Summer Anime Week 6

Summer Anime Week 6

No Nakaimo this week either, it makes this easier as school is approaching and I still have school related stuff to do. Plus I want to get some non-review stuff out. Namely gametalks cause I have around 3 planned.

Binbougami Ga: Continuing from last week’s episode, Tsuwabaki follows into the woods where Ichiko got lost and he falls down and falls unconscious. Ichiko after seeing Tsuwabaki’s family cry over their brother, goes back into the woods to find him. With Momou’s help, they find Tsuwabaki and Momiji is able to track down Ichiko. Just like the situation back when Ichiko’s butler was dying, Ichiko has the choice to lose some of her fortune to allow Tsuwabaki to come back. Before Momiji even finishes her explanation, Ichiko does exactly that and Tsuwabaki comes to. The next day, Momou comes back with the age restoration box. Ichiko moves out of Tsuwabaki’s family house and returns to her regular age. The final half of the episode is mostly her trying to return a hankerchief to Tsuwabaki but she has a huge amount of trouble doing so. You think she actually underwent some sort of moral change after her nice experience of having a family but after returning the hankerchief with her usual snarkish manner, she runs off, content with herself.

Seeing how the episode flipped us off by telling us to go find her Nadeshiko ourselves, I’ll just put this here

It was nice seeing Ichiko realize that although Tsuwabaki’s family is poor, they have a relationship that Ichiko does not have. She also felt a bit more happy when she was stuck with them too. Change seem to be iminent but then she ends the episode off in her usual demeanor. We get some new characters next (well, this week) so can’t wait for that.

Sword Art Online: (Fair warning, my usages of game lingo and references will not stop) Continuing off from last weeek, Kirito chases down the murderer through the rooftops. Because Kirito does not have any hard crowd control, he isn’t able to cancel the killer’s teleport. Schmitt basically goes off on a crazy laughing montage as he realizes that he’s gonna get some shit happen to him. To make this week’s roundup short (so I can write some “non” review stuff), I’m gonna make this quick as I always do. First clue of the “mystery” behind the murder basically happens when Kirito and Asuna eat. Kirito drops the food and sees it disappear which leads him to believe that the 2 people who “died” aren’t actually dead. Second clue shows up when Kirito and Asuna discuss the “marriage” system (EPIC FORESHADOWING) that exists within the game, and the two players who do go through this can share inventories. When one of them dies, they again the other’s items. The final scene starts when Schmitt goes back to the grave of his Guild Leader’s Wife, Griselda, and starts apologizing. The ghosts of Griselda and her husband, Grimlock (SMAAAAASH) return and demand answers from him. But turns out that these two are actually the two “fallen” guild members who died episodes ago. The true culprit happens to be Grimlock himself who killed Griselda for his own purposes. Which suprisingly wasn’t about money or revenge, instead he tells us that his wife here was his wife in the real world. But he realized that the game has changed her into a more assertive person, which he does not like and see’s the positive change in his wife to be defect. He decides to kill her to preserve the image of the wife he knew before the game started. The sick bastard are left to the 3 members as Kirito and Asuna leave with their job done

Well, nothing much to say here as always. It was a decent episode with a decent murder mystery. Definitely a “reason for killing someone” that I haven’t seen in a while. The marriage thing foreshadowed something that was really obvious so I won’t say it. Now can we go back to the raiding, or maybe more characters?

Oda Nobuna no Yabou: With a new loli beneath Sagara’s belt (oh god that sounds wrong)…correction: With a new loli beneath Sagara’s command, the crew decides to consolidate a fort to take claim over the area. Nobuna gives the building construction orders to Katsuie, who fails horribley. The task is given to our main as he and his loli brigade set out to construct a castle overnight. His strategy to cut the timber down at another location to start construction immediately is something his peers have never seen before. On the other  side of the coin, Nobuna and her troops must divert attention to Yoshitatsu’s front lines with a decoy so that Yoshitatsu will not destroy the castle in progress. Shit turns out for the worst as Nobuna gets herself trapped in a fire and our main gets attacked. Goemon gets shot (NOOOOOOOOO) and our main despairs in his failure. Nobuna eventually persuades two of Yoshitatsu’s men from their suicide mission and she escapes the wall of fire her forces were trapped in, by using explosives. Nobuna arrives in the cliche “right at the nick of time” moment and saves our main before certain doom. The crew revels in victory but mourns Goemon’s loss, until she pops back up and gets a hug from our loli brigade leader. An arc closes upon us and we are given some new characters in th episode preview, including Date Masamune as none other than a blonde loli with an eyepatch.

Hanbei and Inuchiyo had their scenes, Goemon finally got one of her own when she got back up after being shot. Conclusion of Yoshitatsu and Mino arc and now we get even more gender bent historical figures. The Loli Brigade grows in numbers once more. I really thought they were gonna go somewhere with Goemon getting injured and our main learning some lesson about brashness. Anyways, decent episode, and as always I want more of it. P.S: Bring back Imagawa please.

Arcana Famiglia: Episode focuses on our Old Friends trio and Felicita as they travel to Luca’s secret garden to harvest herbs because Jolly always steals from him. Nothing much going on than that as the trio and Felicita go through a tunnel filled with traps, Nova and Liberta work together to find Felicita and give her a letter from the boss’s wife. No humongous plot points (wait, there’s a plot?) other than that Liberta and Nova got a little better in their relationship, and that Felicita is actually showing some emotion toward the other guys.

How I felt

Honestly, if things don’t pick up by next episode, this thing’s getting dropped. No comments on this except that NOTHING is going on. Right as I finished this line I remembered that Jolly and Debito might have a little fight next week. I ain’t holding my breath though

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