Music of the Week #46

Due to my brother’s presence around the computer 24/7, I haven’t had a chance to finish the Weekly anime multi-post. I summed up SAO and 3 others remain

Not much to say here other than I need to get to work on both classwork and non-review write ups for this site. Not many posts other than Gametalks for me to do because I haven’t had some inspiration in a while. I have no idea what to do, and because I’m a lazy bastard, I’m going to wait until something happens that will inspire me to write something.

In terms of music, it’s time to cover the music of one of the Big Three series still ongoing at the moment (and with the end not even in sight). Let us celebrate its longevity and it’s first release in the Weekly Shounen Jump back in August 1997, ONE PIECE’S FIRST OPENING

As energetic and pumped up the first opening does, the one that I grew up was the Korean version, which was actually REALLY good in my opinion. Of course, anything is better than the American dub’s rap…

Here’s the Korean version, which brings back a HUUGE amounts of good memories

Note: Although they censor out Sanji’s smoke, in the actual episodes they don’t replace the “changed” parts.

Ah, I called this series childish back in the day, but when I finally saw it, I was hooked from the start. Here’s to you One Piece, stride onwards.