New Post Composition + 3-4 Week Recap

What’s up guys, it’s me again with the usual “what I will be watching and what shows can bite the dust for -insert season here-“. However, unlike a few seasons past, I found that this season doesn’t have a series that I was familiar with before. To put it simply, I usually have a series that I have had anticipated before the  season began, but this season and the one before it was during a busy time for me and Zombie was pretty much my go-to series, and because of the delay I suffered with Zombie, I wasn’t able to really look into any series this season.

I ain’t the biggest guy in bringing “news” in this lazy site but I check Seventh Style from time to time and what I got out of it: There might be a second season for IS while a second season for Haganai and Oreimo are official. Hayate no Gotoku S3 has some new art design, I certainly don’t dig it. Moving on:

So I decided to not cover a single series and instead to release a post every sunday (or around the beginning of the week) to slightly cover ALL the series that I will watch. Basically, a few pictures and a paragraph or two talking about what basically happened and what I liked on most of the series I will mention below. So yeah, format change introduction done, let’s get to the recap for the past 3-5 weeks shall we?

Format for this particular post basically is me saying whatever I wanted to say during the first few episodes and then summarizing the plot up to the point.

It’s short because I basically skipped out on a lot MOST of the harem/slice of life this season

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