Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead Episode 5-6 Review

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead Episode 5-6 Review

Already late again on this one, I might as well change the site’s schedule to updating bi-weekly in terms of episodic posts. Sorry everyone, it’s been a hell of a school year and next year ain’t gonna be easy

What I will tell you is that the plot seems to finally get together at the end of episode 6. Rumors went around that this series will have 10 episodes, but I kind of think that’s not going to work out when they only have 4 episodes to settle the…arc.

Many thanks goes to Myanime List where I lazily got photos

Episode 7 and 8 pleased me so I will get this done really quick (minimal photos, Sorry anyone who reads this)

Anyways, for episode 5, Sera leaves to check on her village and leaves Haruna to protect Eu from Aikawa’s perverted fantasies. Sera’s calling seems to be extremely unecessary, but the random sh*t always shows up to be some sort of plot device sooner or later so I digress. Aikawa is bummed out by the fact that there is no food and because Sera is gone, he has to do the brunt of the work once more. He notices that the only food in the house is frozen tangerines and finds Eu with a large number of them

The two finally have a moment alone….but then Eu faints.

Aikawa notices that her temperature is really high and decides to remove her usual armor. But then he realizes that he’s basically stripping her down and he fights his conscience and decides to suppress his own perversion by blindfolding himself (He’s a zombie, Eu is his necromancer, he obviously knows his place). He fondles his costly bladeless fan for a while and finally gets to Eu. 

He remembers that his blondie friend was a denizen of the Underworld and calls for his expertise. Aikawa asks for his help and his friend basically guides him through bogus cures but is able to get some nervousness out, ain’t that just swell, bogus cures also include getting hit by Haruna a couple times due to the inevitable “it’s not what it looks like” moments. But Aikawa proves once again that he’s one hell of a dancer.

Later that night, Aikawa hears a knock on his door and finds Eu awake, wanting to sleep next to him. Another moment together….and then Haruna shows up and basically steals that nice moment away

Aikawa finds his friend in his house the next morning and they decide to find a definite cure to help Eu’s illness. We learn that the pith on the tangerines are somehow extremely toxic to the people of the Underworld (god knows why). The three start thinking of ways to help Eu get cured.

And after craptons of ideas, a ravaged living-room, Eu is cured and is back to her regular self. But, the illness moves on the Haruna and everyone gets touchy and Aikawa kinda gets too close. Then Sera comes home, and we all should know what happens to our poor lead.

and onto ep 6!

Episode 6 brings us a back to the thin thread that was laid itself out to be called the plot. Aikawa hears from Ariel that the chainsaw is almost fixed. Incidentally, the school festival preparations start for Aikawa’s school and Haruna is more or lesss in charge of putting stuff together. The group project is to build a haunted cafe.

On the way to school, Aikawa meets a dude who keeps coughing up blood and say “Damn, my doctor warned me not to be -insert situational phrase that indicates what he just did to puke up blood-“. He gives him a ring and they part ways.

Wierdass scene aside, but the school is work on their efforts to get their job done. Aikawa checks in with Miss Fairy and we get a tiny pice of plot important material. Aikawa mentions the good of being youthful and the idea of friendship and his drunken confidant replies with something that goes along the lines of the great feeling having friends with you through thick and thin…

Aikawa, or rather, Taeko gets a little closer to Aikawa as she helps through the evening finishing the header for the Haunted Cafe. Back at home, the chainsaw returns and Aikawa strangely is happy to return to his crossdressing. Whether he wiped everyone’s memories of him or he’s just happy to have a magic power tool in his hands, Aikawa celebrates.

Haruna gets 1 point….Just 1

After a gay little part with Aikawa being all happy, he returns to his gloomy state when he has to dress up as a bride. They also note how he slim he is and the spell to make everyone forget he was a crossdesser seems to have disappeared (but what difference is that going to make). Also, Kanami seems to lik (or rather enjoy laughing at) crossdressing, woudln’t blame her too much

Festival time!


What comes next is kinda resembles what happened in season 1. Yuki wants to talk to Aikawa alone and we kinda get intimate in the conversation here. But more or less a flaming…thing appears and basically uses Yuki as a source. But the dude who kept puking up blood shows up and tells Aikawa to use the ring he gave him earlier. The problem seems to be solved

But more shit happens as megalos show up to cause more problems. The equipment Haruna had been working on the entire episode turns out to be a magic absorbtion device and she drains a bit of Eu’s powers to help Aikawa kill off the megalo. But she also gains some headaches as a side effect.

So Haruna can’t talk, Taeko and Yuki got closer to Aikawa, and the school festival nears.

Short review, I really want to apologize for the general laziness on this site. School is almost over and Diablo III and LoL are literally draining my free time. In terms of the episode itself, it showed a very slight hint of the plot with Miss Fairy in the middle. Since i’m late here, I will just say episode 7 is a huge improvement.

time for ep 7 and 8

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