in this episode while the real drama happens next episode. It was an episode with just Dante, Jolly, Felicita, and some plot, not bad.

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  1. I know I’m (not) awesome but I haven’t even start most of the summer anime, about time I do so since most of them are about to end. It took me about a week just to catch up on Hyouka and Accel World.

    • Thanks for stopping by Kai, it’s always good to see some notifications pop up.
      To be honest, Summer anime ain’t really impressing me too much. A lot of IDAF watches. Hyouka I didn’t really care for, and Accel world I just watch because I want to see if the main EVER loses any weight. Im pretty sure brain usage burns up calories.
      The only reason I watch 3 out of these 5 series here is because of just 1-2 characters I just like.
      I’d just recommened Binbougami

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