Fate Zero Mini-Review

Fate Zero Mini-Review

Now THAT’S a way to end the series….with a resurrected priest and a naked blonde dude. But the part with Kiritsugu really did get me as it directly connected to what fate held for young Emiya Shirou

Mini Review cause I honestly think I could have done a better job at writing this review down, but busy life calls for some rushed posts, sorry.

I honestly didn’t pay attention to the first season of this show. The beginning didn’t really grab a hold of my attention as it really just featured everyone getting their servants, explaining their goals, and the rest. It was only after my friend and my brother wouldn’t stop talking about how awesome it was that I finally decided to watch the first season and start on the 2nd season. The first season dealt with Caster and how the servants needed to cooperate to deal with him while season 2 went back to the war and the masters going solo while a few tried to maintain an alliance.

Fate Zero acts as the prequel to the popular Fate Stay Night saga of the Fate series. Whereas Fate Stay Night was a bunch of teens running around with magic, Fate Zero features some more mature characters, but then again, Waver and Ryunosuke weren’t really…up to the task (one being a student while the other is a serial killer). The events of Fate Zero truley does feel like a war, we have assassins, heartless priest, serial killer, egoistical noble, one random kid, and the “sucessors” of the Matou and Tohsaka families.

Zero was probably THE “dynamic” series that aired in a while and while I wasn’t too enamored with it at first, it definitely was one of the better watches I had in a while. The nice visuals, sound, and plot, and the characters made the series memorable (but then again, that’s a pretty basic compliment).

I could go about on a seperate talk on ideals and “heroism” that relates to the idealogy of Kiritsugu and Shirou but that may be saved for a later time. I’ll quickly talk about the characters here, seperated into the Servants, the masters, and the people related. Prepare for a massive wall of text

For Saber’s Group, Kiritsugu is basically acts like the more rational, bloodthirsty, and non-emotion filled Shiro, and that makes it all the more satisfying. No lol-worthy “People die if they are killed” philosophical talk noooo, Kiritsugu follows the ideal that heavily resembles utilitarianism, ah hell, it’s straight up utilitarianism. For those of you who don’t know your civics, Utilitarianism is basically “The greatest good for the greatest number”. Kiritsugu would kill one to save two, three hundred to for a thousand, a hundred-thousand to save millions. Kiritsugu wasn’t too relatable or understandable until they showed us his little segment of his childhood. Until the end, he stayed a coldhearted badass but becomes a completely different person in the last few years of his life after he saves Shirou. He also had one hell of a fight against Kirei whom I will address later. Irisviel was a nice character who didn’t have TOO big of a purpose other than to act as the romantic foil to Kiritsugu. It’s a tragic end for her though. Finally, Saber, who isn’t getting screwed for extra magic or getting treated like a person. Kiritsugu’s style of fighting isn’t exactly matched up with her chivalric code. I personally think that it would have been a little more “diverse” if Kiritsugu got himself an Assassin but oh well. Saber hasn’t exactly changed her attitude and regrets that she showed in FSN. Shirou showed a lot of emotions for her while Kiritsugu didn’t really like her…at all.  I loved the small segment where Shirou says he will be a hero for his old man, heartwarming scene.

Archer/Assassin’s Group was one of the more interesting groups. It seemed like almost every group except this one and Rider’s group had some internal conflicts, in terms of Servant against Master. Tokiomi basically acted like a servant while Gilgamesh was the master around there. Kirei had absolute control over his Assassin league. Hassan had an interesting ability, too bad everyone’s going to remember him as that ONE chick in the midst of all the other male assassins. I personally felt that “they” should have had more impact but I guess setting the stage for Rider’s NP was good enough. Kirei along with Kiritsugu had a pretty badass rivalry that was topped off in a 1 vs 1 duel in the Dark Knight’s Bat Cave. Kirei and Gilgamesh make a pretty awesome duo, and Kirei is probably like the 1st person Gil ever awknowledged. Ironic moment set in motion with the knife he gave Rin. Ea was pretty badass and I like how Gilgamesh mentioned Enkidu during his fight with Iskander. This kinda explains

That’s Waver in a few years as Lord El Melloi II

Rider’s Group featured Waver Velvet and Iskander (Alexander the Great). The combination of the sissy Waver and the charismatic Alexander was a sight to see as Alexander would greatly change Waver’s character. If you didn’t know, Waver shows up in FSN as Lord el Melloi II, which is completely badass. Alexander’s NP is competely OP and is a pretty damn impressive sight to see. Not too much to say for Waver and Alexander other that they make a great combo and his story was pretty nice compared to the dark, brooding scenarions present in the other groups.

Lancer’s Group: Archibald gets screwed up by Kiritsugu’s Contender, and becomes useless; his “wife” falls in love with his servant; and his servant just wants to serve his lord without chicks surrounding him. Lancer is really a nice guy, he has a sense of honor and broke one of his weapons to help Saber. Too bad all three of them die by Kiritsugu’s tactical genius, but with a trio of seemingly nice people, everyone but Lancer was a bad master and that led to their deaths.

Berserker’s Group: Poor Kariya, he worked so hard for Sakura and he doesn’t gain any pity or remembrance from her. Beserker probably costed a lot to animate and he was pretty damn strong to survive against Gilgamesh’s Vimana. Kariya is THE MOST unluckiest guy in the series and I felt pretty bad for him. I thought Beserker and Saber’s fight would have lasted longer (and a little more impressive) but we got a quick fight scene and Saber acting sad…again.

Caster’s Group: COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Ryunosuke and Caster didn’t really fit in with the whole picture. The former being a serial killer who accidentally summons Caster and the latter not even resembling a human being. I saw that Caster recited a bit of Lovecraftian (yes, that’s what I call it) lines from Call of Cthulhu even though I thought it was impossible to actually say. They didn’t serve too much in the plot other than to show off some nice fight scenes and a reason for the masters/servants to work together. Stock/place holder characters, meh.

Since the characters made the show what it was, you basically got the idea. I liked EVERYTHING about this series and I found little to no issues on this series.

Small section from new writer: mikxela (the dude who has a gender-bent Gilgamesh as his avatar)

Coming from a fan of Type-Moon, i had really high expectations of this series and to be honest those expectations were met. For those who are a fan of Type-Moon and have not given this series a look at, trust me and go and watch it, it really is worth the watch.

The story I have to say is that of a complicated one. It has a a plot where if you were to give too much information it could relatively spoil the story for them. Though that is what makes this anime all the more enjoyable. Forces you to be blunt with your friends by having you say, “I can’t really tell you, so I guess you have to go and watch and see for yourself.” I can say for one thing that the plot is very interesting and you really won’t expect certain things, unless you have already seen or read the Fate Stay/Night Visual novel and/or anime.

Characters are rather cliche or unique depending on how you look at them. Some of the characters are based off some of history’s greatest heroes ranging from myths and legends to actual history that you can find in history textbooks that are bought each year before the school year starts. The thing is the identity of these hero-based characters are kept a secret and is tied into the story. Unless you have a vast knowledge on heroes of various cultures or prior knowledge about this anime, it will keep you guessing on who this character is. The characters who aren’t based off of heroes are very well made, each have their own reason on why they do what they do and where their morals stand.

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