Summer Anime Week 7

Summer Anime Week 7

Let’s get right to it.

School is starting soon and I got other stuff that needs my attention. Posts, schoolwork, more posts, meh.

A bit more pictures than usual cause episodes this week were “decent”. Binbougami Ga jus got a lot funnier, Nobuna enters a new arc, Arcana finally gets entertaining, read all about it if you want. Noubna got more pics than usual because of the obligatory new arc meaning new characters. Whatever, enjoy.

Binbougami Ga: After the previous arc’s conclusion we return to the comedy and a new character. Ichiko gets arrested by police after a few girls rob a place and leave the goods in front of her. This pink haired girl wearing some manly uniform shows up to help her but Ichiko places the scapegoat on her and runs off. Later on, the girl turns up at the school and Ichiko tries to disguise herself. The girl, Rindou Ranmaru is a martial arts enthusiast and wants to revive her father’s dojo straight out of an 80-90’s manga. She indentifies Ichiko’s awesome disguise but due to her legion of fanboys, she escapes once more. After some involvement with Momiji, the two stage a fight in the school and once again to her luck, Ichiko wins. Rindou gets helped out by Tsuwabuki and agrees to Ichiko’s condition to leave the school, only to return the next day and demand a rematch. The girls side with Rindou while the guys side with Ichiko, Tsuwabuki gets up and tells everyone to sit on it because he’s trying to sleep, seeing how Rindou reacted, Momiji and Ichiko gets the need to troll. After giving Rindou a makeover, she thanks the two for the help. Rindou’s father doesn’t agree with the idea of her daughter acting like a girl (lol) and makes her go back to her classic outfit. Ichiko goes to her house to deal with this problem like an old school shounen hero. Rindou’s dad gets defeated in a fight the same way his daughter did but Rindou protects her father. All turns out well, Rindou’s father acknowledges his daughter’s wishes and allows her to do…well whatever the hell she wants. Rindou’s father is impressed with the friend she has made. She comes back to class with her old outfit and thanks the two for helping out. Ichiko once again gets the last laugh but Rindou doesn’t seem troubled by it. At least someone doesn’t get pissed when she does that.

I JUST noticed that Yusuke and Yomi are actually in this scene.

Sweet christ, this was the funniest thing I watched since Danshi Kou ended. More parodies (Kenshiro and Yusuke vs Yomi fight [don’t tell me I’m the only one who gets that reference]), selling beer to teachers, inadvertent friendship for profit, telling everyone to shut up so someone can sleep, a complete parody of the classic delinquint genre, it’s all here. Momiji and Ichiko now have some interaction other than fighting now that another female has joined the cast. Tsuwabuki also seems to be friends with all three girls. Hilarious episode, stop reading and go watch it. If you haven’t go watch it again to laugh some more.

Nakaimo: After the two week delay, we return the the tale of a rich-boy trying to find his sister. In the previous episodes, we figured out that both Konoe and Miyabi are not our main’s sisters. But an early morning call to our main confirms that his little sister is indeed present within his school, and is pretty bent on having some incestuous relationship with him. Anyways, we had the two average loli tsundere and generic nice girl had a chance with our main, now it’s time for the older, bespectacled maid cafe owner to have her turn. Our main gets called almost every morning by his mysterious sister and he suffers from lack of sleep so he finds out that Sagara (glasses) happens to have a nice napping place in the school. In exchange for this info, he needs to come to her cafe. The same thing occurs, main needs sleep and comes to the room, only to find Sagara there too. This time, he gets some info on her past and how she was orphaned. Because of her intellect, she was picked up by a professor with her mother being a cafe owner. Once her mother dies, the cafe is sold, but Sagara was able to gain some money and she buys back the cafe. She also mentions how she’s not that much older than our main is. Which brings up the next situation when he finds the phone Konoe had in the room with Sagara. While discussing some stuff with awesome reverse trap, a girl from the news club shows up to confirm if Sagara’s plan to sell her cafe and go back to America is true. Dat cliffhanger

Following the “mystery” format, there’s gonna be some BS reason why she has the phone and a lackluster reason why she’s going back to America. Either the main is gonna do something ballsy to gain her affection/trust to stay here or some other stupid crap harem shows always do. Anyways, at least we got to know more about another character.

