Music of the Week #34


Currently getting the pics for the double late review of zombie, but the recent 2 episodes that came out were actually really entertaining and I will try my best to get the writing portion of it done soon.

Anyways, nothing new has been going on. It’s just me agonizing over League of Legends skins and what heroes to buy and the sort. I’m trying to get caught up on posts too, just need to get the pictures down. Oh yeah, concerning the new updated

  1. Darius looks OP
  2. Swain’s new skin is so freaking awesome
  3. Ashe just got wtfhot

Anyways while I work on Zombie and some other posts, here’s this week’s song

I’ve basically shown mostof Eureka 7’s openings, but their endings were pretty damn awesome too. Star this post, cause this happens to be my favorite ending, Fly Away. The funky intro and upbeat chorus is soo amazing. It’s songs like this and Shounen Heart that really makes me want to bust out my wallet and go buy a saxophone (although it’s trumpet in the song, but that won’t stop me from funking out)

Note: I should finish the series this summer.

Enjoy everyone!

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