Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead Episode 7-8 Review

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead Episode 7-8 Review

Make it quick go go go

Episode 7 basically revolves around Chris while 8 basically ignores most of what happened and gave us a character who we have been seeing a few times over the course of the series. Short ass ep 7 review cause the good part turns out in the last half and decent-ish episode 8 coverage

So from the last episode, Haruna was able to drain some of Eu’s magic, which gave her some control over magic but at the cost of getting humongous headaches. The best thing is that Eu can talk and Haruna can’t (I WOULD LOVE TO KEEP IT THAT WAY)

Let’s try and get this done before new ep rolls out

thanks to MAL boards for these high res images for ep 7. I kinda overdid the picutes for ep 8

Eu (who can now talk) explains in a rather complicated manner on how Haruna and her roles have been reversed. Basically the running joke from the first season with an overcomplicated example of what happened. Anyways, the school festival at school rolls in and Aikawa meets with his class to organize further crap. Yuki shows up, and Eu and Haruna show up.

Apparently, Eu figured out that Aikawa fantasizes about her (every single day) and asks him if he is going to (right in front of her). But hey, who wouldn’t?

After that little montage, Haruna kinda wants her fill too. Pics of her? I think not

Sera gets new cloths, Kurisu-sensei takes Yuki’s rings, Aikawa tries to go find Miss Fairy to thank her for helping him through some tough times before this day came. He dosen’t find anyone there but accepts the symbolic parting. The night ends off with large bonfire and dance outside the school. Somehow Aikawa didn’t notice he’s dancing with his teacher.

His teacher seems to be aware of Aikawa’s harem and mumbles a few recognizable incantations

Kurisu sensei happens to be Chris (or just Miss Fairy) and Aikawa seems to be rather overjoyed to see her. Until he quickly realizes that his teacher is his confidant (or vice versa). Haruna and Eu show up, only to collapse at the little disturbance in mana. Even Ariel back in her bath notices it too.

Anyways, Chris explains how she was cursed with a regular “male” form and in order to turn back into her true self. she needed to get drunk. However, she used Eu’s innate mana, Haruna’s genius to obtain a device to store mana, and Yuki (or rather the weirdass doctor’s ring) to regulate mana to restore herself.

Anyways, Chris doesn’t seem to have any quarrel with anyone here, but Aikawa wants her to give Haruna her magic back. But Chris, after all that work, doesn’t really want to. So in order to screw with everyone’s day, she confines everyone to a desk that is rigged to send them flying (Angel Beats style)

After a bunch of students are sent flying, Orito and Aikawa are the only ones remaining. But at the same time, Sera (whose still in her outfit) finds some catears. She attempts to nyan, and when she does, she’s teleported by Chris to their location. Orito is out of the game but Aikawa manages to break out of the captitivty. As he tries to fight Chris, he proves to be small challenge.

But Chris appreciates the time they spent and leaves them be.

As the ep ends, Kyoko tells Ariel that she knows Chris’ weakness

That ends ep 7

Continuing off from episode 7, Aikawa talks to Ariel on the phone where she describe’s Chris’ background as the most powerful magic user who staged a coup against the Virie Queen (some grandiose stuff going on here) and she was cursed for her crimes. Ariel states that even she is a match for her. But she does suggest one way to beat Chris which involves knowledge that Kyoko has. Aikawa demands to know and then

She’s baack~

Obviously, no one is very trusting of Kyoko as she arrives. But Kyoko still seems to retain her craziness (even without Yoru), she flips at Haruna for being a bitch (and I love her for that). Speaking of Yoru, the reason why Kyoko knows Chris’ weakness is because he told her. She says that if Aikawa is able to entertain her, she will reveal that information. But then she starts swooning and showing off her assets. Aikawa nontheless, agrees



Unexpectedly Sera shows some concern over Aikawa but he reassures her that he’s going to be fine (what more could Kyoko do that Sera hasn’t done to him anyway?). Moments after, Kyoko bursts into Aikawa’s room in a sexy nightgown, Aikawa punches himself to get out of trance.

The two go to park, where Kyoko shows even more insanity by crushing a coffee can and laughing maniacally while riding the swings. There Kyoko wants to have a mixer in exchange for information

So  the next day, Aikawa goes on raving to his “friends” on attending the mixer he’s hosting for a “friend” outside of school. However, his friends note his reclusive nature and aren’t convincd. However, he is finally able to convince his friends after tiring himself. Kyoko, who has been stalking him the entire time, both commends and insults him (of course, she’s talking to herself). Sera who has been stalking the stalker confronts Kyoko. Small scene, but Sera blushing at the idea of a “woman tied down to Aikawa” how quaint.

So, finally mixer time. Aikwa and Orito got themselves some sexy cloths, Aikawa realizes he has more lady friends than actual guy friends. What better activity to do at a mixer (with a onesided girl to guy ratio) than the King’s Game?

Lucky for Aikawa, he gets picked to give Taeko a hug and get a kiss from Kyoko

But then Ariel walks in the door and causes some rage to brew up in Kyoko. Before shit goes bananas, Aikawa takes Kyoko out of the party. Sera calling out his name? Hint at something?

Aikawa brings Kyoko to the graveyard to calm herself and he offers that Kyoko is able to do anything to him in exchange for information. At this point in Kyoko’s head “stuff that should not be shown on tv” are gone and only rage lowering stab stab action is going to happen. Kyoko transforms and drives a blade through Aikawa’s torso.

Kyoko somewhat begins to explain her madness. She’s driven to tears as she is to be imprisoned for damn long time and anyone who knew her will either not remember her or be dead.

Aikawa resassures her, that he’s going to be alive for a long time as well, and he won’t forget her (who could forget a crazy bitch who killed you and made you a slave of a cute necromancer?)

As the episode closes, the crew get a fax from Kyoko. With a message that basically says: Chris’ weakness is being tickled

Episode 7 was alright, Chris was finally revealed to be the antagonist and we got the plot laid out in terms of: Here’s the bad guy and we have to find a way to beat her. The everyday life of our favorite zombie harem lead is more or less done as we move toward a plot. Episode 8 kind of disregarded that a little but they did have an excuse to bring Kyoko back and add another girl to the harem. Sera and her concern over Aikawa was nice to see too. 7 was meh, 8 was awesome. I’m pretty sure that we have 4 episodes left instead of 2….I hope…


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  1. hey dude I won’t be on until after summer is over so don’t expect me to be back until the end of August and around beginning of September but who cares about that anyways

    I just watched the 10th episode earlier today and when the 3 imaginary Eu and the original Eu were doing there thing it sounded like the show will be ending on 10 but the thing is the they never fought Chris yet… so I am lost is it over or is it not because what they said it is but I am not so ya.

    Great post as always! 🙂

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