Summer Anime Week 5

Let’s get to it

My brother comes back next wednesday, so I will try to get some stuff out. Nakaimo didn’t get released for some reason. But as if you care about what happened in a generic harem (where I root for the reverse trap). It will be updated when it gets release so for now, here ya go

Binbougami da: Ichiko gets played by Momiji when she gets gassed with aging gas which makes her into a little girl, but nobody recognizes her at all. Momiji fails to chase her down and Ichiko decides to hide from Momiji by befriending Tsuwabaki’s little sister and staying over that their house. The eldest sister seems pretty pissed about Ichiko’s last visit in her regular body, so much that it scares her for a bit. Momiji eventually tracks her down and when Tsuwabaki’s family and Ichiko have some free time at a picnic, Ichiko gets caught near the forest. Cliffhanger ending

What’s up with cliffhangers this week? Anyways, loved the episode and the part with the epic DBZ reference. Momou and Bobby will prolly show up again next episode with some crazy finds and stories to tell. What can I say, time for next week’s

 Sword Art Online: Like every episode before it, the timeline skips around a few spots and this time we end up in a scene where Asuna, who has become a well known player since we last saw her, is the vice commander for one of the top guilds. She plans out a way to kill a boss by luring it into a a town. However, this plan becomes pretty irrelevant as the scene switches to Kirito just napping around, and Asuna later falls asleep near him too. Episode focuses on a murder in a town, and a damsel in distress. The damsel being a girl who used to be in the same guild as the guy who got killed. Kirito and Asuna helps out the girl by trying to find if anyone wanted to kill her friend and why. Long story short, rare item, people wanted to either sell/use it, they voted to sell it, leader goes to sell it, doesn’t come back and dies. Her ingame “husband” now seeks out to kill those who wanted to “use” the item, which were the three (the mentioned girl, dead dude, and one more). Kirito and Asuna find the third member in all of this and gather to discuss the issue. But then, girl gets knifed in the back while she sat by the window.

   In terms of the actual episode, it was nice seeing Asuna again, but I still don’t like the way they keep going around levels. 6 month timeskips, I don’t know what the hell is going on. Im guess this series will have around 20+ eps, seeing as how the main plot is technically there but they already at floor 78-80. I kinda want to see some good fights like they did in ep.2.  50% of the girls Kirito meets usually die apparently. Anyways, cliffhanger ending, time to wait for next week. By the way, what was up with the camera angles in this ep?

I effing loved this scene

Oda Nobuna no Yabou:  Sagara (taking Toukichiro’s place) must go persuade Takenaka Hanbei (strategist who kicked their asses) to join Oda’s side. Mitsuhide, the long haired loli with the old dude gets assigned to help Sagara. Inuchiyo, Mitsuhide, and Sagara make it to the place where they are to meet with Hanbei. The douchey prettyboy who wanted to marry Nobuna shows up as well. Anyways, Hanbei shows up and tests the two if they can pass it. The test consists of simply choosing the right piece of food to eat. Turns out all of the choices are wrong and that Hanbei isn’t exactly who he is. The Hanbei that we saw was just an illusion and we got played, Wizard of Oz style. So who is Hanbei? An adorable little girl of course. With politcal disputes being as average as a man riding a horse, Hanbei wishes to appease to her lord. Things don’t turn out that great when the dude doesn’t really want to hand over his strategist and wants to make her his concubine (dat pedo). Worry not, Sagara’s loli brigade basically wipes the palace clean. Sagara leaves and takes Hanbei with him. In the end, Hanbei basically committs herself to Sagara’s service. Sagara wishes to see Nobuna suceed, while Hanbei wants him to suceed.

Chalk up one more for the Loli Brigade

For now, the Loli Brigade has major points compared to the regular girls. Nobuna, Katsuie, Nagahide are falling behind the harem line as Sagara’s loli’s increase. Inuchiyo seems pretty obedient to Sagara (cute feeding scene), Goemon always loyal, and we got another loli behind Sagara. We seem to be near the end of the arc…I think. With me being me, I want more.

Arcana Famiglia: Nova’s comatose dad gets kidnapped by pirates and the color trio (Liberta, Felicita, and Nova) break away from orders to save him. We finally get to see some action with these weapons they constantly carry around. We also see the active/offensive/intentional use of Nova and Liberta’s arcana. Nothing too breathtaking, they can only show off so much before they have to save the girl. Turns out the entire thing  was just a test to see if these  three could actually use their powers properly, da fuq.

Doesn’t this kid realize he has the most unfair power?

Well, like I said before, IDAF, I can quit this show anytime. Plot doesn’t seem to be advancing much, get to the fightin. I noticed that with each episode, Felicita loses more personality. One picture cause it was a rather unmemorable episode.


3 thoughts on “Summer Anime Week 5”

  1. “Nakaimo didn’t get released for some reason.”

    This and a few other shows were on hiatus because of the Olympics :p ^^

    SAO: “by the way, what was up with the camera angles in this ep?”

    They wanted to promote the girls in a way that doesn’t involve them taking off their clothes for Kirito. Maybe. As for the episode itself, it was all right. Right now you are probably confused (just like a bunch of other people) because the SAO staff is adapting the side stories at the moment.

    Arcana Famiglia: Stop torturing yourself and drop the show You are brave to be continuing to watch this series each week. You are one of the few. I think 😀

    1. Oh yeah that’s right, Olympics. How did that get out of my head…
      Well i knew exactly what they were doin with the camera angles (just trying to get the point across with how unecessary it was). I can take most of the skipping around, but meh.
      Yeah I am really thinking of dropping Arcana, but I just want to see them rip eachother part first.
      Thanks for stopping by Justin.

  2. I picked up the abomination that is Arcana Famiglia…might as well finish it, like it or not. You’re still young and full of energy. Do yourself a favor and avoid my fate. Drop the show.

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