hippiefreak’s History with Manga

hippiefreak’s History with Manga

With me free of getting caught up with Zombie and with school nearing it’s end, I decided to poke around other sites that I completely forgotten about. My gaming time being the best excuse for me not having any “blog awareness” as I’ve completely forgot about the other blogs I had made friends with. So while going around sites, I noticed that Justin from OASG has started a project a while back. Although I haven’t gotten to know Justin and his cohorts at his site, what better way to get back into the community by getting in on a project?

(It’s late at night, please excuse the ramblings and inconsistancies)

In my younger years manga and anime in general, were a regular thing for me. The early days of my youth were filled with games so my memories a bit fuzzy. The earliest manga I remember is my brother’s humongous stack of Slam Dunk and GTO back when I first in America in the early 2000’s. It wouldn’t be until the mid 2000’s when I returned to South Korea that I learned of the popularity of manga and seeing how the local kids were crazy with it, I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to start reading.

Being a rather young blogger, my first official manga that I held in my hands was One Piece. Classic series like Dragonball, Kenshin, and Yu Yu Hakusho were basically on air as anime so I decided to read One Piece. Back then, One Piece had its korean dubbing and it got as far as Baroque Works arc and they never really advanced from there. Curious at how it ended up, I decided to hit my local bookstore and rent a few volumes to read. There was Naruto back then too, but Naruto wouldn’t catch my attention until later.

When I came back to the states again, my brother had found a site called OneManga (oh the good old days…) where the both of us could read as many mangas as we had liked. During my middle school years, I got hooked into the Big 3: Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. However, I knew I was kinda late on each of them and I started from Naruto’s Shippuden’s start, Bleach’s Hueco Mundo Arc (I know, I missed the best part), and One Piece’s Enies Lobby Arc. During my late middle school years, I picked up even more series and I could say it was my golden age of manga for me. I started reading Death Note, finished Shaman King, started TWGOK, Hayate no Gotoku, To Love Ru, Sekirei, Nagasarete Airantou, and a lot of stuff that I have forgotten about. Most of what I read had their anime counterparts back in Korea, but were never finished, you could say the curiosity and the drive to finish something made me find everything at this  time. My favorite series at this time was Cromartie Highschool (after watching the anime) and not many things could make me laugh after reading that….well, Seto no Hanayome kinda had me laughing too.

Now that was the time I really got acquainted with my partner Light here and I introduced him to Hayate no Gotoku and he basically got hooked too. Light at this time wasn’t completely hooked with manga and anime but after I was seperated with my regular crew during highschool, I texted him that he should watch Kore wa Zombie, and after watching, he just need more sh*t to watch. Thus began Light’s quest to find more entertainment.

With highschool rolling in, I kinda warded away from the Big 3 and anime in general was getting more on me, plus, I think this is around  the time I created this site. Naruto basically killed off all the characters I liked and wtf-revived everyone after Pain’s arc, Bleach was just dragging their fights, and One Piece was actually getting better with Impel Down arc. Note that my school is very western, and not many kids even know what these stuff are, so I really didn’t have a lot of people to discuss this with. This was also the time I started re-reading the classics with Yu Yu Hakusho, Kenshin, GTO, Slam Dunk, and all that good stuff. I also started some new stuff like Kekkaishi, Countrouble, Bakuman, Vagabond, etc.

But highschool was the time I started Gintama. Probably one of my favorite series with its ending not even in sight. I spent a crap-ton of time catching up and reading every damn chapter, and it was probably the most epic thing I have seen in a while. The comedy, the action, the drama, it’s all there in one hell of a satisfying package filled with lovable (don’t know about Sougo) characters. Not many series made me laugh out loud as much as I tried to choke back some tears during Itou’s arc.

Right now Bakuman, FMA, Kekkaishi, and Air Gear have ended.  Naruto’s end seems to be in sight, Bleach entered it’s final arc, the treasure of One Piece doesn’t even seem to in the horizon. At this point in time, I don’t read a lot of series compared to my partner Light does. You should see his browser favorites chock full of mangas waiting to be updated. I curently am reading Hayate no Gotoku, TWGOK, the Big 3 (somewhat), Gintama, and few other series that takes a while to update. Truth be told, I don’t own a lot of physical copies of manga. I have something called a minor-Collector’s Syndrome where if I bought like volume 43 of a long-ass manga series, I just NEED to have the 42 previous ones.

It’s kinda funny that  my brother and I talked about our history with manga a few months back. We had a nice little discussion pertaining to GTO, Vagabond, and Slam Dunk and how it greatly affeected our lives. It definitely isn’t the humongous part of my life as it was a few years ago but manga still remains a big part in my life. I haven’t started a “new” manga in a while but I enjoyed the experiences that I have had in the many years I had spent reading such amazing stories.

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  1. Ive always been more into anime than manga, but as of late it seems like the trend is reversing. I havent watched much new anime lately, but I have enjoyed reading recent manga such as Bakuman and Bamboo Blade. I also want to get back into Naruto. I wont even attempt to catch up on One Piece since that doesnt appear to be ending anytime this century. Lol.

  2. *Has Gintama on the list* *Gets instant respect* Though interestingly, I have been holding myself back on Gintama manga, holding out hope Viz Media (publisher) will bring it back. I may or may not be internally damaging my brain O.o

    Huh, it’s interesting you had been in Korea, but there’s no mention of Manhwa in here. How’s the Korean comics scene if you know about it?

    Overall, I’ve checked out maybe about all of the manga you mentioned, and I have been continuously reading TWGOK. Huh, I have no idea why. I mean, it’s not like it’s my avatar or anythi–*looks at avatar*…Whoops 😀

    Thanks for partaking in the project!

    • it’s been a while Justin, hell I think this is your first time here on this humble site of mine.
      On your question about the manhwa scene. During the time I was in Korea, I was kind of…unaware of the whole Japanese Manga and Korean Manhwa scene, to me they were comics that I enjoyed to read so there wasn’t any big differentiation between the two at that time. Only after I got really into manga did I realize that manhwa was its own seperate category.
      It was a pleasure being part of the project, lemme know if you plan on starting a new one :p

  3. You read a huge list, and being a veteran manga reader, you should definitely not embarrassed yourself with your list, unlike a certain someone like me who had been reading manga online for five years and making embarrassingly little progress D:

    You didn’t mention any manhwa in your post if I’m not wrong, but if you read any of them. Which one’s your favorite? I didn’t read Gintama and to be honest, I think watching it is actually a better choice, since the jokes are presented better.

    P.S. It had been a long time since I last read Air Gear.. didn’t know it ended already, lol.

    • Manhwa I haven’t started any yet or have read any, strange in my case i know.
      The Gintama anime does has its edge over manga, the voices make the jokes a lot more hilarious
      Plus I get to hear Takasugi’s sexy(scaryass) laugh
      Sry, I have a thing for that freak

      • Takasugi’s one of my more favorite characters as well. And don’t forget Rie Kugimiya in all her glory 😀

      • Kagura is actually the only girl voiced by Rie Kugimiya i can tolerate, she gains props for being hilarious.
        Cause normally, i hate all the characters voiced by her.

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