Music of the Week #38


Wow, it’s like I’m getting lazier by the week

Really sorry about the no updates everybody, I’ve recently gotten some “volunteer” work at a nearby hospital, called my school so I could work for a while, etc. League of Legends has been taking my time for a while and me practicing for tests have been taking my time. I’ve noticed that I am motivated to write stuff here when I need to get stuff done and when I need to get stuff done here, I’m sidetracked by sometthing else.

If you’re a fellow League player in the United States, you might have noticed that the servers still have problems, well yeah, I can’t play League for a while, but I have another game that I recently downloaded

I’ll explain later 😀

With that in mind, I will try my best to actually get posts, I still have a few weeks left to wrap everything up as the summer series get prepped.

SO, on to more nostalgic songs from Inuyasha, let’s get to the 2nd opening. Hmm, I remember the Korean version being a little more….loud.

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