Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of The Dead Episode 9-10 Mini-Review

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of The Dead Episode 9-10 Mini-Review

Well sadly, these are the last episodes. I apologize for the half-assed reviews I’ve done for this series. Let’s see if summer is any better.

Anyways, there’s gonna be a lot of pictures for episode 9 because there are a lot of fanservice shots while 10 just shows Aikawa being a boss (in terms of how much of a villain he COULD be). Picture wave for episode 9 while 10 was meh. Series review will be up shortly because I actually want to say my thoughts on the series as a whole.

To make episode extremely short, Aikawa is informed of someone who can help him deal with the now all-powerful Chris. Ariel points him in the direction of Negraelia Nebiros, or just Nene. Eu reveals some background info on her as well.


So apparently, the Underworld wasn’t really the flaming hells you thought it would be. Eu was more or less a princess like figure in the Underworld. Long story short, there was a big fight between the Masou Shoujos and the denizens of the Underworld. With Eu and a bunch of her friends acted like a vanguard troop to stop the Villiers people from ransacking their shit. King of the Night (yeah, the dude from last season) and Nene were part of this troop. The King of the Night gets his ass kicked by Aikawa in the first season while Eu tells Aikawa that his blondie friend has an idea where Nene currently lives.

 After Aikawa is able to get the info off his friend, he meets Sara who personally invites him to her concert. Sara goes off the meter and shows us the side she never really showed since..ever

Anyways, Aikawa goes off to meet Nene in her crappy room and finds out she’s one hell of a chick who can’t keep herself awake. Due to some crazy shit that doesn’t make too much sense, Nene can’t directly help Aikawa out but since he’s here, she wants him to help out with their doujinshi. Aikawa calls over his lazy houseguests as well to help Nene out. Later that night, Sera’s cooking more or less screws up the doujinshi and the crew stay the night to compensate. Aikawa then realizing he has to attend a concert runs off with his work complete

Epic Sara moment and that basically sums up what happened in episode 9. Introduce new hot chick, amplify the awesome on an existing character, and advance the plot a few inches.

Onto episode 10: Aikawa talks with Ariel in how he can stand a chance when he needs to fight Chris and to do that Ariel needs to administrate a test on Aikawa’s will. The test involves slime….a huge green slime that likes to disintegrate cloths. More or less, that doesn’t end up so well and Aikawa forgets who the three girls at his house are. The three then enter into Aikawa’s mind to try and get his head straight.

Once inside, they see reflections of Aikawa’s personalities, all named after some famous demons. Haruna is able to kick their asses without any trouble but as they delve deeper, they find one more personality. The embodiment of laziness now takes over Aikawa’s amnesiac body and goes to live his life…however he wants to. At school, after shocking some of his classmates, the trio show up to kick his ass and force the personality out. Eu decides to fight Aikawa one on one.

Eu doesn’t seem to be that strong compared to first season, but then again, she is fighting potential love interest and minion. Eu and Haruna are eventually able to force out the demon by means of impaling Aikawa a few times over. Aikawa’s memories return and then everything goes back to normal.

The series ends off with the words that Aikawa said at the beginning of series and it reminds me of Lovecraft. He tells the world is full of secrets, and many people are blessed to know that these secrets will never be revealed to them.

Oh yeah, Lillia shows up too

Well, that ends that. I’m really sorry how I covered this series, last weeks of school and summer laziness never helps when keeping up with schedule. Plus, this season didn’t offer me too many things to watch so I expected that I would be able to keep up with this, and apparently, that didn’t happen. Anyways, Episode 9 was pretty fair in terms of character “development” mostly for Sara as she actually smiles without looking/laughing like a psycho stalker. Nene is a pretty cool character as well. Although I am not sure if this stuff is actually going with the light novels or not but it seems that Eu is pretty damn old. Also, if she’s from the underworld that has fought with the Masou Shoujos in the past, how the hell did she become one? But why am I even paying attention to “serious” plot in this show anyhow? Episode 10 didn’t impress me as a season finale, if anything I wanted them to finish Chris’ arc but I guess thats for some other time. Aikawa’s personalities are portrayed as demons? He could make a pretty nice bad guy/ability instead of turning into a crossdresser everytime he needs to fight. My whole thoughts on the show will pop up sooner or later.

Shitty review, don’t remind me xD

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