Say hi to the new girl

Sword Art Online: I wonder how much time passed from the last episode to this one…Anyways, this episode focuses on a particular aspect of any RPG: Crafting! The neverending quest to acquire higher end gear never stops in the world of RPG’s. Kirito shows up to find a better sword than his already-awesome black demon sword. He tries to test out a worthy candidate only to break it and enrage the girl-blacksmith (Liz) who forged it. Seeing how she wants reparation and Kirito wants a new sword, she says that if Kirito wants a better sword, she needs materials. Kirito says he can go collect the materials but a master smith must be present within his “party” to make the material spawn. As they reach a field of crystals, he warns the smith to hide as a dragon is gonna spawn. She does as she is told and Kirito goes Skyrim-Nordic on the dragon’s ass and solo’s it. But before he can actually kill the damn thing , the girl pops her head out and the dragon takes aggro from the weakest player and attacks her instead. A huge pit is formed beneath her and Kirito goes to save the girl. They fall into the pit and can’t seem to teleport out of it. So once again, Kirito wins over the heart of yet another girl without even trying. The next morning the material they were looking for was present inside the hole and it turns out that it’s the dragon’s nest. The dragon swoops down but Kirito is able to the use the dragon to get out of the pit. Liz more or less confesses to him right there but he can’t hear anything she’s saying. They return to the shop and she is able to forge him a better sword, and before she can hit the nail on the coffin, Asuna shows up. Liz can just tell how by the two talking that they both like eachother. Liz runs out and Kirito finds her sulking spot. Although Kirito cannot return her feelings, he says he did gain something (other than the sword) priceless on his short quest with her. Liz basically accepts her loss against Asuna and tells him to stop by anytime he needs maintenance.

And now watch her get woo’ed by Kirito

Oh god I felt so sorry for Liz. Kirito and Asuna only kicked ass with eachother, she really didn’t need a princess style saving moment from Kirito so why is she so struck with him when they only solved a murder case and Liz only got her ass saved twice? I went around reading around some forums and this basically ends the side story part and SAO should kick into main story mode. If that’s the case, what a sad but uplifying way to end. Oh Liz, I feel so bad for you.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou: After the victory the Oda clan seized last episode, the crew decides to expand their power and conquer some more. Our main however, doesn’t get to join in on the fun as he states that the “route splits” have proven to be more challenging than he thought, leaving Mitsuhide as our strategist replacement. While plans are being reviewed, Nagamasa won’t stop bothering our crew so they wed him with a cross-dressed Nobuyuki. So Katsuie, Nobuna, Nagahide, and Mitsuhide go about their business, while our main and his loli brigade are sent to Kyoto to oversee the capital. Kyoto is pretty much in shambles and our group has to stay there for the time being, while on the other side of town, a bunch of officials gather to discuss the secret plans. We are introduced to another genderbent historical figure, Matsunaga Hisahide and she is sent to find Himiko, another important figure here. First they find a small girl in a miko outfit and they save her, but the crew does not realize that she is Himiko. Then they run along 2 girls being ganged up by thugs, one a priestess and the other a one-eyed loli. Obviously they get saved and we get an introduction: The busty blonde nun is Louise Franc, a Portuguese missionary and the loli is Bentenmaru (who will become a very famous figure later on). After going through more thugs, Matsunaga shows up in a magical style and puts our crew to sleep. Himiko responds back and agrees to return  to her place. Our crew wakes up and Matsunaga disappears. Himiko returns to her “home” and leaves our crew.

So 4 new characters in total this episode. Sagara is given some time off as he visists Kyoto with his loli’s. To his suprise, he finds 2 more loli’s to add to his brigade.  He also meets 1 well endowed nun while he gets put to sleep by Matsunaga. In terms of the episode “entertainment factor” it wasn’t that good compared to the other episodes. There’s a part where I didn’t mention in the weak summary above, Sagara fervently demands his prize from Nobuna for the “most beautiful woman in Japan” and he starts daydreaming about the candidates. The actual lady sent to please him doesn’t really fill in the role but it was good fanservice. Yoshimoto is coming back to the plot now, YAY.

Arcana Famiglia: So after the blunder with last week’s episoede, some resemblance of a plot seems to be revealed as we learn of Pace, Luca, and Debito’s past with Jolly. But before that part shows up, Debito has some trouble with his right eye and is unable to sleep at night because of it. Pace gets worried and Felicita (predictaby) gets dragged into this after she’s sent by Jolly to give a letter to Debito. So Feli comes into Debito’s room while he wakes up from a nightmare. He pulls a move on her but she gives him the letter and he gets pissed. The rather climatic scene is when the crew is washing the church and then Jolly shows up to troll the living shit out of the trio (Pace, Luca, Debito). So big suprise sequence: The trio grew up together, the three were the survivor’s of Jolly’s experiments in learning how Arcana powers work. Debito tries to shoot Jolly in the face but he isn’t able to, which amplifies Jolly’s troll meter even more. Pace then has enough of this shit and tries to punch the troll. The punch actually lands but Jolly just shakes it off and leaves. Later, Liberta, Nova, and Fel go down to Jolly’s room to find his experiments, and Jolly himself creeping up behind them. From the episode preview, I smell the duello coming up, but I don’t have my hopes up.

I went around the net to see if the game that this series was based on was as crappy as the anime adaptation. I was actually dragged into reading a lot of the character’s stories and routes. To my suprise, most of the routes are pretty nice and each character has a pretty nice individual story to them. From what I’m seeing, the anime is taking the “Common” route and dropping a few small details from other routes. How does the common route end? It’s a pretty boring end and if it does happen, I will regret watching this series a lot.

Ya always need teh bread

Ebiten: The style of comedy ain’t really getting to me so I will give it a week or two to try to get my attention again. Other than making fun of the overused “late for school, get dressed quickly, and put bread in my mouth, I didn’t find the rest of the episode too funny. Chances are, I will drop this but I will give it a week.

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