Gametalk 6: MASS EFFECT 3

Oh yeah, let’s talk about Mass Effect 3 here boys and girls

(Sorry folks, I’m a Cerberus fan)

Judging that it has been around 1-2 months from this highly anticipated game, I expected TRUE fans to have finished it by now. Surely those who have finished it has seen the ending right?¬† The ending has spawned a humongous uproar that tore apart Bioware’s Mass Effect boards. People created petitions to go against the ending they recieved as they finished the game. The movement known as “Take back the Ending” (a play on the game’s tagline “take Earth back”) would surge throughout the forums and promote the opposition of the ending. It didnt’ stop there. One person even sued Bioware for False advterisement with their game. Another sent a large amount of cupcakes to Bioware with 3 different frostings.

So what the hell exactly happened with the ending? Well that’s exactly what we will be talking about.

Here it is folks, let’s talk about the last game in the Mass Effect 3 Trilogy and its controversial last few moments in the game.

….aaand in order to justify the minor rage that will be inevitabley present¬†in the post, let us turn the dial back to 2007 when the first Mass Effect was released.

Trust me, it is a very simple reason.

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