Music of the Week #47

My brother has finally left and I have a few days left until school starts.

Pictures are the only things that are left for the weekly roundup, one of the gametalks is ready to go, and a classic is being written up. The school year is starting once again and I will have to try my absolute best this year. Enough about me, I need to get back to writing up posts that I couldn’t get to because of my brother.

In terms of this week’s music, it’s One Piece again and other than the 1st opening, I personally did not hear any other korean dub openings. The korean dub as I remember it got as far as the Rainbase Arc (Crocodile) and it basically repeated from the start from there. It was quite the downer but eh. Here’s the 3rd opening from One Piece. To be honest, the english one of the 3rd opening ain’t terrible compared to the first one.

Nostalgia hits me hard each time I go to youtube to find these opening themes…

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