New Post Composition + 3-4 Week Recap

What’s up guys, it’s me again with the usual “what I will be watching and what shows can bite the dust for -insert season here-“. However, unlike a few seasons past, I found that this season doesn’t have a series that I was familiar with before. To put it simply, I usually have a series that I have had anticipated before the  season began, but this season and the one before it was during a busy time for me and Zombie was pretty much my go-to series, and because of the delay I suffered with Zombie, I wasn’t able to really look into any series this season.

I ain’t the biggest guy in bringing “news” in this lazy site but I check Seventh Style from time to time and what I got out of it: There might be a second season for IS while a second season for Haganai and Oreimo are official. Hayate no Gotoku S3 has some new art design, I certainly don’t dig it. Moving on:

So I decided to not cover a single series and instead to release a post every sunday (or around the beginning of the week) to slightly cover ALL the series that I will watch. Basically, a few pictures and a paragraph or two talking about what basically happened and what I liked on most of the series I will mention below. So yeah, format change introduction done, let’s get to the recap for the past 3-5 weeks shall we?

Format for this particular post basically is me saying whatever I wanted to say during the first few episodes and then summarizing the plot up to the point.

It’s short because I basically skipped out on a lot MOST of the harem/slice of life this season

Sword Art Online: Red haired dude looks like Gojyo from Saiyuki and the series reminds me of Accel World. Unlike Accel World, this is pretty harsh as the players of the game need to clear the game if they want to log out. Plus, main dude isn’t fat, hell they almost had a shounen-ai moment in the end of the 1st episode. 2nd Ep, the mentioned a Kobold (Warcraft creature/creep). Actually a lot of these things reminds me of WoW (i never played it but I watched a lot of it played by my brother). Imagine if they reverted everyone’s faces like they did here, ugly characters for all. Ah boss fights, they always get tougher as their life gets lower, here’s an example of a raid gone wrong. Anyways, Kirito is pretty badass, but from what I’m seeing, I noticed he always wears that black coat which he got after the first boss fight. Either the armor can be upgraded or its the only badass thing on there, w/e. Haruyuki from Accel World is traash compared to our friend Kirito here. Interesting series.

Plot at the moment: Kirito basically distances himself from others for a while and we don’t see Asuna again as of yet. Kirito first has a bit of trouble when joins a group but eventually, gets them killed. So he goes solo for a while and saves this dragon tamer girl who happens to be in the same predictament he was in. Reviving in this game has a 3 day period and if the target is not revived within 3 days, they’re done. So Kirito here escorts and helps out Silica to rez her dragon. When Silica’s past group catches up to take the phoenxix down ressurrection from them, Kirito takes all the hits from from the evil PVP players by tanking all their hits and regen all the damage. He’s a level 78 while most of his attackers are around 40-50. Kirito helps her out, he wins, time to go be badass somewhere else. Btw, he got his black coat at around the first level, doesn’t that mean he’s stacking really low armor or is that just aesthetics? Sorry for all the game lingo, but you guys should understand that right? I have thought about covering this, but I think I’ll stick to this format, I can get my opinions across on everything I watch this way.

Arcana Famiglia: Bishounens in a Hitman Reborn esque setting with one girl who will drive said bishounens to fighting eachother. After seeing the cover, I JUST KNEW that the blue haired dude would be friend/rivals with the blondie when it comes to getting the girl. But at least the guys know that if it weren’t for the cute girl, it would be a complete sausage fest. Instead of the guys fighting over her in plain view, there’s an actual reason (other than horny teens) for them to be fighting. Basically the boss of their vigilante (I wouldn’t call it the best term they could have used but w/e) group basically is retiring and is holding a competition for the “arcana” bearers (the average ability user in this series) to fight over the coveted seat of Boss and then have the right to marry his daughter, who happens to be the main female of this series.

If I had a nice suit and sunglasses, I could easily look that sexy (abeit a bit more menacing) It ain’t my fault most of the fat goes to mah face,

Plot at the moment: Apparently still in its introduction stages as the foreshadowed fight is far away from happening. We just had some background a few characters. Speaking of characters, it’s the rather generic harem style only that the guy to girl ratio is the opposite and the character archetypes are put onto the guys. We have Liberta (blondie) who’s the impatient/impulsive one, Nova (blue) the tsundere, Luca (hat) the caring one, Debito (the most noticeable one) the player, Pace (brown hair) the innocent one who likes to eat, and Jolly (sunglasses) the mysterious one. We’ve gotten some background on Liberta and Dante; Nova and Felicita; Pace, Debito, and Luca and some more stuff going on. I don’t know but I actually want to continue this series. But of course, its final judgement shall test if it was worth the watch in the end. On a side note: Felicita has AWESOME legs. As much as Felicita is a boring character, and the guys are pretty generic, I’m just gonna watch this for the pure reason of IDAF and that I have never watched an otome game/reverse harem.

