Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead Episodes 3-4 Review

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead Episodes 3-4 Review

The plot still continues to go nowhere

Well, after taking some criticsm into account, I decided to not change the format of my review style. Just a little bit, only a small segment at the very end that actually talks about what I liked and hated, so with that, let’s get started.

Due to wanting to move on with other posts, I’m going to make this short

Episode starts out with Sera and Sara conversing. To make a pointless scene short, Saras basically reveals the reason why she tails after Aikawa so much

It’s a regular day in the freakshow household, only that Aikawa REALLY wants to get his life back together and constantly checks in with Haruna to see if their magical chainsaw is recovered or not. Also, Sera seems to be taking in Sara’s words as she constantly stares at Aikawa.

and of course, delusions.

Haruna cries that she is tired of waiting for a recovery and decides to fix her chainsaw herself. With Eu’s help they work on fixing the chainsaw back to its former glory.

You just knew they agreed with eachother too much for this scene to end well. Wait that sounds too complicated

At night Aikawa sees that the chainsaw is fixed and decides to wipe everyones’ memories of him. But the thing breaks apart, and he gets naked in front of Sera. What happens next, you probably know

Switch scenes to Sara and Yuki doing….something. Yuki seems to be exhausted and Sara is demanding something from her. Anyways, we then have a pretty “gay” scene with Aikawa’s male friends here. Orito is still able to accept Aikawa’s perverted hobby of crossdressing. The blonde dude (now apparently named Anderon) has a gay looking moment with Orito.

Aikawa once again visits Miss Fairy and after the drunken anecdote, Aikawa makes out the message of courage from his drunken friend. We switch scenes to Haruna and we also encounter Yuki performing a wierdass dance. This incapacitates Haruna and it is later explained that she needs to be a backup dancer for one of Sara’s concerts. Haruna decides to help her out. We skip scenes to Aikawa in the same place, only seeing a the two dancing with detrimental effects to the area.

Aikawa breaks out and shows them how to really dance. They decide to train at his house, which also causes negative affects to its inhabitants. Skip a little more and Aikawa trains them a little better and with a less (but somewhat even–>) gayer Orito helps out too.

Long and pointless scene short, they pull off the curse dance which makes the crowd watching the concert break out in dance too. Success?

Episode 3 ends there and let’s quickly cover ep 4.

Aikawa apparently has a thing for Fullmetal Panic and he is shown admiring and collecting a bunch of models for its mechs. Sera, being just who she is, insults him for liking anything, but Aikawa defends himself by declaring that models are for guys. Anyways, Haruna shows up and she ends up breaking Aikawa’s mech, go figure.

In order to cure Aikawa’s alleged hobby of cross-dressing, Orito decides to take him to a maid cafe. But Orito has something else in store for Aikawa. That happens to be a secret part of the maid cafe as Sara happens to be running the joint, with their squad of ninjas who tell their masters to get out instead of welcoming them. Aikawa is even more suprised to see Yuki and Sera working there as well. 


 After eating, Aikawa prepares to leave but Orito convinces him to stay and stay for dessert by winning a challenge, to bring out the dere side from 5 girls.

Let’s make this quick yo

  1. Yuki isn’t all that hard to get past, come on, she’s like the nicest girl in the series (next to Taeko)
  2. Haruna would be kinda tough, but show some love to another girl and she will get jealous easy
  3. You would think Sera would be tough, but compliment her horrible cooking and carry on (or rather, survive to tell the tale)
  4. Eu didn’t really care fo dis shit
  5. Kaname from school (who isn’t half bad) happens to be the last challenge. Orito decides to be useful and confess outright. Which unexpectedly gets her to get embarassed (owned)

Other than that, episode 4 tells us that blondie in Aikawa’s class is from the Hell/Underwold, but I’m pretty sure I told you that a while back

Sorry to make this post short everyone, but I’m REALLY behind

In the ACTUAL review of these 2 episodes: I will not lie, these are actually entertaining but I remember when this series had a story to tell along with it’s usual crap that goes on. Miss Fairy or rather, Chris actually is a plot essential character later on, and I hope they can wrap up this arc without rushing it. A while ago, OG asked me what seperated this series from the crapton of other harems that are on. To be honest, I guess it’s just how the show doesn’t take itself too seriously and the fact that I was enamored with the art before the show became an anime. Plus, bro-main character helps a lot too.

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  1. Good Post although it was relatively short I believe the same way in how this show goes in comparison to other harems

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