Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead Series Review

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead Series Review

Just a few things I wanted to say

Well the second season of the weirdass series comes to a close (around 2-3 weeks ago) and I honestly, I’m disappointed in terms of how it went back and forth in content with the light novel. But then again, I just like the characters too much to hate it.

Let’s compare this season to the first one here. The first season was more or less dead accurate on how it followed the light novel while I still doubt a few things in the second season here like the mixer (as much as I enjoyed it) and mostly the beginning episodes of the series. Speaking of episodes, the beginning episodes of the first season were superior to the second half while I preferred the second half of the 2nd season compared to the beginning episodes (and by beginning episodes, I mean episodes 1-5/6).

Although I don’t know what exactly goes on in the “filler” of the light novels, I just wished they would have hurried themselves in the filler they stocked season 2 with. Yes some moments were more hilarious than others but I just wanted them to move foward with the plot. Yes, I actually call it a plot cause the light novel currently is a in a pretty interestng arc. Plus, if we go deeper in the plot, we get to see more characters.

Did the characters do any better? Well for sure, Kyoko and Saras went up the list pretty well, then again, EVERYONE (even Orito or that other chick who hates the guys) are above Haruna. So uhh, where to start.

Screw Haruna, no picture of her worth sharing

Haruna herself didn’t change that much, although she does seem to have picked herself a catchphrase (another phrase of arrogance other than I’m a genius [CAUSE THAT LINE BELONGS TO SAKURAGI]). She’s still useless as ever, serving as comedic loudmouth or just fanservice (if she can provide any).  Haruna lost her magic EVEN MORE as Chris is able to siphon it off of her, even after Aikawa drained it out first season. In short: Useless, get her out of this series cause she’s unlikeable as any flat-chested-tsundere combo

I still love her

Eu stayed the same, which is actually good but I have one complaint. Hearing her real voice just ONCE in the first season made it feel, exclusive. It just gave me (and predictably anyone who likes this show) some special feeling hearing her voice after so much silence, not to mention, so many other voices speaking for her. So Eu spoke in her real voice once in the first season while she spoke in her original voice (in present day-situation) around 3-4 times. She also spoke in her adorable segments at the end of each episode (I can excuse her for that) but hearing her voice too many times was just….meh. That’s just me but I would personally NOT have her talk in her original voice unless it was a crucial plot moment. Plus, her background…I’m not sure if that jives with the light novel. Anyways, I still love her as a character, and she showed some feelings for our poor main.

Sera definitely became a nicer character, but that’s not saying much. She still abuses Aikawa on a regular basis but seems to have grown some compassion for him. She’s currently having herself a pretty big moment in the light novel, I won’t spoil it just yet. Yuki herself played herself a part in the madness during the first few episodes. Unfortunately she barely shows up in the second half of the season. She did get a ncie ring taken from her and she got closer to Aikawa a bit, but she needed more screentime. Sara, like I said, just showed us her “dere” side. However, I ain’t even sure if her concert and Aikawa’s indirect kiss actually happened in the light novel. Anyways, she became lovable now and if season 3 comes into existance, she’s gonna grow more love when they actually start fighting Chris.

Ariel got some fanservice shots and didn’t stray away from her SM-ish behavior. I still find her hot though. Kyoko stole an entire episode and that episode was probably my favorite. Yandere aside, she’s probably the first to confess among all the other girls, and Kyoko did it with style. What better way to confess to a zombie than stabbing him in the chest and kissing his blood-soaked wounds? They actually kept her part pretty well in check with the light novel, so that’s probably why I’m not too worried about her. Chris is a funny character but once again, not sure what’s going on with her in the light novel, but eh, her arc has to end some way or another. Nene was a penultimate episode suprise, and she’s a fun character too, not to mention: she’s freaking hot. Taeko, Kanami, Orito, and Anderson had considerable screentime compared to first season, but once again, after the halfway mark, they were out.

All in all, I just love to see these characters, and I wouldn’t mind a third season at all (but I would love it if they kept to the light novel a little more). First season, we had Chris’ cameo at the end, now we have Lillia, the QUEEN of Villiers. If I get my virtual hands on volume 10, expect pictures 😀

Looking foward to the fanservice filled OVA’s and the announcement they were going to…announce.

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    • It’s been a while feal, how you been doing?
      and yes, season 3 is ALWAYS welcome, I only wish that half the episodes weren’t filler

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