Binbougami ga: Easily angered god is sent to deal with a girl named Sakura Ichiko who possesses an abnormal amount of good luck. She’s well endowed with both smarts, looks, and attitude to spare. Momiji, an envoy of the gods of misfortune goes to her to drain her of some fortune to equalize the situation. Turns out that Ichiko is able to drain fortune out of other people, giving her the benefits or life while everyone gains squat. Did i mention this is pretty funny? Although it’s unusual for me to hear Kana Hanazawa’s voice on a bitch like Ichiko but at least this is funny.

Plot at the moment: Like I said, Ichiko has way too much fortune, because her innate “ability” drains nearby people’s fortunes. While Momiji tries to drain her of some fortune, Ichiko happens to outsmart/outplay her due to her fortune. Later on, Ichiko’s only “friend” (her butler) gets a heart attack on her birthday. While Ichiko goes off moping, Momiji shows up to tell her that its her fault. So fortune gets drained, Momiji prepares to leave and then gets one up-ed by Ichiko as she takes the vial of “fortune” and rushes toward hospital. She breaks the canister, and release fortune to the nearby area, saving her butler’s life and her ass from being killed by Momiji. As a sign of some good will, she fires her butler, seeing how she’s drained him of fortune and he has a few good years to live without being in service to a bitch like her. Ep 2 has Momiji transferring to Ichiko’s school to try and kill her, in a classic Tom n Jerry style prankish methods. Momiji would actually look cute if she ditched the crazy get up, but I guess that’s her “charm” she also has the Doraemon-esque style of introducing every gadget she uses. Dark skinned perverted priest shows up to tell Ichiko that her fortune can basically make her an exorcist. Hell what the hell does it matter, is the plot that important to a comedy series?. All you need to know is that it’s funny as hell and I’m watching it

Oda Nobunaga no Yabou: Koihime Musou was a take on the classic Chinsese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and its eroge series featured a guy while the anime did not. I was highly disappointed about that but this series actually has a guy, so let’s see if he’s aware of his history (EDIT: yep, he’s smarter than most because he played Nobunaga’s Ambition). It’s historical and that’s the selling point for me (other than the characters). Regular dude gets  transported to the warring era of feudal Japan, turns out that most of the influential figures in the period are cute girls. Been there, done that, but I haven’t seen too many takes on this era so I’ll just watch it because I need a non-slice of life harem (be glad I ain’t watching that other show with the red haired demon chick and the boring main). 

Chalk up one more name on the exclusive loli list.

Plot at the moment: Main dude got fired due to not following orders which got our genderbent warlord in a predictament. Seeing that their land is in peril and Nobuna has no chance of winning, Monkey here decides to play the sabotage game by finding Imagawa’s camp in Okehazama. Using Nobuna’s brother’s girls to seduce the men to a time of drunken stupor, Sagara runs back to tell Nobuna to use this situation. When ninjas show up, Sagara’s loli-ninja brigade (ffs, Goemon is so fucking adorable) fights them off. Hattori Hanzo chases down our main but hearing that his lord Motoyasu (better known as Tokugawa Ieyasu) will rise to become even more powerful, he backs off.  I will repeat, Ieyasu is a ditzy, green haired glasses girl. Anyways, Sagara makes it back, everyone kicks Imagawa’s base and before Imagawa gets executed by Katsuie, Sagara incapacitates Katsuie with some fondling and basically “charms” Imagawa. A winner is you, Sagara. (BRING BACK IMAGAWA!)

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouta ga Iru: I actually don’t like the chick with glasses this time around. From all the harems/slice of life/etc crap that I rummaged around, I decided to roll up all the names into seperate wads of paper and try my best to make all of the series into my trash bin without missing one. That meant, if I made all of it into basket, I wouldn’t have to watch any of these series. Tari Tari, Kokoro Connect, and this series made it out. I tried again, and honestly, this one survived the encounter. So to hell with it, I loaded up the first ep. Guy from rich family (not spoiled, +1 for that) is the new heir for the business and he must attend school and find a wife to suceed his dead father. He gets a call from his “little sister” who wishes to have an incestuous relationship with him. The sister’s identity being the main focus of show, other than for our main here to get some girls.

Plot at the moment: It was hinted for the first few episodes that one of the girls (either the black haired or the loli) was the sister for our main. That didn’t work out and the girl with the glasses got kicked out of the equation as well. So it’s either gonna be the ditzy council pres or the tsundere blonde. Not that I care, I might as well have the reverse trap end up with him.

Ebiten: Starts out with engrish and overall is a weak pilot (at least for me, comedy isn’t the same after I watched Cromartie and Danshi Kou). But I will give it time cause it’s summer.v Minimalistic plot as a very girly looking boy wants to join a club with a bunch of girls that resemble the cast of Haruhi: complete with the harassment of a nice looking girl by the club leader who also has brown hair.

Tune in again this sunday (i hope) for the next weekly update.

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