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Music of the Week #39


Zombie is finally done, and I can actually not feel lazy/guilty as I get around to my other posts. Fate/Zero is being written up and I have like 3 Gametalks that I want to talk about. Other than that, small number of series reviews after I get those over with. Then summer preview, and so on.

Back to work for me

Another Inuyasha, and the song I remember the most from this series. The 4th opening, here ya go in both Japanese and Korean

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of The Dead Episode 9-10 Mini-Review

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of The Dead Episode 9-10 Mini-Review

Well sadly, these are the last episodes. I apologize for the half-assed reviews I’ve done for this series. Let’s see if summer is any better.

Anyways, there’s gonna be a lot of pictures for episode 9 because there are a lot of fanservice shots while 10 just shows Aikawa being a boss (in terms of how much of a villain he COULD be). Picture wave for episode 9 while 10 was meh. Series review will be up shortly because I actually want to say my thoughts on the series as a whole.

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Music of the Week #38


Wow, it’s like I’m getting lazier by the week

Really sorry about the no updates everybody, I’ve recently gotten some “volunteer” work at a nearby hospital, called my school so I could work for a while, etc. League of Legends has been taking my time for a while and me practicing for tests have been taking my time. I’ve noticed that I am motivated to write stuff here when I need to get stuff done and when I need to get stuff done here, I’m sidetracked by sometthing else.

If you’re a fellow League player in the United States, you might have noticed that the servers still have problems, well yeah, I can’t play League for a while, but I have another game that I recently downloaded

I’ll explain later 😀

With that in mind, I will try my best to actually get posts, I still have a few weeks left to wrap everything up as the summer series get prepped.

SO, on to more nostalgic songs from Inuyasha, let’s get to the 2nd opening. Hmm, I remember the Korean version being a little more….loud.

Music of the Week #37


Sorry for the late post, I wanted to make a little gap between the last Music post and this one

Not much to say here other than me being sorry for not being able to post. Zombie and some other posts are being worked on so yeah. I’ve updated Author’s Corner and the Front Page (yeah, it exists). Other than that, Imma go back to work

Music this week is from, INUYASHA, one of the very first series I watched as a kid. It basically taught me the archetype of the angry-jealous girl, the dimwit protagonist and his insanely large sword, the uncaring brother who does actually care, the pervert, and the rest is history

Korea had their own nice little dub for the series, that went to the 6th opening, and from there, I don’t remember if they continued or went straight to the Final Act. Anyways, this series isn’t amazing but nostalgia always does make me remember this series in a better light

First op, enjoy

Gametalk 7: inFAMOUS 2 vs [PROTOTYPE] 2: The Correct way to make a sequel

Gametalk 7: inFAMOUS 2 vs [PROTOTYPE] 2: The Correct way to make a sequel

I have on my tabs Zombie and some character lists that I wish to post but at the moment, I want to talk about some games so I want to get this down first. My summer is gonna get a little busier so I will try to get…something done. Oh yeah, I’m just making a wishlist page too, so you have to hear me talk about the same stuff I want in the game/anime world.

Today, I’ll be talking about the conflict between the two fanbases between the games infamous and Prototype. These two games were released in the same timeframe and because the two games featured a similar gameplay style (guys with superpowers in an open world game), the two would naturally come into conflict, but I will mostly be talking about the sequel of the two games and the deciding factor on how the sequels changed things for the better.

and of course, spoilers.

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Music of the Week #36


Schools out so that means that I can type without distractions (at least in academics) so Imma break it down whats going to happen as the Spring season is coming to a close, then it’s time for this week’s music.

To be honest, I didn’t watch a lot of the spring series. I kind of regret it but here are the series I will try to talk about

  1. Zombie being the obvious one
  2. Accel World, yeah I watched it, shut up
  3. Nazo no Kanojo X: I watched a bit, might finish in a few days
  4. Fate Zero: I need to catch up
  5. Nyaruko: I kiinda watched it, will see how well my sanity fares

Along with those, maybe a few top characters post, Angel Beats catch-up on the manga, and a gametalk

With that small preview, I will move on to our song

It’s the lasts Eureka 7 song but here you go, next music series will be a pretty nostsalgic trip for most of you 😀

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