Music of the Week #37

Sorry for the late post, I wanted to make a little gap between the last Music post and this one

Not much to say here other than me being sorry for not being able to post. Zombie and some other posts are being worked on so yeah. I’ve updated Author’s Corner and the Front Page (yeah, it exists). Other than that, Imma go back to work

Music this week is from, INUYASHA, one of the very first series I watched as a kid. It basically taught me the archetype of the angry-jealous girl, the dimwit protagonist and his insanely large sword, the uncaring brother who does actually care, the pervert, and the rest is history

Korea had their own nice little dub for the series, that went to the 6th opening, and from there, I don’t remember if they continued or went straight to the Final Act. Anyways, this series isn’t amazing but nostalgia always does make me remember this series in a better light

First op, enjoy

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